IELTS Speaking Sample Section # Tourism

The discussion part of the speaking section consist of questions that are a follow up of the questions asked in the cue card.

For today, let us have a look at some of the questions of the discussion part of the speaking section.

  1. What are some of the best places to visit in your country?Every country has some exciting places to visit. These places could be either of historical importance or may be simply for tourist attraction. My country is often termed as the land of temples. So, we have some great temples to visit. Khajuraho temple in Madhya Pradesh, Somnath temple in gujrat, Kashi vishwanath in Varanasi are some of the great places to visit. Apart from temples, we also have Taj Mahal, Qutub Minar, Elephanta Caves, India Gate. They all have their own importance and attract a large number of tourists
  2. Is there any historical importance associated with them? What is it?

Yes, they surely have. Taj Mahal was built by Shah jahan for his wife and is a epitome of love in our country. Kashi vishwanath is considered to have a very old history and it is all the way more important because it is Kashi, considered the most sacred place in country. India Gate is a memorial of the 80,000 soldiers that were killed in the First World War. I think every place has its own history and it makes it all the way more exciting to visit.

3. Is there any place in your country that is beautiful but not given that much importance?

India is a large country and has rich culture within it. So, it often happens that there are some places that are beautiful but do not get noticed. One such place is DanushKodi. It got vanished because of cyclone and is now called the ghost city. However, this place has one of the best beaches our country has.

Note-: The answers could vary depending on the country you live in.


Fitness Magazine # Reading Section

Look at the contents page from a magazine on the following page.

Answer questions 1-3 by matching the heading given in the advertisement with the content provided.

Write your answers in the boxes 1-3 on your answer sheet.



fitness magazine


1. This exercise help in strengthening the spine and the lower back.

2. It helps in opening the energy centers of the upper body.

3. This exercise helps in improving the circulation in body.

Question 4-10 Complete the notes below in NO MORE THAN THREE words.

When performing weeping willow, one begins in a standing position, the (4)_____ are kept together, the legs are straight with the (5)________ facing inwards. It has to be made sure that a (6)____________ is maintained throughout. The abdominals are then contracted and one slowly lowers the (7)______ until a stretch in the hamstring is felt. The arms are wrapped around the calves and interlocking of (8)________ is done. The forehead is pressed to the knees and the (9)_____ are contracted again. The torso is raised back and the process is repeated after switching the (10)_________ at the bottom of the move.



  1. cross your heart
  2. wall flower
  3. gliding swan
  4. feet
  5. palm
  6. flat back position
  7. torso
  8. hands
  9. abs
  10. hand grip


Choice OF Employees # Essay For IELTS

There are people of the opinion that the employers should provide a supportive and pleasant work environment while others believe that it is better to provide the employees with facilities and incentives. What is your opinion.

Write atleast 250 words.


A business can be successful only if it has great team ready to build the business. An employer often has to make attempts to ensure that employees are comfortable with the job. Some people argue that a supportive and pleasant environment mus be provided, however, other believe employees must be given facilities and incentives. In my opinion, it is the combination of both that leads to success.

Many people do a job because they know the work ad it becomes easy to earn money in that field. Providing a supporting environment could be of great benefits. Firstly, an individual will feel more connected with the company. For instance, a employer who makes sure that everyone in the company is treated equally will more likely to have a supporting staff. Secondly, the employees work better in a pleasant environment. This always indicates growth for the company.

However, there are even opinions that it is better to provide facilities and incentives to the employees. For instance, an employer who makes sure that every employee working in night shifts is provided with cab facility is more likely to find an effective staff. Secondly, most people do job for money. Providing incentives could serve their purpose. For instance, a person who is in dire need of money, is less likely to be attracted to the work environment and more focused on earning money.

Overall, I believe an organization is run not by the leader but the team. Providing some facilities and a great environment to work in are the most essential things and employee looks for. The organization , therefore, must aim to balance between both to lead a successful journey.


Compulsory Voting # Listening Section

Given below is a audio from BBC six minutes English on compulsory voting.
Listen to the audio and answer questions 1-10.

Complete the sentences below.

Write ONE WORD ONLY for each answer.

  1. The conversation is taking place between Neil and ___________
  2. The general elections were held in ____________
  3. Right to vote means the _______ to vote.
  4. In ________ the government which will run the country is chosen.
  5. ____________ is one of the country that has made it compulsory to vote.
  6. ____________ is the people who live in and vote in a particular area.
  7. _______________ means doing something quickly or carelessly.
  8. With compulsory voting, the duty also comes on ____________ to educate the voters.
  9. UK has _______ parliamentary constituency.
  10. The smallest constituency of United Kingdom is in the city of _________.


  1. Bob
  2. UK
  3. legal claim
  4. general elections
  5. Australia
  6. constituency
  7. Slash Dash
  8. politicians
  9. 650
  10. London