IELTS Writing Essay#qualities that characterise a successful person

IELTS Writing Essay#qualities that characterise a successful person

When talking about success, we often think of people who are rich or famous. In your opinion, what are the qualities that characterise a successful person? Why do you think these should be the criteria? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples.

Sample Answer

Measuring success has always been difficult. Many experts measure it by the wealth or popularity an individual has. In this essay, I will outline the qualities that successful people should possess along with the justification for these traits.
To name a few, hard work and dedication are some of the most important characteristics I personally associate with successful individuals. Likewise, the richest people on the planet built their fortunes from scratch and it depicts their never give up attitude and commitment towards achieving their goals. Jack Ma (Founder and ex CEO Alibaba group) is a perfect example of an individual motivated to never give up on his pursuit of success. His struggles are well documented and he is a perfect example of a man who went from rags to riches with hard work and perseverance.
In contrast, wealth is not always a parameter for being successful. Likewise, there are various individuals across the world that are pretty well known for their social work and their goals are not money oriented. Having a positive attitude and trying to make a change for the society are also the attributes of a successful person. Nobel laureate, Dalai Lama is an ideal example of a person who has brought peace and harmony in the world without having any financial goal or selfishness.
To sum up, the way we all perceive success is different. For some it is measured in monetary terms and for others it’s more about brining a positive change. According to me, it’s all about making the most out of difficult situations and bringing a in the society. (266 Words)

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IELTS Essay #laws are needed to make people recycle more of their waste

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.
Write at least 250 words. Write on the following topic:

Some people claim that not enough of the waste from home is recycled. They say that the only way to increase recycling is for government to make it a legal requirement.
To what extent do you think laws are needed to make people recycle more of their waste?


Sample Answer

In this drastically changing world, our resources are depleting at an alarming rate. The need of the hour is to recycle, so all the individuals and the government should take responsibility and come up with an initiative to recycle more of the waste. Studies have shown that most of the waste from homes is not recycled, either due to the unawareness of the homeowner or lack of services from the government or local council. I strongly believe that strict laws should be in place for recycling and in this essay, I would like to discuss my views about the same.
Firstly, the ever growing need of humans has already left a huge void in our natural resources and official data from the governments across the world have shown that on a global average less than 20 percent of all the household waste generated worldwide is recycled. Countries where strict laws are in place for recycling are able to manage their resources better. A clear example of this is Japan, where the local councils give out recyclable bags that are segregated according to their colours. Any waste that cannot be recycled is charged separately and this encourages all the residents to recycle effectively and produce as less waste as possible. Another example is Sweden, where various schemes have been launched by the Swedish government, in these schemes the more you recycle, the more you get subsidy towards your council and electricity bills.
In conclusion, I would like to conclude by saying that, countries across the globe need to form an international governing body that mainly focuses on recycling. Strict rules and regulations should be made and countries that do not recycle their household waste should be dealt with stern actions and imposed heavy fines. (293 Words)

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IELTS Essay Sample Questions # Animal Abuse

You should spend 40 minutes on this task.
Some people say it is okay to use animals for our benefit while others believe it is not right to exploit them.
Discuss both the point of views and give your opinion.
You should write at least 250 words.


Over a period of two centuries, we have advanced exponentially in the area of medicine. From cancer to tuberculosis, we have almost cured everything with the help of animals. Although some people believe that it must be illegal to use animals for the testing of drugs, others argue that it is for the benefit of humanity.

The major medical treatments have been made possible through animal testing including cancer and HIV. Testing new drugs often has several side effects, sometimes even causing death. Considering this, it could be very strenuous to get human volunteers for testing, hence hampering the progress. Secondly, we as humans share similarities with animals. Testing drugs on any other species would not give the expected results.

However, with animals being used for testing, countless animals are experimented on and then killed after their use. Others are injured and have to live their remaining life in captivity. Even more, often many drugs never see the light of public use. Most animal activists stand against the death of innocent animals because many times the tests fail without any positive outcome. In addition, animal testing often costs an enormous amount of money as animals must be fed, housed and cared for testing.

Overall, in my opinion, each animal is an integral part of our Earth’s ecosystem. The ongoing experimentation on animals can have devastating implications in the long rung. Keeping in mind that many animal species are becoming endangered, this issue deserves immediate attention. We should start looking for alternatives of testing drugs on animals.


IELTS ESSAY: Getting a degree or straight into work. Which is better?

Writing Task 2: IELTS ESSAY: Getting a degree or straight into work. Which is better?

You should spend 40 minutes on this task.

Write on the following topic:

Some people think that getting a degree from university is the best way to guarantee a good job, others believe that it would be better to go straight into work and get experience instead.
Discuss both sides and give your opinion.

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant example from your own knowledge or experience.
Write at least 250 words.

Sample Answer:

In the recent years, the fight on getting a better job has inclined. Today, many people believe that attending a university is only one way to get a satisfying job than other people, while some defenders say that it is not always right. Thanks to the new idea of college dropouts who are making a dramatic change in the society. This essay will discuss both the ideas and explain them with relevant examples.

Firstly, it is definitely true that a degree is very crucial for applying to a job. Many MNCs require a list of qualifications. A graduated degree, high language proficiency level and computer and technical skills are all required in main stream jobs today. A graduation degree is the only way to prove that a person is ready, trained or has learned all mandatory skills required for work. Having a degree can make a person more attractive to the Hiring Agency for being offered a great job. Secondly, some professional careers such as a doctor, engineers or lawyer require a certain specific subject oriented skill set and knowledge which cannot be acquired all by yourself at home.

On the other hand, in some streams like art preferably, a degree is of no practical value. The amount of dedication and time one has devoted to their form is what matters. For example, a mechanic or business workers needs to only value experience and develop some skills which they can get only by practice. Even though, a person is not highly educated, if he/she starts working early and gains a lot of experience, it can also be easy for them to get a satisfying job and achieve success in the future.

Hence, to sum up, both sides have their own experience making it difficult to decide which path is right. However, it is always a positive side that having a degree will be a great guarantee for hunting a rewarding job in the work market.


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