Shot The Breeze # Idioms For IELTS

We talk often, but do you know what if I say, you just shot the breeze or maybe that You and I speak the same language. If you don’t read more and find out.

To shoot the breeze:
Sentence-: We are just sitting in the backyard and shooting the breeze, why don’t you join us?
Meaning-: To chat in a relaxed way about something. So, what are you doing? You are just sitting in the backyard and chatting about something trivial.
To speak the same language:
Sentence: Aman and Anupriya speak the same language.
Meaning: Speaking the same language doesn’t mean they literally speak the same language, it means they agree with each other or think alike.
To talk a mile a minute:
Sentence: She really talks a mile in a minute. It makes it so hard for me to understand what she is saying.
Meaning: It means she speaks really fast.
To spill the beans:
Sentence: I just spill the beans and trust me I feel so much relaxed now.
Meaning: It doesn’t mean that she has literally spilled some beans. All it means is to confess.
To talk someone into something:
Sentence: Anvesha easily talked her into gymnastics.
Meaning: She convinced or persuaded her to take gymnastics.
No Dice:
Sentence: They are left with no dice
Meaning: to show that there are no chances of success.
Speak of the devil:
Sentence: Speak of the devil and she is here.
Meaning: It means a person comes just after we mention their name.
Have swallowed a dictionary:
Sentence: Has she swallowed the dictionary?
Meaning: use long and difficult words when speaking
Die in your bed:
Sentence: Some people are lucky enough to die in their bed.
Meaning: To suffer a peaceful and natural death
Tuned in:
Sentence: Just tune her in, she can be a great asset.
Meaning: aware or able to understand something

Learn them. Use them. Express more and fly high.


Man Of The People # Idioms For IELTS

In many ways English is a sexist language. It reflects the society around. Today we will look idioms that were originally used to refer to men but with time they can now also be used for women.

Man of few words
Sentence-: Richie Benaud was a man of few words.
Meaning-: someone who does not speak too much.
A ladies man
Sentence- James Bond was a ladies’ man.
Meaning-: Someone who goes out with women, talk to them and hang out more than usual.
Man of his words
Sentence-: Mahatma Gandhi was a man of his words.
Meaning-: someone who keeps his promise.
Man of the people
Sentence-: Narendra Modi is a man of the people.
Meaning-: someone who understands and expresses the ideas of the ordinary people
Confirmed bachelor
Sentence-: When I asked Abhishek about his marriage plans, he said he was a confirmed bachelor for at least 4 years.
Meaning-: someone who is single and wants to stay that way.
Fiddle while Rome burns
Sentence-: You can easily fiddle while Rome burns, but then be ready to face the consequences.
Meaning-: to do trivial matters while ignoring the important issues
On the fiddle
Sentence-: She has been on the fiddle for a long time.
Meaning-: to be engaged in cheating
Get your just deserts
Sentence-: Yakub menon in some ways got his just deserts.
Meaning-: Get what you deserve
Up a stump
Sentence-: I am stuck in an up a stump.
Meaning-: a situation that is too difficult to manage
Nothing succeeds like success
Sentence-: May be its tough to be successful, but nothing succeeds like success
Meaning-: success brings better and greater opportunities

Out of all the above idioms apart from ,”a ladies’ man” and “confirmed bachelor” others can be used for women as well!
So, go on. Learn the above, grasp them and make them part of your expressions.


IELTS Idiom Practice #Set1

Idioms when used in the speaking section showcase that you have a better understanding of English language. Using them therefore, increases your band. Let us learn idioms which when used in answering speaking section can help you score better.

IELTS Idiom Practice

A Penny for your thoughts
Meaning – ask someone who is quiet what they are thinking about. This is usually done when the other person is waiting for an answer or suggestion or in general opinion of the other person on a matter. This idiom is used in form of request rather than demand.
Note : One can use this in group discussions as well.
Sentence – “There came a lull in the conversation, and Brandon said, ‘Penny for your thoughts?’” (The Tahlequah Daily Press)
Against the clock
Meaning – do something as fast as possible usually before time
Sentence – With the deadline for project being a day away, she was working against the clock.

Lend an ear

Meaning – listen carefully and in a friendly way to someone.
Sentence – Avinash is a friend one needs in times of trouble, he always lends an ear for as long one needs
hit the hay
Meaning – go to bed
Sentence: Our house had a rule where everyone must hit the hay by 11 pm.
get a head start
Sentence – Start before all others.
Meaning – Her proactive nature helped her get a head start to her competitors.
to be in arms about something
Meaning – upset or angry about something Sentence : She has been up in arms about the late promotions she got.
on cloud nine
Meaning – very happy; deliriously happy
Sentence – When she got to know that her IELTS results was more than her expected 7, she was on cloud 9.
in the nick of time
Meaning – not too late but very close.
Sentence – I reached office just in the nick of time.
hard feelings
Meaning – feelings of resentment; emotion of being upset or offended.
Sentence: There are no hard feelings but considering everything I am left with no other option but to let you go.
be sick to death something/doing something
Meaning: to be angry or bored because of something unpleasant happening for a long time
Sentence: Last Sunday I was sick to death copying all the modules working around changes only ants could see.
rain or shine

Meaning – something will happen regardless of weather or other difficulties.

Sentence – Come rain or shine, she does not stops working towards her goals.

Down to Earth
Meaning – practical and realistic Sentence: The project needed people who were down to Earth and could deliver upon what is promised.
On the Ball
Meaning: Active and aware of things Sentence: Although the Indian cricket team has been criticized, it has always proved that it stands on the ball.
full of beans
Meaning: a person who is lively, active and healthy. Sentence: Everyone enjoys the company of my father probably because he is full of beans.
Explore all avenues
Meaning: Investigate every possible means to find a solution to a given problem or to achieve desired outcome. Sentence: He explored all his avenues before he started on working on his own company.
next to nothing
Meaning: to cost very little Sentence: I brought this kajal at amazon during their prime time sale for next to nothing.
fresh or clean out of something
Meaning: have sold up or used up the last of something
Sentence: We would need to buy new groceries. It seems we are fresh out of them.
at all cost
Meaning: do everything to achieve or get something. Sentence: Having seen the side of broken dreams, I will make sure I achieve all my dreams at all cost.
Put yourself in somebody’s shoes
Meaning – positioning yourself in someone’s else position to understand their emotions or decisions. Sentence – If only you could put yourself in my shoes, you would understand why I made the decision.

Stay tuned for IELTS idiom practice !


Right Way OF Learning # Idioms For IELTS

There is a way of scoring high in IELTS. Cramming high vocabulary words or learning thousands of idioms or banging your head over those often confusing grammar rules is not going to help you in IELTS. What matters in IELTS or any other exam, is how well you can apply the knowledge that you have. For instance, how well you can use those vocabulary words, or those idioms in your speaking or writing.
For this week, let us focus on five idioms and make use of them in the various letters you write or the essays you practice or the speaking tests you work on. By the end of this week, I will update the various posts I have used the following idioms, hoping that you will share the work you have done. Let us begin.

SENTENCE – Taylor and Calvin are going to get married next month, but they haven’t yet broken the news to their friends.
MEANING – to make something known.
SENTENCE – The fee of the college costed me an arm and leg.
MEANING – to be very expensive
SENTENCE – Rihanna realised that the job as a cashier was a dead-end job.
MEANING – a job that won’t lead to anything else
SENTENCE – Let us face it, Hitler will soon send us to the chambers.
MEANING – accept a difficult situation.
SENTENCE – That movie on zombies gives me creeps.
MEANING – to create a feeling of disgust or horror


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