Reading Test Tips

The reading test consist is of one hour including the time to transfer the answers into the answer sheet. There are 40 questions in all that you need to answer.

The reading test consist of three sections.
1.Section 1-: The section has 2-3 texts relevant to basic linguistic survival in English. For example-: advertisement, schedules or travel brochures. The main task here is to provide factual information.
2.Section 2-: The second section involves work-related text/situations having more complex language.
3.Section 3-: the third section pays more emphasis on descriptive and instructive text rather than argumentative text. It has a longer text usually sourced from newspapers, magazines or internet.
There are a variety of question types that could be asked, although it is not specific as to which one will come in your test. They are-:
1.Multiple choice
2.Identifying information (true/false/not given)
3.Matching paragraphs with heading
4.Short answer questions
5.Matching list/phrases
6.Table completion
7.Flow-chart completion
8.Diagram completion and labeling
9.Summary completion
10.Note completion

The path to score high in IELTS reading section begins with learning to scan an article or report for the most essential information, especially when the time is limited.


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The Listening Section # FAQ

The listening test in IELTS last for approximately 30 minutes.

The listening test has 40 questions and the audio is played only once. There are four sections and with every section you get time to read the questions. At the end of the test, you are given ten minutes to transfer your answers to the answer sheet. You are also given time to check your answers. You may hear various dialects in your listening test. They could be Australian, British American, Canadian, new Zealand and Irish.

FORMATThe listening test has four sections.
Section 1-: you may hear a conversation between two people about the general situations people face in their day to day life. It could be about booking a ticket or knowing about a job vacancy.
Section 2-: this section has a talk about a particular topic, given by a person. The talk may be about a tour, a concert or anything in general.
Section 3-: It has a discussion among tow or four people about a study related topic.
Section 4-:This section has a lecture on a general academic topic.QUESTION TYPEThere are various question types in the listening task and your test may have any of the following-:
3.Short answer questions
4.Multiple choice
5.Summary completion
6.Labeling a map or a diagram
7.Flow-chart completion
8.Form completion
9.Table completion

Chart out a plan for your test and follow it till the end. Remember the better the plan, the more the chances of your success.

Reading Exercise 201

The year 1979 dawned with new challenges. The ambitions of charan singh, who wanted to become the prime minister of India, the ever-increasing influence of the RSS and the Jana sangh in the administration, the increasing dependence of the prime minister on that group, and the internal fractional quarrel among the socialist groups in the ruling clique had already destroyed the cohesion of the janata party. The only cementing force, which kept them formally together, was the lurking fear of the emergence of Indira Gandhi.
The attacks on congress leaders and workers went unabated. In Punjab, giani zail singh was brutally attacked; and in west Bengal, police beat up barkat and many other state congress leaders. In Bhubaneswar, indira’s Gandhi’s convoy was assaulted, as were important congress leaders like k.c lenka and b.m mohanty. Even ordinary workers of the party faced such attacks, but no eventuality was enough to daunt them, such was the level of their enthusiasm.
Question 1-: choose the correct option

1.What was the main reason keeping the janata party together?
a.Charan singh wanted to become the prime minister
b.Giani zail singh was brutally attacked
c.There was a fear of emergence of Indira Gandhi
d.There were many quarrel among the socialist groups.

2.the one statement wrong out of the following is
a.giani zail singh was brutally attacked in Punjab Bhubaneswar Indira Gandhi’s convoy was assaulted
c.Indira Gandhi was the main reason to keep the janata party separate
d.The ordinary workers also had to face up the attacks.

Question 2-: fill up the blanks with no more than three words-:
a.3 ___________ was brutally attacked in Punjab.
b.The only force that kept janata party together was the emergence of 4_________
c.The 5 ______ among the socialist groups in the ruling clique had destroyed the cohesion of the janata party
d.The attacks on 6 _________ and workers went unabated.
3-giani zail singh
4-Indira Gandhi
5-Internal fractional quarrel
6-Congress leaders

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Spin The Right Yarn

In the end it is all about how beautiful your story of life is and how well you spin the right yarn.

By the yard
Sentence-: Don’t worry about the food, it is present by the yard.
Meaning-: in large numbers or quantities
Spin a yarn
Sentence-: I have lots of time, go on, spin the yarn.
Meaning-: tell a story, especially a long and complicated one.
Like a streak
Sentence-: No one ever becomes successful like a streak.
Meaning-: very fast
Against the stream
Sentence-: Most successful political leaders thought against the stream.
Meaning-: Against the prevailing view or tendency
On stream
Sentence-: You can easily get the job, it is on the stream.
Meaning-: In or into operation or existence; available
SENTENCE-:The Britishers were able to bear down the rulers of India.
MEANING-: overthrow or crush by force
SENTENCE-: Just put me in the way of success and I’ll show who I am.
MEANING-: give a person an opportunity
SENTENCE-:If you don’t like the way of the world, you need to take responsibility to change it.
MEANING-: a typical way in which people around the world behave and things happen.
SENTENCE-:Success sounds good only if your ways and means are correct.
MEANING-: the ways and means of person for achieving something.
SENTENCE-:Why did you ordered so much!! It is up the wazoo.
MEANING-: in great quantities
SENTENCE-:Everyone has a weak link, you just need to find it and hit it hard.
MEANING-: the point in an organization or system that is least vulnerable and is unlikely to be dependent on.


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