Reading Test Tips

The reading test consist is of one hour including the time to transfer the answers into the answer sheet. There are 40 questions in all that you need to answer.

The reading test consist of three sections.
1.Section 1-: The section has 2-3 texts relevant to basic linguistic survival in English. For example-: advertisement, schedules or travel brochures. The main task here is to provide factual information.
2.Section 2-: The second section involves work-related text/situations having more complex language.
3.Section 3-: the third section pays more emphasis on descriptive and instructive text rather than argumentative text. It has a longer text usually sourced from newspapers, magazines or internet.
There are a variety of question types that could be asked, although it is not specific as to which one will come in your test. They are-:
1.Multiple choice
2.Identifying information (true/false/not given)
3.Matching paragraphs with heading
4.Short answer questions
5.Matching list/phrases
6.Table completion
7.Flow-chart completion
8.Diagram completion and labeling
9.Summary completion
10.Note completion

The path to score high in IELTS reading section begins with learning to scan an article or report for the most essential information, especially when the time is limited.


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