IELTS Essay #Advantages and disadvantages of space tourism

IELTS Essay advantages and disadvantages of space tourism

As technology advances, travelling to space is likely to become an option for holidaymakers in the future.

What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of space tourism?

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With all the technological advancements, Space Tourism can be a reality that might enhance the tourism industry worldwide and make more progress in the field of astronomy. The essay will dwell on the merits and the possible drawbacks of this development.

Beginning with the positives, the idea of space tourism might attract interest towards an already growing space sector. Since future tourists will have an opportunity to explore planets, they will be developing knowledge and creating future generation scientists that will provide more in-depth research into our cosmos. Another positive outcome can be the creation of new Job opportunities. Space pilots manoeuvre space crafts, travel guides, medical professionals and trained engineers might be some professions in the coming years, this will help combat the problems of unemployment in the very long run.

However, space tourism is an expensive endeavour and expenditure on these excursions might bankrupt some nations, especially those who are still trying to recover from the impact of colonialism, coups, and civil wars.  Instead that money can be put to use for solving the pressing problems of famine, illiteracy, poverty, and poor public healthcare infrastructure. Another monumental challenge will be pollution control as rockets emit large quantities of black carbon that pollutes the air and is harmful for all the living beings as well as the environment.

To conclude, while the prospect of space travel sounds fascinating, the progress towards it should not be considered shortly, as other problems need our attention more urgently than achieving the dream of space tourism.(253 Words)

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