Speaking Task 2(cue card): When you were disappointed with your performance.

Do your best and leave everything!! Well, although it sounds the perfect way of leading life, when you give your all, it often becomes quite challenging not to get attached to the results of our performance. Sometimes, we set our bars so high that failing to achieve them results in disappointment and depression in our lives.

Speaking Task 2

Tell about a time when you were disappointed with your performance.

  • Where and when you performed?
  • How you performed?
  • Why you were disappointed?

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Sample Answer

In today’s corporate world, our knowledge, skills and experience remain unrecognized, if we fail to work effectively and efficiently. No matter how efficient and hard working we are failing to produce the desired results in stipulated time results in losing credibility.

[PARA 1]

I work as a content writer in a marketing company. Like other jobs, my job also has some targets to achieve on monthly basis. Recently, my boss had given me a target of writing 50 blogs in a month along with additional responsibilities. Being new tot he company, it took me a while to multi-task between writing blogs and the additional task in my bucket list! Still, I was trying my best to perform better. While balancing my multiple duties and responsibilities, I forgot that sometimes, quantity matters more than the quality.

[PARA 2]

While, I was almost on the verge of meeting the deadlines, all of sudden, I fell sick and that too just before the month end. Unfortunately, I could not come to the office for two days .As a result, I could write only 30 articles which were way less than the expected numbers. Moreover, I had no justification for my unsatisfactory performance. As an extrinsic factor, my unplanned illness  perfectly played its role in my failure. However, I realized that I could probably manage my work effectively if I would have been more proactive and organised.

[PARA 3]

I felt so disappointed and disheartened because in spite of trying so ardently I could not achieve the monthly target. But as we know, every failure has a lesson to teach. So, due to this incidence, I had learned one thing for sure that the gap between the actual and the expected performance eventually decides our happiness and disappointment at workplace. Therefore, our actual performance should be equivalent or more than the expected performance to be an achiever. Then only we get rewards and recognition in all spheres of our life.

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Writing Task 1: A letter to your friend recommending a holiday destination.

Writing Task 1

A friend of yours is going on a holiday and had asked you to recommend a destination.

Write a letter to your friend. In your letter,

  • Recommend a good place for a holiday that you have visited before.
  • Tell where you went and where you stayed?
  • Describe something you enjoyed about your vacation.

Write at least 150 words

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Sample Answer

Dear Priya,

I received your letter few days back. Since I was busy with my exams, I could not write before. I hope this letter finds you in pink of your health. I am glad to know that you are planning for a vacation. In my opinion, Mussoorie is a beautiful place to visit on a budget. It is also known as Queen of the Hills.

Since my father loves hill stations, we often visit different hill stations once in a year. Last year we all went to Mussoorie during my summer vacations. Mussoorie is the nearest hill station to Dehradun. We started off early in the morning and directly went to the guest house. We could see the sky and the blue clouds above the mountain tops from the balconies of our guest house.

It was very cold there so we had to put on the pullovers to stay warm. In the evening, we spent some time at mall road and explored the market there. The mall road is located in the heart of the city and is also famous for shopping and its picturesque views. Then next day, we visited the nearby places like, George Everest and Kempty Falls.

It was a memorable trip as spending quality time with family is always a fun. So, I would strongly recommend Mussoorie as a great holiday destination. I hope you like my suggestion. Please do send me the photographs of your visit.


Shweta (244 words)

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Writing Task 1: Letter to the teacher for discontinuing the course.

Writing Task 1

You recently attended a course in another country but had to leave the course to return back to your country.

Write a letter to your teacher. In the letter, you should:

  • Thank him/her.
  • Tell them your situation.
  • Explain them what you liked about their lecture.

Write at least 150 words

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Sample Answer

Dear Mr. Steward

I am writing to inform you about my inability to further continue the MBA course. I have been attending the management classes since last one year to enhance my theoretical knowledge about various management subjects.

Thank you very much for being a great teacher and a facilitator. You have not only provided me knowledge but also the supported me whenever needed. Your lectures were so interesting and informative that I never missed any of your classes.

We have a family business in India which is run by my father. But, he had a massive heart attack recently. Hence, looking at his condition the doctors have advised him to refrain from any kind of stress and anxiety. Therefore, I had to discontinue my course in order to move back to India to look after the business. Moreover, it is very disheartening to be unable to attend your classes from now on.

So, I request to you to take my case into consideration and do the needful.

Thanking you in anticipation. (167 words)

Yours Sincerely


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Writing Task 1: Letter to the Editor for not receiving the prize.

Writing Task 1

You have not received the prize which you have won at a newspaper.
Write a letter to the editor of the newspaper with below details:


  • Details of how you won the prize.
  • What is the prize given to you?
  • What actions you expect to be taken?

Write at least 150 words

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Sample Answer

Dear Sir,

I am writing to inform you that I have recently won a prize for writing the best article published in your newspaper 21st March 2018.The prize for winning the best article competition was two airline tickets to Singapore along with a free 2 days 3 nights stay in a five star hotel. I was supposed to receive it  last week, but unfortunately that never happened.

The topic of my article was ’why it is important to save the mother earth’.I am a regular subscriber of your newspaper and keep participating in various competitions organised by your newspaper.

Furthermore, I tried to contact the customer care executive many times but no avail.This situation is causing me a great deal of inconvenience. I believe this matter deserves your urgent attention.Therefore, I request you to kindly look into the matter and resolve the issue.

Looking forward to getting positive response. (147 words)

Yours Faithfully,


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