Speaking Part 2(Cue Card): Something you gifted to your younger sibling

Speaking Part 2: Cue Card

Tell about something you gifted to your younger sibling.

  • What is it?
  • When you gifted it?
  • Why you gifted it?

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Sample Answer

Gift giving is simply an act of love, care and gratitude. It always brings a smile on the face of the person who receives it. Certainly, selecting a gift for someone is actually a complex process. Nonetheless, it helps an individual to define relationships and strengthen bonds with family and friends. Recently, I gave a gift to my younger sister. Her name is Shraddha and she studies in class 9. I had promised her to gift a watch if she would stand 1st in the class. Since, she stood first in the class, I gifted her a branded wrist watch.

Although my sister is very intelligent and hardworking, I want her to be more disciplined and punctual. That is why I gifted her a watch to make her understand the value of time. Moreover, wearing a branded watch has also become a status symbol. A watch is a reflection of one’s style, taste and personality. People not only wear watches to see the time but to make a style statement as well. Different varieties of branded and non-branded watches are available in the market.This certainly makes the choice easier.

The colour of the watch was black with a big round dial. The watch was simple yet elegant, just like my sister. Fortunately, I was able to choose and buy a perfect gift matching with my sister’s personality. She felt so delighted to receive the much awaited gift. She kissed and hugged me tightly to show that she really liked the gift. I could see the sparkles in her eyes and gratification in her gestures, which eventually made me happy.

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