IELTS General Training Task 1: a business letter

IELTS General Training Task 1: a business letter

You should spend 20 minutes on this task.

During a recent plane journey, you sat next to a businessman who owns a chain of restaurants. You talked to him and he suggested that you should contact him about a possible job in one of his restaurants.

Write a letter to this businessman. In your letter

  • remind him when and where you met
  • tell him what kind of job you are interested in
  • say why you think you would be suitable for this job

Write at least 150 words.

You do NOT need to write any addresses.


Dear ………………..

Sample Answer:

Dear Mr Johnson,

I wish to take up your job proposal which you so generously offered to me during our flight to London from Italy on the 12th of March this year. You offered me your business card after hearing my plight for work after my employer fired me due to shortage of money.

I wish to apply to your renowned restaurant chain “Seasonal Secret” as a Sous (second in command) or Senior (lower in command chain) chef.

Formally I have worked for “Pasta Palace” in Italy, Rome as a tournant (general station manager) and saucier (in charge of side dish and main sauces) chef. My previous employment not only granted me work experience but also an insight into the culinary world, its expectations and ethics.

Currently I have expertise in over 53 gourmet dishes, of which most are included on the special menu in your chain. My forte lies in consommé, vegan and meat charcuteries, pappardelle, Italian risotto and a host of other delicacies including beef wellington and turducken. In deserts my pièce de résistance would be baumkuchen, a German delicacy which I am sure you are familiar with. Baked Alaska and pâté feuilletée are also some of my talents. Naturally most of these dishes cannot be prepared on a whim and do require a good amount of preparation time.

I believe I have all the qualities required to become a Sous chef, including the team management and crisis handling abilities which are often overlooked parts of this career path. My educational qualifications include a degree in ‘Culinary Arts’ from St Albus College, Ravenna. For further information regarding my academic background my CV is attached.

I do look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

Mark Doupain


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IELTS Cue card: A plant that you find useful

IELTS Cue card: A plant that you find useful

Describe a plant that you find useful.
You should say:

  • Its name
  • Where it is commonly grown
  • What it looks like
  • And explain why you find it useful.

Sample answer

I’m a nature lover. I have planted many different types of plants in my garden. All of them have their own special features. Today, I will talk about one plant which I think is highly beneficial.

The name of the plant is Aloe Vera. It’s a stem less or very short-stemmed succulent plant. The average height of the plant is around 60-100 cm. It has triangular, fleshy green leaves with serrated edges. These prickly leaves act as a defence against animals and insects.

There are different species of aloe vera and they are commonly found in most parts of the world. Aloe can grow indoors as well as outdoors. A certain amount of sunlight is essential for these plants to thrive.

I’ve read many reports about the health benefits of aloe vera. This plant is not only used in medicine but is also a vital ingredient in cosmetic products. It’s packed with antiviral and antibacterial properties which make it ideal for curing skin problems. My mother always uses aloe vera mixed with coconut oil to moisturize her hair before washing it, and I have to say, she’s nearly fifty years old but there are no signs of white, fragile or dry hair. It really is an incredible plant, and it’s so easy to grow too!

High level words and their meanings:

succulent: a plant in which the leaves and stem are thick and can store a lot of water

serrated: having a row of sharp points along the edge

thrive: to grow, develop, or be successful

fragile: easily damaged, broken, or harmed


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IELTS Speaking: Music related discussion questions

Let’s talk about music in the world

Why is pop music so popular globally?

In my view, catchy hooks and sing-along lyrics are the two main characteristics which have made pop music so popular worldwide. Some talented pop stars who perform in bands like K Pop, BTS and many more have redefined this genre. They’ve taken pop music to a new height.

Which do you prefer: traditional music from your country or classical music from abroad?

I find traditional Indian music more appealing than foreign classical music. It’s mainly because of the fact that I’ve never had a chance to listen to classical music from abroad.

How do different kinds of music affect the way people feel?

Every genre of music has its own benefits. If I talk about rap and pop, the catchy hooks, narratives and beats make people feel energetic. Classical music, on the other hand, is more soothing, relaxing and calming.  Heavy metal has a different effect. It creates a strong sense of identity in its listeners.

What is the best music to listen to while studying?

In my view, the best music one can listen to while studying is classical as it is soothing and can help improve your concentration.

Changes in music

What are the main differences between music today and that of previous decades?

In the past, lyrics used to be meaningful. A singer had to train hard for years to become popular. The voice of the singer had a defining effect on the success of a song. The background music was minimal. But, now, everything has changed. In most of the songs, lyrics have no meaning at all. No formal training is required to become a professional singer. Most songs rely on sound effects and orchestral backing.

What contributes to the success of modern singers or bands: their music, or their appearance and image? Why do you think so?

It’s a tricky question. In my opinion, modern singers and bands owe their success to all the factors which you just mentioned. Poor quality music can’t attract listeners, it can just work for some time, but in the long run one has to perform. The same argument applies to the looks and image of singers. People follow their favourite stars and wish to be like them. Major changes in the appearance of a star or any wrongdoing can affect the fans.


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IELTS Cue Card Sample Questions # Natural Disaster

IELTS Cue Card Sample Questions # Natural Disaster

Disasters happen frequently all across the world. Some of them are natural while there are many which are man-made disasters. Some of them are of low frequency while many have the power to shake up the world. This time we are looking at a cue card that talks about natural disasters.

Describe a natural disaster that happened in your area. You should say :

  • when did it happen?
  • what was it?
  • how did people react near you?

also, explain what were the major changes that happened post it.


The year was 2013 and our state was shook from its core. I live in Uttarakhand and in a multi-day cloudburst, it all led to massive floods in the year 2013. It was actually the worst natural disaster to happen in India post the tsunami. There was a lot of destruction of pilgrimages and so many people were left stranded all across the state.

I was in Dehradun at that moment, and the floods did not strike us directly but they did indirectly. Our family members who were living in parts of Tehri happened to be all around with floods. The water came in their houses and they had to evacuate. Although their lives were saved their livelihoods were badly impacted. They lost their house, their clothes and had to start afresh.

The huge was so grave that the prime minister took an aerial survey of the entire state and announced 10 billion to the state. There were many other states and countries as well that came in to help the state financially in the crisis situation. After around a year the state is again back to its normal workings. But the remains of the flood sometimes still remind us of how much it impacted all of our lives.

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