Man Of The People # Idioms For IELTS

In many ways English is a sexist language. It reflects the society around. Today we will look idioms that were originally used to refer to men but with time they can now also be used for women.

Man of few words
Sentence-: Richie Benaud was a man of few words.
Meaning-: someone who does not speak too much.
A ladies man
Sentence- James Bond was a ladies’ man.
Meaning-: Someone who goes out with women, talk to them and hang out more than usual.
Man of his words
Sentence-: Mahatma Gandhi was a man of his words.
Meaning-: someone who keeps his promise.
Man of the people
Sentence-: Narendra Modi is a man of the people.
Meaning-: someone who understands and expresses the ideas of the ordinary people
Confirmed bachelor
Sentence-: When I asked Abhishek about his marriage plans, he said he was a confirmed bachelor for at least 4 years.
Meaning-: someone who is single and wants to stay that way.
Fiddle while Rome burns
Sentence-: You can easily fiddle while Rome burns, but then be ready to face the consequences.
Meaning-: to do trivial matters while ignoring the important issues
On the fiddle
Sentence-: She has been on the fiddle for a long time.
Meaning-: to be engaged in cheating
Get your just deserts
Sentence-: Yakub menon in some ways got his just deserts.
Meaning-: Get what you deserve
Up a stump
Sentence-: I am stuck in an up a stump.
Meaning-: a situation that is too difficult to manage
Nothing succeeds like success
Sentence-: May be its tough to be successful, but nothing succeeds like success
Meaning-: success brings better and greater opportunities

Out of all the above idioms apart from ,”a ladies’ man” and “confirmed bachelor” others can be used for women as well!
So, go on. Learn the above, grasp them and make them part of your expressions.


How To Talk On Phone?

Once you go abroad, there will be chances where you need to make a conversation on phone. Although it sounds easy to some but could be quite weird to some since they are not able to see the person they are seeing. Well, if you are one of those who gets a little uncomfortable while talking on the phone, following the below tips could prove to lessen your burden.

Don’t Be Direct

One of the main problems we make is we are very direct. For example, I want to talk to Mr. XYZ. It is not polite to say “want”. It is preferred to rather a use could, would, may. For e.g. I would like to talk to Mr. XYZ.


Practice, but then how to practice? Well, you can practice with your friend. Or you may call a business chain whom you know has an answering machine and write down the key points. You can also practice in front of a mirror or record it and analyze it yourself.


A lot of times we have to spell on the phone. In those cases, it is important to be able to pronounce the letters correctly. For e.g. you may say, “my name is Anmol”. and the person on the other side could ask you to pronounce it. You need to then spell it. You do this as, an as in ash, n as in Neptune and on. But then why do you need to give examples? Because some English letters sound the same on phone. Example : p, t,v sound quite similar on phone.


It is important to practice numbers because after all you a conversation can even have them. But why practice them? Because you may get confused between 30 and 13 or 40 and 14. Practice listening to long numbers.


Now, this is the most important thing. If you don’t understand something, ask them. You can say, I am sorry could you repeat that. Can you please low down, my English is not so strong.

Memorize Key Expressions

There are some expressions that are very common or are required as it is. E.g. May I ask who is calling, please. Is so and so there?


Remember there is a difference between formal and informal. Formal is used with someone whom you don’t know. Informal is one used with friends. It is important that you use them where they can be used.


Why smile when no one is even seeing you? When you smile when you are on phone, it will calm you down. And you will be able to make some good conversation.

Go on, be confident, make some calls. It is okay to make some mistakes, as long as you are ready to improve on them.


Shot The Breeze # Idioms For IELTS

We talk often, but do you know what if I say, you just shot the breeze or maybe that You and I speak the same language. If you don’t read more and find out.

To shoot the breeze:
Sentence-: We are just sitting in the backyard and shooting the breeze, why don’t you join us?
Meaning-: To chat in a relaxed way about something. So, what are you doing? You are just sitting in the backyard and chatting about something trivial.
To speak the same language:
Sentence: Aman and Anupriya speak the same language.
Meaning: Speaking the same language doesn’t mean they literally speak the same language, it means they agree with each other or think alike.
To talk a mile a minute:
Sentence: She really talks a mile in a minute. It makes it so hard for me to understand what she is saying.
Meaning: It means she speaks really fast.
To spill the beans:
Sentence: I just spill the beans and trust me I feel so much relaxed now.
Meaning: It doesn’t mean that she has literally spilled some beans. All it means is to confess.
To talk someone into something:
Sentence: Anvesha easily talked her into gymnastics.
Meaning: She convinced or persuaded her to take gymnastics.
No Dice:
Sentence: They are left with no dice
Meaning: to show that there are no chances of success.
Speak of the devil:
Sentence: Speak of the devil and she is here.
Meaning: It means a person comes just after we mention their name.
Have swallowed a dictionary:
Sentence: Has she swallowed the dictionary?
Meaning: use long and difficult words when speaking
Die in your bed:
Sentence: Some people are lucky enough to die in their bed.
Meaning: To suffer a peaceful and natural death
Tuned in:
Sentence: Just tune her in, she can be a great asset.
Meaning: aware or able to understand something

Learn them. Use them. Express more and fly high.


How Canadians Speak?

How do Canadians speak?

You must wondering, what do I mean how Canadians speak? Surely they either speak in English or French. But then there are some words that they speak differently from others. For e.g. Canadians usually add a “eh” after everything they speak. And today, we shall see some of them.
Canuck: it is a word for Canadian. It is so famous that Canadians have a hockey name after Canuck. Hockey is a very popular game in Canada.

  1. Toque: It is a winter hat. Toque is a French word and is pronounced as to-k.
  2. 2-4: it means 24 beers in a case. Canadians, also have a holiday, named May 2-4.
  3. Mickey: it is the smallest amount of liquor you can buy in Canada.
  4. A “40”: It means alcohol of 40 oz.
  5. A “60”: It means alcohol of 60 oz.
  6. Poutine: It is French fries with cheese and gravy (beef, fat).
  7. Double-double: It is a coffee with two creams and two sugars. You use it when you visit Tim Horton’s. A double-double won’t mean the same in every restaurant.
  8. A dart: for the world, a dart may be a game but in Canada, it is a cigarette.
  9. Weed: it is a slang term for marijuana. Taking marijuana is not legal in Canada. So, if you are going to study abroad, better stay away.
  10. Eh!: a tag question. You would find Canadians speak a lot of ‘eh’. It is kind of similar to ‘huh’.
  11. New fie: new fie is used for the people who are from New Finland. They are regarded one of the most generous people.

So, if you are one of those who want to go study Canada, surely go and try a double-double or maybe poutine, stay away from weed and be a Canuck.


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