Describe People Accurately-2

There are so many people around you. Some of them work hard, some get angry easily. Earlier you learnt few words to describe people. We will carry on with it and grasp some more words.
1.Hard-working-: If you really try to do your work in the best possible way and if you are truly devoted to your work, you can call yourself a hard-working person.
Sentence-: Hard-work is the first step towards being successful.

2.Self-conscious-: it means similar to embarrassed or you can say you feel uncomfortable.
Sentence-: in my initial days of performing live, I used to be so self-conscious, because I realized that there are so many people looking at me.

3.Cool-headed-: You call someone cool-headed if they are they are very relaxed person and don’t panic easily.
Sentence-: we need doctors who are cool headed because they need to handle quite tough situations.

4.Hot-headed-: this is not an opposite of cool-headed. It means you just get angry quite easily.
Sentence-: You are so hot headed; do you even know the meaning of smile and courtesy?

5.Two-faced-: It does not mean the person literally has two faces. So, if there is someone who pretends to be someone on face and behaves differently behind your back, call them two-faced.
Sentence-: the girl is so damn two-faced. She is so nice on face, but once you turn back, she is the meanest of all.

Express yourself. Express accurately and increase your band. Live your dream.

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