IELTS Speaking Part 1 Sample # Shopping

IELTS Speaking Part 1: Shopping questions
Shopping means procuring commodities in exchange of money. We all shop for ourselves or others and it is a part of our everyday life. However, different people have a dissimilar outlook towards shopping. Some consider it a great stress buster while others look at it as a waste of time and money. In today’s time, online shopping has gained immense popularity as it has many advantages over traditional shopping.

Question 1: Are there many shops near your home? (What kind?)
Answer A: Indeed, there are several shops near my house and a shopping complex as well. Most of the shops cater everyday needs like groceries, bakery products, medicines and stationery etc.

Answer B: Actually there is only one shop near my place as I’m living in the countryside. We normally shop from the main city mall every weekend and stock essential commodities for the entire week. Sometimes, I shop online for clothes, accessories, gadgets and other items.

Question 2: Do you like shopping? (Why? Why not?)
Answer A: Of course, I love shopping. I shop for my family and myself frequently. It lifts my mood and is also a good way to spend leisure time. Nowadays I am spending lot of time on online shopping as well.

Answer B: Well, I’m not very fond of shopping and prefer buying only the essential items. I feel that one must spend his/her earnings carefully rather than wasting it unnecessarily.

Question 3: Who usually does the shopping in your home?
Answer A: I’m a busy person so my wife does shopping for home. She visits the grocery store daily to get fresh fruits, vegetables and other kitchen supplies. She also shops online for toiletries, kids’ toys, home utilities and clothes.

Answer B: My mom generally shops for the entire family. She goes to the grocery store twice or thrice a week to get the kitchen supplies. She also purchases toiletries for all of us, according to our individual choices of soaps, perfumes and shampoos etc. However, we accompany her for buying our clothes and accessories.

Question 4: How often do you buy something in a shop?
Answer A: I usually buy chocolates, wafers and stationery twice or thrice in a week from the shop near my college.

Answer B: I rarely buy things from shops as I prefer online shopping for most of my needs.


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IELTS Cue Card Sample Questions # National Day

IELTS Cue Card Sample Questions # National Day

You should spend 20 minutes on this task.
Describe a national day in your country.
You should say:

  • what day it is
  • how is it celebrated?
  • what the historical significance of this day is

and explain how you feel to this day.


India is one of those countries that has fought a long battle against colonization. After around, 200 years of domination and a long struggle against British power and other social impacts, India gained its freedom on 15 August 1947. But, on the very same day, the partition of India and Pakistan also took place. On the day of our freedom, our first Prime Minister raised the Indian flag in Red Fort.

Since then we have been celebrating our Independence day on 15 August. On this day, customarily, the prime minister of our country, raises the Indian National Flag in Red Fort. Independence day is a gazetted holiday in our nation and all the schools, colleges, banks and other institutions celebrate it with pomp and show. The organizations have a flag hosting ceremony wherein, the highest ranking person hosts the flag.

As a country, the Prime Minister raises the flag and gives an address to the nation. On this day, parades and cultural events take place in Red Fort by students from different parts of the country. In the northern and the central part of our country, most people fly kites.

This day is quite special for me. It reminds me of the various freedom that I enjoy in my life. It brings a sense of pride in me and I feel amazing. On this day, when I notice the Indian flag being hosted almost everywhere, it just gets back to me the vigour with which the Indians must have fought to make sure that I enjoy my freedom. Independence day reminds me to fight for my freedom and independence. It tells me that focus and determination can set one free.

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IELTS Speaking Sample Answers # The Internet

The widespread use of internet has truly metamorphosed our lives. We are living in an era where people are connected like never before and learning new things in the most innovative ways no one can imagine off! With so much happening and changing in our world, because of the internet, let us today have a look at some of the questions related to the internet.
Do you use the internet much during the day?
My living depends upon the internet. Being a travel blogger, for the most part, I am either posting on my blogs or searching places to travel. Or otherwise, use the internet for handling my social media accounts. With a busload of people on the internet, it becomes quite difficult to grasp the attention of your audience. A writer knows this, so the basic step is writing a good piece of article and then making sure it gets publicized and reaches out to a larger and more connected audience. Also, the internet has a certain level of addiction I cannot resist. Mostly I am responding to the reviews and the comments. So, for me, the internet is my bread and butter.
What are some of the advantages of the internet?
The Internet offers a varied range of benefits to its users. The best I can think off is free communication to far off people. Gone are the days when one had to pay good money for making ISD calls. The world is connected and is connected at a far cheaper price than one can think off! In a globalised way, the world surely has shrunken down with the best from everywhere available on the Internet. From online education to transactions, life is happening at the click of a button.

Do people in your country use the internet a lot?
Smart phones have immensely increased the use of the internet. With the world being accessible on a click, people are glued up to their smart phones. People in my country are using the internet for almost everything, right from education, online transactions, communication and so much more. Even the elderly people are learning to use it for conversing with their kids. It is a common sight for the older generation of our country to sit down together and talk about WhatsApp chats. The younger gen has grown up with it, so for them, it is just a part of their lives, like electricity.
Do you do any shopping on the internet?
Shopping on the internet is one thing I do not prefer much but the availability of great discounts do make me go back. For items like electronics and bags, I have come to prefer online shopping as compared to going to market as the product quality can be easily checked and there are a lot of offers available while shopping online. But, for clothes, I still prefer the traditional way of shopping where I can try on the clothes.

Who do you usually communicate with?
Communication has a lot of channels in the present times. On email, most of the times the people I communicate with are either my managers or for the best part, the people who like my blog and comment and give suggestions. Also, I interact with my official clients via official emails. But, for the personal preferences, I use WhatsApp or messenger for communicating with my friends and family.
How often do you check your email?
Probably, once in every two hours. There are a lot of things happening in the world and emails are one way of getting connected with all of them so it is important. Apart from the Gmail account, I have my office account wherein I get the emails related to work. This account I usually check thrice a day, at the start of work and then probably midway and finally before leaving.
Do you think writing emails has strengthened or weakened people’s writing skills?

I would say, it has strengthened people’s writing skills. There is a conscious effort that people put in writing as the email gets stored and can be used as proof, they make sure that the language was written properly. It has resulted in improved formal writing skills. But, I would agree to a certain extent that too much of formal writing has killed the creativity in individuals.

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IELTS Speaking Sample Questions # Workplace

Steve Jobs once said, ” Do what you love” and “Don’t settle”. Your work life is going to occupy a major part of your lives and so make sure that you are doing what you love. However, it is sometimes not just about the work that you do but also about the place in which it is done. This time we are looking at IELTS speaking sample questions asked in a recent exam related to the workplace.

What things make an office comfortable to work in?

There are a lot of things that help in making work easier at a workplace. But, I believe the people around are the most important role takers to make the workplace amazing. Being with people who motivate you to do better work, brings a person back to the place. Having people who criticize or carry negative energy along with them take away the interests in the work place. Apart from this, I believe, the policies of a company and the facilities provide help with an individual.

Why do some people prefer to work outdoors?

Interests vary for every person and there are people who are outgoing and so do prefer an outdoor job. The most interesting thing about working outdoors is every day seems a new day because the people
around change, the place changes, and the experiences vary. When working indoors it is mostly the same place and the same set of people, which often make life seem monotonous.

Do you agree that the building people work in, is more important than the colleagues they work with?

I move in the opposite direction in regard with this. I believe the colleagues we work with is more important than the building we work in. A person can be in a state of the art architecture but surrounded with negative people and would not be able to bring out the best in himself or herself. But, competitive and yet supportive people do help in making work better. The building a person works in is important as well, but I believe it is more about the people.

What would life be like if people didn’t have to work?

Life would have been boring for sure if people did not work at all. Humans are designed as such that until and unless they do creative things, or build things it does satisfy them. Curiosity has always been the mother of all inventions and it takes work to execute things. Having said that, surely if people did not have to do work simply for money and could do the work that they love, it would have made life more beautiful for every body.

Are all jobs of equal importance?

Definitely yes. If we look at it from the perspective of the society, all of them are important. Imagine if all the sweepers go on strike, the world would be a dirty place. But, from the outlook of an individual, I believe a person must always give priority to a job that helps them boost their creativity. For example, having to choose between coding and cooking, I’d prefer coding because it not only makes me happier but also allows me to bring in the creative side of me.

Why do you think some people become workaholics?

I believe, like depression, Workaholics are people who do need attention. Most people often turn towards work with a coffee or a cigarette in their hand and it is mostly to run away from reality. Working on your dreams is good and one must do it, but not having even a single person to your side often could lead to frustration.

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