IELTS Speaking Part 3: questions related to parties/celebrations

IELTS Speaking Part 3: questions related to parties/celebrations

Question. 1: What are the main reasons why people organise family parties in your country?

Answer: Family parties are very popular in my country. Most People organize special parties on birthdays and marriage anniversaries. Some young adults give parties after getting good grades in their exams or after being promoted to a high level position.

Question 2: In some places people spend a lot of money on parties that celebrate special family events. Is this ever true in your country? Do think this is a good trend or a bad trend?

Answer: Yes, wealthy people in my country throw lavish parties to celebrate special family functions. The pictures of their parties are often shown in newspapers. Even though it’s their own money, I feel that it’s a disturbing trend. It promotes discrimination in society and widens the gap between the rich and the poor.

Question 3: Are there many differences between family parties and parties given by friends? Why do you think this is?

Answer: Yes, there are. Family parties tend to be more formal as compared to parties organized by friends. Social decorum and elegance both are maintained in family functions. On the other hand, people feel freer in the parties of their friends. They normally don’t mind too much drinking or dancing, but in family functions any kind of misbehaviour can create a lot of problems.

National celebrations

Question 4: What kinds of national celebrations do you have in your country?

Answer: My country has two main national celebrations: the Independence Day and the Republic Day. The Independence Day is celebrated on 15th August and the Republic Day is celebrated on 26th January.

Question 5: Why do some people think that national celebrations are a waste of government money? Would you agree or disagree with this view? Why?

Answer: Some governments spend huge sums of money on national celebrations. If a country is facing problems like unemployment, illiteracy, poverty or poor infrastructure, then people will certainly complain about the money spent on national functions. In my view, the government should focus on the development of the nation rather than showcasing their military might in national celebrations.


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IELTS SAMPLE CUE CARD #Describe a shop that recently opened in your city/country.

Describe a shop that recently opened in your city/country.

You should say:

  • what its name is
  • where it is
  • who the typical customers are

And say if you have bought anything from the shop. Why/Why not?

Sample Answer :

A store for the nomadic souls named “The Hippie Travel” has opened near my place recently. The shop is a definition of creative insights and new age ideas. The shop provides varieties of travel accessories and on-road needs.

The shop is located in the city centre  and has one branch. Due to the location, it is a easily noticed and appreciated by the passer-by’s. The shop is in reach from every nook and corner and even the opening hours are very flexible. This is a great stop-by for the youngsters and provides a wide range to choose from. Interestingly, it sells products from around the world and at a great bargain price.

They have an amazing range of sleeping bags and tents with different colour options. They have quirky luggage tags and souvenirs too. The typical crowd is the adventurous souls and people who like going to vivid places. They frequently visit the shop and get themselves satisfied. The options are broad and thus there are plenty of chances to get the right product as per their requirements. Moreover, people who need any specific products and cannot find them also visit this shop. If they still fail to acquire their stuff, the shopkeeper provides them with the option of ordering them from suitable places. This is of a great importance to them.

Recently, I had to visit the shop for getting a new rucksack for my recent trip. In fact, one of my cousins has suggested the place to me. I was mesmerised when I entered the store. They had amazing size and colour choices and I could find exactly what I was looking for. I highly recommend this place to everyone. (282 words)

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IELTS Cue Card #Describe a course that you wish to study

IELTS Cue Card #Describe a course that you wish to study

Describe a course that you wish to study in the future.

You should say
– what the course is
– when and where you would like to take this course
– what skills and qualifications are required for this course
– and explain why you want to study it

Sample Answer

I would love to partake in an animation and gaming course. Even though it’s true that I never imagine myself going for a Bachelor’s in Arts, this seems like something I would enjoy.

I would like to do this course somewhere in Germany – probably next year in my summer holidays. The reason being that I spent my childhood in Germany. The love and affection which I have for this place is hard to describe in words. I can’t forget the time which I spent there. It’s my dream to go back to Germany and relive those moments.

Coming to the skills and qualifications required for this course, a good command on English and effective computing skills are the two main criteria for this course. Sometimes, applicants have to submit a portfolio of their drawings.

Talking about the reasons why I want to take this course, as a child I was very fond of cartoons, I used to draw my impressions of the characters in my school notebook, often getting scolded for doodling. And whenever I went to visit my cousin-brother’s house, we used to play video games all the time. My mother and aunt never understood what we found so fascinating about these immersive games.

But, I guess the biggest appeal is that there is prominent and existing growth in this field. It’s a very new and fresh, growing concept, especially at a time like this when research and development have come to a standstill, this field has just begun. It offers new challenges and certainly new opportunities. I wish to be a part of this progression.


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IELTS Cue Card Sample Questions # Perfect Holiday

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. True it is in all sense. Work is definitely the most important part of our lives but only work often makes our lives dull and mundane. This is the reason most people take holidays, sometimes to spice up there lives and more often to

What would your perfect holiday look like? You should say –

  • where would it be?
  • whom would you go with?
  • how would you spend it?

also, explain, why do you think it would be perfect?


My perfect holiday would most likely be in a snow decked winter
landscape. Somewhere cold, sunny and high up view to behold.

I would go with my sister, she too adores the fresh mountain
air. And I am sure my cousins would love to tag along, together we would be a
really rowdy bunch. We would go skiing, sledging and ice skating. I can just
imagine their faces when they slip up on the ice, me laughing with them.

We would go to the Christmas Carnival and have delicious hot
chocolate while joking about how are feet are going to freeze off. Baking
cookies and watching some movies when it gets too cold out, all huddled up
together. Making blanket forts after long days of snowball fights and building
snowmen are some other things I imagine we
would do.

It would be perfect, because we would all be together, having
the time of our lives as a family. There is nothing more I could ask for.


Holidays have been an important part of my life. Not only do I like giving it to others, I enjoy them for myself as well. They could be either group trips or solo trips. But, my perfect holiday would be on an all India tour all by myself. It has been my dream for a very long time to be able to travel across India and write down the stories of the country. Of meeting new people and getting to know their stories.

I would start off from my base location and move ahead towards the east. Traveling across all the east, and moving towards north, west and then south. It will be all an all travel to the different cities, the major festivals, major temples, and more importantly the common people of the place. I want to meet all those people and then interview them. Get to know their stories and write about it.

If I am able to do this holiday, it would be the best thing to happen to me. Not because, it will be a big one, but because it would be for me a dream come true. Knowing my country, and getting to know its past, present, and future is what makes this holiday perfect for me.

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