People often believe that musicians, sports stars and artists are born not made.

IELTS Writing task 2. You should spend 40 minutes on this task. Write at least 250 words. Write about the following topic:

People often believe that great musicians, sports stars and artists are born not made. Do you agree that we are born with much of our ability, or are there other factors that can make us good sports people or musicians?
Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant example from your own knowledge or experience.

Sample Answer

What makes great artists, musicians, writers, or athletes: Nature or Nurture? This question has intrigued philosophers and scientists for centuries. I personally think that factors like family and environment play a decisive role in one’s life and successful career. Nevertheless, some natural talent is required to excel in areas such as sport, art or music.
Let us first look at how an innate ability in art or music or sport can make a difference. Certainly, it differentiates a person who has learned to play a sport or an instrument from someone who has mastered that skill. In other words, natural talent wins over a learned technique. It allows gifted people to reach a level which their hard-working counterparts can never manage. Also, learning that extra element is almost impossible, no matter how hard someone practices or how good the teachers are.
However, natural talent is an internal factor that can contribute to someone’s success. There are numerous external factors such as family, environment, experiences and training etc. which have their own significance. Good musicians, exceptional sports starts or other successful people are not made in one day. Years of hard work, family support, training and devotion make them what they are. Composer Beethoven and tennis legend Roger Federer are the telling examples.
To sum up, nature and nurture are inseparable. Inherited talents can affect our ability to reach the top level in certain professions. However, people can acquire skills and achieve their goals if they live in a conducive environment.


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IELTS Essay # The quality of life in the cities is worsening

IELTS Essay, The quality of life in the cities is worsening

In many countries, the quality of life in the large cities is worsening. What possibly can cause this problem? What measures can be taken to resolve it?

Sample Answer

Many cities across the globe are witnessing a decline in the quality of life. This essay will look at the reasons behind this and give some possible measures to overcome the problems of city dwellers.

Firstly, an ever increasing population and migration of people from rural to urban areas have caused congestion. This has led to growth in the numbers of slums in some areas. Slums as we know do not have any basic facilities like hospitals, sanitation, clean drinking water and are a hotbed of diseases. As a result of living in unhygienic conditions, not only people in slums suffer from serious health problems but also aid the cause of spreading flu and other viruses. Secondly, hectic schedule and excessive workload also hamper the quality of life. To explain it further, extended working hours, long commuting time leave urbanites with hardly ever time to involve in recreational activities which are indispensable to ensure the wellbeing of human beings. As a consequence, there has been a sharp rise in the prevalence of psychiatric problems among people in large cities.

To look at the possible measures, the government should develop affordable accommodation facilities to accommodate an ever-growing number of city dwellers. There should be strict restrictions on building of slums and stern action need to taken against offenders. In order to control the influx of rural migrants, the government should focus on the development of the countryside. Gyms and recreational facilities like parks, gardens and yoga centres etc should also be constructed by the government and there should be no charge to use them. Moreover, positives of good health should be highlighted, asking people to follow a balanced life.

To conclude, unfettered growth of population, stressful lifestyle and lack of basic facilities in certain areas have made the life worse in cities. Undoubtedly, if this situation is to be improved, effective measures have to be taken.


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IELTS Speaking Sample Answer # Restaurants

Restaurants are the place where people go to have food, spend some quality time with their loved ones, get a break from the daily routine and enjoy the hard work they have done. With time, more and more people have started visiting restaurants, for parties, corporate meetings or just to while away time. Let us today have a look at some of the questions related to restaurants.

Cue card – describe your favourite restaurant
You should say:

  • Where it is located
  • What it looks like from inside and outside
  • What kinds of food they serve
  • And explain what makes this restaurant so special to you and others
Sample Answer

Although I am not fond of eating out due to my healthy lifestyle but every now and then I do go out to a restaurant located in south Delhi by the Delhi university campus. The restaurant is called Echoes and it is a great place to be at. It serves different types of cuisine and their milkshakes are quite popular. It has great vibes and the crowd that visits is uni going so the menu gets updated quite regularly according to the market demands.
It’s quite spacious and is spread across a single floor. The restaurant has very upmarket feel to it and the interiors are very well done. It has various paintings hanging on its walls but the most striking feature is the Hogwarts themed lamps that hang from the ceiling of the restaurant. At night when they light up, it feels like you are sitting at Hogwarts and having your dinner. From the outside it is a bit congested but the service they provide makes up for everything else.
They serve different kinds of cuisine. The Chinese there is quite popular as it’s very delicious. They have their own versions of the popular street food which is quite famous among the college going students. The price is reasonable and they are busy almost all the times. It’s better if one calls in before they visit the place as they are fully booked and getting hold of a table especially at weekends can be quite a challenge. I was particularly impressed by their spirits collection as it is one of the best that I have seen in my country.
There are numerous reasons as to why I love this place. The ambience is great and the owner of the place is a very thoughtful person. The staffs that work there are deaf and dumb so you communicate with them through sign language or using a pen and paper. In this cruel world it is the small things that make the difference and by providing employment to such people he has surely made a positive impact in the society. Not to mention I had my first date here with my wife so yeah it’ll always be special to me.


Follow-up Questions

What is your favorite restaurant near the place that you live?

My favorite restaurant is “Dolphin”. I really like it for the food and the ambiance of the restaurant. It is that restaurant that I used to visit a lot with my friends and have made some great memories in that place. The best part about that restaurant is that they have got great service and is a perfect blend of home made food and the one prepared by cook.

What is the best restaurant you have ever eaten at?

I think the best restaurant would be “The Hub”. There are many places that I have visited and so many restaurants that I have gone to, but there is this something unique about it. They have got electric candles and even if you are going during the day, you get a feel of a candle light dinner. The food is amazing and the staff really polite.

Have you ever eaten at a restaurant abroad? What was it like?

I have never been to abroad, so I am not very sure of it. But, I have read about some restaurants of abroad. One of them is Alexander’s Steakhouse in Cupertino. It is regarded as one of the best restaurants with a person telling you patiently about the menu and making sure you have a great meal.

What do you think makes a restaurant great?

I think apart from the food, the ambiance and the service or the staff makes a restaurant great. It is good to have great food, but then the seats in which you are sitting, the lighting of the restaurant, the staff and the music the restaurant chooses to play has a very important role in making a restaurant great.

Do you prefer to eat at your parents’ house or a restaurant?

I prefer my parent’s house because no matter how great a restaurant is, nothing can replace the feeling of eating at home with your parents and siblings. The talks and the laughs, it is all so great to be replaced.

What is the worst restaurant you have eaten at?

I remember, eating at this restaurant at Puri, the name I have forgotten. But, it was looking average from outside so we just went in. When we looked at the menu, the food was expensive but we thought that it might be good so we ordered it. The food was really bad for starters but when my friend ordered for Kebab, instead of giving that they brought Fried rice. When he asked to change the order, the staff asked him to eat it because there is no other option available. Not only he had to pay, but also eat something he did not liked. The only reason we sat there eating was because there were no other restaurants and we were really hungry.

What is the strangest restaurant you have heard of?

Well, the most weird restaurant that I have ever heard of is Modern Toilet in Taipei, Taiwan. The restaurant has everything in the form of Toilet. So, you could see bowls in the form of flush, seats in the form of flush and then the ice creams in the form of shit. Sometimes, I wonder how do people even go and eat there.

How do you feel about theme restaurants?

I think theme restaurants are really great because there is so much specialty associated with them. There is nothing general and one can feel so great about it. There is a story to tell there, a reason behind everything that is placed there. I think they are the perfect paradise for tourists and travellers.

Do you prefer darker or brighter interiors for restaurants? Why?

I prefer darker interiors. I am not very sure but I think dim lights bring along with them that calmness and smoothness of candle light dinner. It calms the mind and it becomes so much more easy to listen to the other person and have a lovely conversation.


IELTS Letter : Applying for a job and need a letter of reference

IELTS Letter : Applying for a job and need a letter of reference

You are applying for a job and need a letter of reference from someone who knew you when you were at school.
Write a letter to one of your old teachers asking for a reference. In your letter:

  • Say what job you have applied for
  • Explain why you want this job
  • Suggest what information the teacher should include

Write at least 150 words.
Begin your letter as follows:
Dear __________

Sample Answer

Dear Mrs Thompson,
Hope you are well and healthy. I have been thinking of writing for a long time but could not due to a hectic schedule.
I have recently applied for the job of an English teacher in Thailand. As you may be aware I am very fond of teaching and I always considered it my passion. Having completed my graduation, I came across this opportunity and applied for it at that very moment.
I had a Skype interview as it was not possible for me to travel all the way to Thailand just for an interview. However, it went very well and I was offered the position. Will you be kind enough to write me a reference letter for this job? Please can you include information in relation to my character, behavior and trustworthiness.
Teaching is something that I always wanted to do and I always look up to you as a role model and I’ll like to teach in the same manner as you. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity. It will not only give me a chance to pave my way in the world of teaching but also enable me to learn about new cultures and tradition. Lastly, can you please mail me the letter within 10 days as I need to post it to Bangkok.

Thanking you in advance and looking forward to hear from you.

Yours sincerely
Shashi tharoor



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