IELTS Essay Sample Answer # Women at Work

You should spend 40 minutes on this task.

Some people believe that in present times, women do get as much equality at work as men, while others believe that even today women have to fight their way to succeed at work.
Discuss both views.

You should write at least 250 words.


Women have carved their way into the offices and are doing a great job in the different aspects of life. Not only managing a great career but ensuring a healthy home. Although, many people are of the belief that with changing times, men and women are treated equally in the office arena there have been voices stating against the statement.

Women have made a huge progress in the work space but still get lesser pay than their male counterparts. Even more, it is often more easier for a man to get a promotion than a female, especially when it comes to higher ranks of the organization. Even in industries like film industry, most of the actresses have complained as to how they are offered lesser pay as compared to their male partners. Recently, it was Indira Nooyi who grasped the attention when she said that women cannot have it all in their lives and have to adjust.



However, the situation has definitely improved when compared to the past. Presently, we can see more of working women in organizations. In health and education, most countries have largely closed the gap. With initiatives from organizations like SEBI, there is now an increased number of women in the board of an organization when compared to the past. Even more, companies are now keeping in mind the life of a working women and provide offerings to ensure they are able to work comfortably.

Overall, there have been attempts on part of both the employers and the women employees to make sure they get the equal right and opportunity. But, we have just started and their is a long way to go before we finally assume to have succeeded in bringing balance in the work culture. (290 Words)


When answering a essay of type “Discuss both views”, there are certain things you should keep in mind –

  1. You are required to give the points supporting both the view points.
  2. Make sure you give your opinion in the concluding paragraph.
  3. In this type of essay, the main objective is to bring the story associated with both sides of the coin.


IELTS Listening Sample Questions # Superpower

We all have heard stories of super powerful people but do you know that we all have some superpower within us. This time we are looking at a BBC 6 minutes listening that talks about the super power within us.

Listen to the audio below before answering the questions –

Answer the following questions in NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS.

  1. Which word describes a person who can change shape and become anything?
  2. What is the ethnicity of Ms. Marvel?
  3. Who replaces Tony Stark as Iron Man?
  4. What is the synonym of contaminated?
  5. Which phrase used for something that is very clear?
  6. What is the other word used for filled?
  7. Which word describes the arguing about things that are not important?
  8. Which Japanese comic book is designed for adults and children?
  9. What word describes the career where ou have the freedom to make your own decisions?
  10. Which person is responsible for drawing the character, Ms. Marvel?
  1. shape shifter
  2. Asian
  3. Riri Williams
  4. poisoned
  5. hard-and-fast
  6. imbued
  7. bickering
  8. manga
  9. autonomous
  10. Adrian Alphono


IELTS Cue Card # Ways To Relax

There is so much work that we all do but when it is all work and no play we surely get tired easily. Most of the people, hence figure out a way to relax a bit. Let us today have a look at a cue card that talks about ways a person can relax.

Describe a way to relax that you find effective.

You should say:

  • what you do
  • where & when you usually do this
  • who you usually do it with

and explain why this is relaxing for you.

Sample Answer One

I really like taking short breaks while I am working. So, after having worked for almost like an hour, I would go out of my seat and walk a little bit here and there, drink water and just completely close my eyes for some time and be proud of myself for the work that I have done for an hour.

I do it almost for everything. So, it could be while I am playing or working or for that matter while I am studying. It is very important for me because I believe that having a ten minutes break in every hour, not only allows me to push myself harder, it also helps me not to get drained by the kind of work that I do.

I am a software engineer and doing the relaxing thing makes me more committed and focused towards the work. Although, people go out and relax with their friends, I prefer doing this activity alone, so I have no one to talk to and can completely feel good about peace and silence and just go back to work with new mind.

The reason it works for me is because, I am not that sort of a person who can work a lot. But, then I have got dreams which I need to get fulfilled. This every hour break makes me feel as if I am having my quality time and I am able to relax a bit here and there. This allows me not to be exhausted or over whelmed by the work that I do.

ways to relax

Sample Answer Two

I love relaxing after a tiring day but for me the best way to relax is by playing badminton. So, every day after I have finished my work I go out to play badminton with my friends. It is almost exciting and relaxing because to be able to play the game well it is very important for me to forget about whatever has happened in the entire day and focus on what is happening at the present.

This exercise not only makes me good because it is a kind of physical activity but also refreshes because there is so much of mental activity involved in it. And then I with my friends take up those silly competitions, like who is going to win, how long can we play and things like where to hit the target. It is amazing and makes me feel good and prepared for the other day.

Also, when I am playing, it makes me feel as if I am having both, work life balance which helps me go out and do my work in a better way. Because, after the work I know that I do have time for myself and I can enjoy with my friends.

The reason I love it is because apart from just whiling away my time, I am actually doing a physical and a mental activity and it helps me to be able to remain fit and work better.


IELTS Letter Sample Question # Issues in Museum


You went to a museum with an elderly friend of yours last week and found some issues in museum. However, she/he found it difficult to walk around in the museum and figure out things. Write a letter to the manager and say whom

  • did you visit the museum with?
  • what problems or inconvenience did she or he face?
  • suggest a solution that will enhance the museum experience for the elderly people.
Dear Sir/Madam,
We have had an immense pleasure in visiting your museum over the last few years. It was because of this reputation that I invited my grandfather and his friends to visit the museum.It was very obvious to me that they will love it.
However, it is quite disheartening for me to tell you that there were a couple of issues they faced.Firstly, there is no order or story to the things displayed in the museum. This made it very difficult for them to grasp the basic concept of a particular thing displayed.
Secondly, there is very little help available. My grandfather wanted to go to the toilet but could not find it and when we tried seeking out help, all we got were some confusing answers.
I believe it will be better if the items displayed in the museum have a story to tell making it easier to understand the significance of the things displayed. Even more, since the space in the museum is too large, having people to help the elderly in finding things will surely increase the visitors.
Dear Sir/Madam,
Last week I was visited by my grandparents and their friends. To make their stay comfortable, I planned an evening with them in your museum. Initially, the thought of the museum did excite them, adding to which was the reputation that your museum holds.
However, with quite a dissatisfaction, I need to tell you that the services in your museum have detoriated over the years. Firstly, there are not many things to offer in the canteen. For an elderly person, there are only two options available, tea and coffee. Things like juice or fruits or for that matter, simple things like dosa ain’t there. This makes exploring the museum very difficult for the elders.
Secondly, there are not many bits of help available. We roamed for around 20 minutes before we could actually locate the toilet in the museum.
I believe these are not major concerns for the young people. However, when looking at the perspective of the elderly, these do become big issues. Hope that you will work on them.
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