IELTS Speaking Cue card: a piece of furniture you have in your house

IELTS Speaking Cue card: a piece of furniture you have in your house

Describe a piece of furniture you have in your home.
You should say:
• What kind it is and what you use it for
• What materials it is made of
• How the piece of furniture was chosen for your home
• And explain how you feel about this piece of furniture.

Sample Answer

My house is fully equipped with indoor and outdoor furniture. Today, I’m going to talk about my study table.
This table is in my bedroom. It’s a brand new piece of furniture and is probably very expensive. It’s a large table with two shelves to keep books. It has a separate drawer for keeping a laptop and small electronic devices. It even incorporates an inbuilt LED bulb for late night reading. I don’t exactly know what material it is made of but I think it’s made of oak.
I received it as a present from my parents on my last birthday. My mum is very selective. She must have visited many furniture showrooms before buying this modern, unique piece of furniture for my room.
I love the design of this table. It’s just perfect. It has transformed the appearance of my room. In fact, this table has made me more organized. Everyone who visits me appreciates the table for its brilliant quality. They even ask about the place from where it was bought. At this point of time, I can say that I’ll keep this table for my life. Even if I move to a new place, I’ll get it transported carefully.


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IELTS Cue Card Sample Questions # Preferred Books

Books are a man’s best friend after dogs. Well, when nothing seems to work out the one thing that saves most of us are books. Some people like to read books that are biographies, or sometimes fiction, then non-fiction. Each individual has their own choice and this time we are looking at a cue card that talks about the preference of books of an individual.

Describe what kind of books you prefer reading. You should say –

  • why do you like this genre?
  • when did you first started reading?
  • how did you start reading this genre?

also, explain if not this genre, which one else do you to read?


Books have been my favorite part of life for a long time. They have helped me to understand life better, take me out of depression at a time and made me laugh. I started reading autobiographies initially and went on to read fiction and then non-fiction. Having read the different genres, I have loved the autobiographies the most.

I think the main reason for my inclination towards autobiographies is because of the reason that I am able to relate to the people that it is about. For example, I already have read about Mahatma Gandhi, his deeds, the reason he is celebrated all over the country. Reading his autobiographies tell me the reasons for what he did. How he came into satyagraha. His opinion on how people reacted to his actions.

The first autobiography that I read was by mistake. I wanted to read something and could not find anything and ended up taking the autobiography of Mahatma Gandhi. Having read the book, I thanked God for the book. But, if not autobiographies, I think I would have definitely read non-fiction.


Books have always been tough for me to hold grasp of. Reading a book for a course also requires a lot of my attention and willpower. For a very long time, the only books that I read were the course books but a few years back I chanced upon reading a book by Khalid Hosseini, The Kite Runner. That book changed my perspective on book reading for a real sense. It made an impact on me as an individual.

Since then I have read a lot of books, including fictions, non-fiction, and autobiographies. But the one genre that has struck a chord with me has been the fiction , other times the world of wars. It also sometimes takes me to the world of terrorism or the world of education. Fiction, the one genre that opens up the minds of individuals to an extent of no coming back.

But, if it was not fiction then I would have stuck with comics I believe. I have tried reading auto biographies and semi-biographies, but they do not connect with me well. My reason for reading comics has always been to either enjoy them or get a meaning out of them. Comics on the other hand provide me with both. They not only give me the reason to be happy but also help in understanding the real life in a better way.


IELTS Cue Card Sample Questions # Teaching

Teaching is considered to be one of the most respectable jobs all over the world. We often consider our teachers to be our guides, the ones who would help us in our future endeavors. Better are those teachers who not only teach their students but also help them to have a better overall person. This time we are looking at a cue card that talks about the time when you were instead a teacher.

Describe an experience when you taught someone something. You should say –

  • whom did you teach?
  • what did you teach?
  • why did you teach?

also, explain, how you felt about the entire experience.


When I first started to teach, it was purely for money. I was in college and in dire need of money and so started teaching children living near my house. But, my first attempt at teaching students failed miserably and I had no other option than to wait. After around few months, a boy started coming to learn from me. He was a student of Class VII and I had to teach him Math and Science.

Teaching him changed a lot of perspective about how things are for me. It made me more patient and I started thinking from the perspective of the other person. Teaching Abhinav, was more like teaching my brother. He would come up with his questions and then sometimes we would solve riddles together.

It was after I started to teach him that two more students joined in and it was great fun teaching. I made really good friends and they love and respect they bestowed on me was incredible.


I have always have wanted to teach a girl child for as long as possible. Recently, I started teaching the girl of the maid who comes in a nearby house. She is a girl of 9 years but her parents are not able to afford a good school for her. Teaching her is an amazing experience altogether, not only because it is the first time I am teaching only for the joy of teaching. But, because, she and I do not share a common language but still are able to communicate at a level of understanding.

I have been explaining her the basics of education. From reading to writing the alphabets. It has been around 3 months that I have taught her and she is now able to write the basic alphabets and recognize few words. The purest of joy came to me when she read an article from newspaper to me. The reason I started to teach her was that I wanted to share my knowledge base with someone because I felt it is important for everyone to be able to read and write.

What turned out that this experience, in turn, taught me the values of life. It not only made me a more patient person but also the flaws that I have within me. In just a few months, I improved as a personality.



IELTS Cue Card Sample Answer # English Lesson

IELTS Cue Card Sample Answer # English Lesson

Learning is always more fun when someone teaches it brilliantly. Often students who stop studying are the ones who are not able to either connect with the teacher or the way of teaching. This time we are looking at a cue card that talks about an English lesson that the student enjoyed.
Talk about an English lesson you enjoyed. You should say –

  • who gave the lecture?
  • when did you attend?
  • where did you attend?

also, explain, why do you think the lecture was enjoyable?


School days have been a packet of good and bad memories for me. There were so many subjects and I did not enjoy studying all of them. My favorite was English. I liked the stories and the poems, the characters and how things evolved in them. But, the first time that I understood the joy of learning English was when Swatantra sir taught us. He was our English teacher in class 10th and has been one of the best teachers.

In one of his lectures, he asked us to become the characters of the chapter and everyone had a role to play in it. Coming on stage was very difficult for all of us and then saying those lines, even more. When some of us learned the lines of the chapter, he taught us the art of feeling and expressions.

The lecture is still imprinted in not only my mind but the minds of many others because it taught us that learning has to be fun and it is not about being able to answer those questions in exams but also about understanding the concepts. One of the main reasons it was enjoyable was because it involved all of us.


The corporate world is amazing and just like any other world, the initial years are the best years of it. When I joined a corporate company in my country, they provided us with the initial 6 months of training. In those training days, we were not only taught the technology part but also the soft skills. In one of the lectures, a woman came into our room and asked what we thought of her.

To all our surprise, we had no answers and she went on to say that often we do not express ourselves in order to avoid offending other people. Moving on, she divided our entire class into four parts and held a quiz. We had grammar quiz, vocabulary quiz, authors quiz and so much more. When the session got completed, she said, well this all that I had to teach you.

The reason I enjoyed the lecture was that we could find out what we already know. There was more of learning than repeating. For example, most of us knew what noun is and so there was no point in her teaching that. It was this smartness of her that really made a mark on me. More importantly, we all were starting our careers, the initial years and she said when she was about to leave, work hard but do not forget to enjoy life. She taught us self-confidence and the true way of leading life.


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