IELTS Cue Card Sample Questions # Colleague

Most of our lives, we are surrounded by people. No matter the kind of personality that we have, extrovert or introvert, we often need to interact with people. This time we are looking at a cue card that talks about a person you work or study with.

You have one minute to prepare your notes.

Describe a person you work/study with. You should say –
  • who is that person?
  • how did you meet him or her?
  • what do you like and dislike in the person?

also, explain, how has the person an impact on your life?


I have been working for a multinational company for past two years and working there gave me an opportunity to meet a multitude of people. People from different regions, traits and ambitions. There are few friends that I made and many colleagues I am on good terms with. I would like to talk about Sourabh, my senior under whom I worked for almost one and a half year. He was my manager and also my confidant.

He has been one of the best persons I have met through my career till now.  What I really admire about him are his ethics. He has a very strong value system. I remember a few months ago, he was talking to his friend and in the conversation, told him that parents are the most important people in our lives. He is the kind of a person who lives and let live. I really admire his humour. Even in the toughest of times when the entire team has succumbed, I have seen him smiling and handling things better.

The only times I remember not being able to connect with him well is when he had to do things he might not have done personally, just because of professional pressure. Sourabh unknowingly has been a great mentor for me through my working days. In times of troubles, I have always found myself thinking what if Sourabh was in my position, and things have really gone well for me.


multitude – a large number of people or things.

confidant – a person with whom one shares a secret or private matter, trusting them not to repeat it to others.

ethics – moral principles that govern a person’s behaviour or the conducting of an activity.

succumbed – fail to resist pressure, temptation, or some other negative force.


I am a student currently in my High School and have few close friends with a spirit of companionship with almost all. Out of all the people, the one person I spend most of my time is, Vipula. She has been one of the finest people I have met throughout my school years. We met by chance on our school bus. We shared the same route for our house and one day sat in the same seat. Being new to the school, both of us did not have many friends and in the moments of aloofness, gelled well.

She is a basketball champion by now and teaches me biology. I help her with Math and we are hoping to have better scores in our High school. What I really like about her is she always finds happiness. Even in the darkest of her times, I have rarely seen her falling. Her favourite quote being, if I can solve the problem, what is the issue. If I cannot solve it, then also.

But, sometimes she tries to handle all of it alone and it does bring issues between us. Vipula has been one of those important people who has taught me the importance of teamwork and being calm. She is truly a gem in my life.


companionship – a feeling of fellowship or friendship.


IELTS Cue Card Sample Questions # Recently Bought

We are living in the age of e-commerce and with the coming of internet service providers offering cheap internet charges, it has become so much more fun to buy things online. Even more, the economy of the country has seen an upsurge and the living standards of so many people has risen from what was earlier. In times when people have become more shopaholic they ever, we are looking at a cue card that talks about an item that you recently bought and whether you liked it or not.

Describe something you bought recently. You should say –

  • what is it?
  • are you happy with it?
  • why did you buy it and for whom?

also, explain, how does it fit in your life?

Recently Bought Cue Card


E-commerce has come a few years back and changed the way we shopped, at least it has done for me. Recently, I bought a camera online. For a few months, I had been doing my research on the different cameras and found Nikon D5300 a really nice choice. I bought it from Flipkart and it arrived in really good condition. On the first day of its arrival, my friends and us, we all went hitchhiking along the streets of Delhi. We began with Chandani Chowk and then Rashtrapati Bhavan, moving on we went to Akshardham Temple and finally ended our day dancing at my friend’s house.

We clicked amazing photographs and made memories for life. The best thing about the camera was that it was really easy to use and very lightweight. For a very long time, I had enjoyed clicking photographs on other people’s camera and after working for an MNC, being able to buy one for me was a proud moment.

I had been planning on beginning a travel blog for a very long time. The coming of the DSLR had been perfect in my life. With it, not only was I able to click better photographs and learn the use of DSLR, I started getting really nice content for my blog. Looking back at it, sometimes I wonder how would have I done all of it without my camera!


e-commerce – commercial transactions conducted electronically on the Internet

research – the systematic investigation into and study of materials and sources in order to establish facts and reach new conclusions.

hitchhiking – travel by getting free lifts in passing vehicles.

MNC – a multinational corporation or company.

DSLR -: a digital camera that combines the optics and the mechanisms of a single-lens reflex camera with a digital imaging sensor.


IELTS Cue Card Sample Questions # Foreign Visit

Travelling is one experience that fills our souls and makes us realize so much more about ourselves and our surroundings. We as humans have been the barefoot walkers and searchers for as long as anyone can remember. Right from Napolean to Gandhi, it has always been our search for the unknown, the quest to find new lands and to search for new ways of living that have led us to evolve over a period of time. This time we are looking at a cue card that talks about a country a person would like to visit in the near future.

Describe a foreign country you would like to visit. You must say :

  • which country is it?
  • when would you like to visit?
  • what is the reason for visiting the country?

also, explain, how is it different from your homeland?


Visiting a foreign land has always been on my checklist and it was recently when I had the resources to visit a foreign country. Through extensive searching, all thanks to Google, I have decided to visit Ireland in the near future. Ireland is an island in North Atlantic and is near to the United Kingdom. It is believed to be one of the safest countries to visit. Even more, over the years, I have heard so much about the Irish people that visiting the country and meeting its people is definitely something to look forward to.

What excites me the most is that Ireland has the smallest of the Aran Islands, Inisheer, which is, home to a population of just 250. It also has a state named Dublin which has as the Guinness Storehouse and Book of Kells. When I chose Ireland as my first place for international travel, I was fascinated by the people and the culture of the country. It was the first country to have found the potato and being a potato lover added up.

Ireland and India, are different in terms of culture, the people but we do share the same historic bond. Rebellions in Ireland in the past have motivated people in my country to fight for freedom as well. I hope I am able to plan better and enjoy a harmonious stay in Ireland.


Travelling to a new country is altogether a new experience. It teaches so much that one can never compare it to the side traveling that most people today. I have never been to a foreign country but would like to visit Britain or the United Kingdom sometime in future. Great Britain has ruled our country for over 200 years and I have always known the side of us. But, it really interests me in knowing the other side of the coin.

What history exactly Britain holds and how is our country portrayed now in Britain. I would like to visit the Buckingham Palace and the very famous London Eye. Also, there is the Oxford University which I would love to visit. Over a period of time, there are many English movies that I have seen with the background of United Kingdom and I would love to see the countryside of UK.

There are so many more sites I would love to visit the Roman Baths and maybe take a stroll in the Warner Bros Studio. Britain has been a country with a vast difference from India. From the colonial times till date, there are many cultural differences there and I have known the impact of Britishers in India. This time I would love to see how Indians had an impact on the culture of England.


IELTS Speaking Cue card: A foreign city you would like to visit

IELTS Speaking Cue card

Describe a foreign city you would like to visit
You should say:

  • its name
  • how and when you would go there
  • who you would go with
  • and explain why you would like to visit this city

Sample Answer

I love traveling and exploring new places. Today, I’m going to talk about a foreign city I wish to visit. It’s London, the capital of United Kingdom.  Since London is about 7000 km from my hometown, the only viable modes of transport to reach there are water and air. If I were to choose between these two modes, I’d prefer a flight because it’ll take less time as compared to a cruise. From safety and economic points of view as well, I think going by air is definitely the better option.

Talking about the time when I’ll go to London, I haven’t yet decided, maybe in summer this year. I don’t know who I’d take with me but it would probably be some people that are close to me, I feel that visiting a new place is more fun if you’re with your family or friends. I’ll have a word with my parents and friends, whoever wants to come with me is welcome.

Coming to the many reasons why I want to visit London, I guess the main reason would be my fascination with history and art. You see, London is one of the oldest multicultural cities in the world. I’ve read about the changes which transformed this city into a center of history, art, business, and education through many of its conquests of the world. And thus, London is home to world-class museums and art galleries, all having a different and unique story behind them.

Other than that London also happens to have the oldest underground railway system in the world. To visit the most popular tourist attractions of London has been on my bucket list for a long time. These include the London Bridge, National Art Gallery, and the British Museum. I’ve heard that the bakeries in London are some of the best out there. I’d love to see what they have to offer.


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