IELTS Listening Sample Questions # Clock

Time and tide wait for none. However, in this century, people have become obsessed with time to an extent that most people do everything at the correct time. We can see clocks in our phone, computers, bus stands and almost everywhere. Although some people believe that it is important to be on time and respect time, there are others of the opinion that one must function according to their internal clocks. This time, we are listening to a BBC podcast on time.

Listen to the audio below and answer questions in NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS – 

  1. What is the most common noun in the English language according to Oxford Dictionary?
  2. What was the word clock originally referred to as?
  3. Which word describes the stick that swings regularly from side to side?
  4. What is the round part of the clock called?
  5. Which word can be used for something that is accurate?
  6. Which phrase is used for limiting yourself from doing things that in turn can be damaging?
  7. What is the silent instrument that does not have bell called?
  1. time
  2. bell
  3. pendulum
  4. dial
  5. precise
  6. straitjacket
  7. timepiece

IELTS Listening Sample Answer # Heritage Site

The audio has been taken from BBC 6 minutes English.

You can even download the audio from the given link –


Answer the following questions in NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS

  1. Where is the Great Barrier Reef present?
  2. Which term is used to refer to sites which are considered to be at risk and need protection?
  3. Which term is used to refer to things society considers important for history and culture?
  4. Where is Grand Canyon present?
  5. Which sea creature is considered a potential threat to the Great Barrier Reef ecosystem?
  6. What is the process of extracting coal or other minerals from ground called?
  7. Which term is used to refer to the tourism that is designed to have a low impact on the local culture and environment of the place? Sustainable tourism
  8. How does Paul Crocombe do describes the Great Barrier Reef?
  9. Which word is used to refer to something that is active and capable of changing?
  10. Which word is used to refer to the ability to recover or adapt to change?


  1. Australia
  2. World heritage site
  3. Heritage
  4. United States
  5. Star fish
  6. Mining
  7. Sustainable tourism
  8. Dynamic and Resilient
  9. Dynamic
  10. Resilience

IELTS Listening Sample Questions # Vegan

We all are troubled by global warming and know that it is impacting us and certainly there are steps that we are taking to ensure that its effects can be reduced. Apart from the usual things, there are some unconventional ways showed by the top-notch universities to help reduce global warming. This time we are listening to a BBC podcast on reducing the effects of global warming by becoming vegan.

Listen to the audio below and answer the following questions in NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS.

  1. By what percent can the emissions be reduced if people become vegetarians?
  2. What gases are produced by an activity or living things?
  3. From the given choices, which celebrity is not a vegan?
  4. Which word relates well to moral beliefs?
  5. Which word describes animals like cows and pigs?
  6. What is the noun form of a vegan diet?
  7. What is the number of deaths that can be avoided if the world went vegan?
  8. Which word describes a land which is dry and unable to support crops?
  9. Which community in the Sahara region depends on livestock?
  1. 70%
  2. emissions
  3. Jennifer Lopez
  4. ethical
  5. livestock
  6. Veganism
  7. 8 million
  8. arid
  9. Berbers

IELTS Listening Sample Questions # Self-Help

We are living in the most competitive era, where it is either be the best or let it go. In this rush, people have become more stressful and often lead dramatic lives. It is only recently, that everyone is being motivated to read books and do things for their help. Some refer them to as self-help books. This time we are listening to a BBC podcast on self-help.

Listen to the audio below and answer following questions in NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS.

  1. What are the ways in which an individual improves himself or herself without seeking help called?
  2. What is the worth of self-help industry in the US alone?
  3. Which self-help book was published first? a) how to win friends and influence people b) think and grow rich c)the law of attraction
  4. What is something which is new and popular for some time called?
  5. What is something that makes you feel more relaxed called?
  6. Going strength to strength means what?
  7. What are the people born in the mid-1980s and early 2000 called?
  8. What term is used by Caroline Beaton to refer to millennials?
  9. Which word is used for something that is getting smaller and less influential?
  1. self-help
  2. $10 billion
  3. a
  4. trend
  5. therapeutic
  6. remain strong
  7. millennials
  8. self-critical
  9. dwindling
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