IELTS Listening Sample Questions # Smart Phones

Smart Phones are the rage of the world currently! They are the ones that are defining things around and almost everyone is using them! Smartphones have changed the way people act or react, the way things are being done and everything around! They have changed how people take photographs and listen to music. This time, we are looking at a BBC listening module that talks about smart phones.

Listen to the audio below and answer the following questions –

  1.  When was the first digital camera introduced?
  2.  Who is the editor of Tech Radar magazine?
  3.  Which expression is used to describe a big fall in sales?
  4. Which expression is used to explain that you have chosen something over something else?
  5.  What expression is used to show that you are disappointed with something?
  6. Which expression is used to show that you are becoming interested in something?
  7. What expression does the author use to show that something is moving at a higher level?


  1.  2000
  2. Phil Hall
  3. dropped off a cliff
  4. opt for
  5. frustrated
  6. getting into
  7. taking the next rung up

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IELTS Listening Sample Questions # Street Food

The world is changing and it is evolving in ways that no one could have ever thought about! The one thing that has changed the most is the way we eat food. Gone are the times when people enjoyed eating food in their homes, the generation that we live in has shifted their focus from the daily foods to the street foods! The one food that is easily available. This time we are looking at the BBC listening module that talks about the emergence of street food in our lives.
street food ielts band7 dehradun
Listen to the audio below and answer the following questions –

  1. Recently archaeologists in Jordan discovered what they believed is the oldest remains of bread. How old is the bread?
  2. From which location does Mark Laurie belongs to?
  3. What is the word for the part of country outside of the cities?
  4. Which word is used to mean that the growth of something has been spectacular?
  5. What word is used for something that becomes successful and popular?
  6. Which word is used to refer to something that is no longer unusual or different?
  7. Which word does Mark Laurie uses to refer to street food?


  1. 14000
  2. nationwide caterers association
  3. provinces
  4. phenomenal
  5. takes off
  6. mainstream
  7. authentic

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IELTS Listening Sample Questions # Fathers

Fathers are the most important individual in our lives! They are the ones that teach us so many things, stand by us in our hardest of our times and help us to grow in the best possible way! This time we are looking at the IELTS listening sample question that talks about Fathers. The audio has been taken from BBC 6 minutes English. Listen to the audio below and answer the following questions in NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS

  1. According to recent research in the UK, what percentage of men are present when their children are born?
  2. Who is the author of the book “The Life of Dad”?
  3. How many reasons are mentioned by Anna Machin for men to become fathers?
  4. Which term is used when you have to tell that someone is not very enthusiastic about something?
  5. Which phrase is used to say that you are doing something even when you are not interested in doing it?
  6. What term does the speaker uses to refer to the fact that you agree that something is true even if you are perhaps ashamed of it or do not want to do it?
  7. Which term is used for a father whose main communication with their children is to give them strict rules or to punish them?
  8.  What term is used for fathers who are involved with their children and share bringing up their children with their parents?


  1. 95%
  2. Anna Machin
  3. three
  4. not keen
  5. going along with
  6. admit
  7. disciplinarian
  8. hands-on



IELTS Cue Card # You know who is a good cook

IELTS Cue Card # You know who is a good cook

Describe someone you know who is a good cook.
You should say:
•  who this person is
•  how you know him or her
• what kinds of foods s/he cooks
and explain why this person is good at cooking.

Sample Answer :

To be honest, I’m a terrible cook. But I love eating and food acts as a major need and mood buster to me. I’m going to talk about my mom who is an amazing chef.

I have never enjoyed any meal in the world in a similar way that I enjoy the dishes made by my mother. She is a legendary cook and she has a huge popularity in the family for making delicious cuisines. She is also a pro in managing the kitchen and the kind of food she makes is amazing and worth trying. I always wonder that she secretly takes training for the same but in reality she actually learnt cooking after she got married and was in charge for cooking for the entire family. She is a chemical engineer by profession and she always had a knack for learning new and challenging things. My mother was born and raised in a suburban area and got married when she was 23 years old. She has effectively managed to maintain both her career and the household responsibilities in a prideful manner. Often family members and friends appreciate her cooking and I feel super proud of her.

She cooks effortlessly and I often wonder how does she manage to do it so swiftly. I’d rather say that it’s an artistic performance on display. In times of emergency or when we are visited by uninvited guests ,I have been astonished to find her cooking food in no time for the guests.

She loves cooking for the family and she regularly makes bread, rice, meats, fish, burgers, sweet-meats, curry etc. For the festivals she makes sweets, cakes, snacks, local and foreign cuisines. Apart from making Indian dishes she is well versed with knowledge to make various cuisines like Chinese, Thai, Italian and Mexican foods. Its always a fascination as to how she has learned those long and vivid menus as she has never travelled to those countries nor has taken any training in making any particular cuisine. She is the best chef that I know of.

Follow-up Questions:

Q1• What are the prospects of building a career as a cook in your country?
Ans India looks upon cooking as a very inferior job but with modernisation and the impact of several cooking shows inspired from foreign countries  cooking is gaining prestige and I think with time it will come out as a worthy profession in due time.

Q2• What special dishes you want to taste? Why?
Ans I wish to taste the local pizza’s and several Mexican cuisines as I really wonder what the actual taste would be like. As a foreign cuisine what we get to eat in India is but a version of the same which is fitted and modified to fit the taste buds of the locals.

Q3• What traditional food you would like your foreigner friends to try?
Ans I’d like my foreign friends to try out Dal-Batti, Churma and Dosa as they have an amazing taste and also come under the list of my own favourites. I feel Indians have a variety of cuisines and everything is worth a shot.

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