IELTS Essay Sample Questions # Economics of Tobacco

Tobacco is one big industry with its claws spread all over the world. Although there is no denying on the negative health concerns that tobacco consumption raises, we in a long run have not seen any ban. The primary reason is the benefits the tobacco industry contributes towards the world’s economic growth and is a prime source of income for many forgotten livelihoods. This time we are looking at an IELTS essay sample answer on the economics of tobacco.

You should spend 40 minutes on this task. 

Despite its negative health effects, the tobacco industry remains an important part of the economy of many nations. Discuss.

You should write at least 250 words.


Tobacco is one of the leading causes of death across the world, causing death ranging from cancer to ischemic heart diseases among many others. Despite its negative health effects, the tobacco industry is beneficial to the global economy at primary, secondary and tertiary level. Firstly, it provides a source of income to the otherwise poor families in rural areas. Secondly, it is a livelihood for many small businessmen and the street vendors in the country. The tobacco industry has an appalling negative impact on the society but its economic contribution cannot be neglected.

Tobacco is the main source for many livelihoods living in many countries around the world. It requires less fertile soil on the farm or region and produces better results from tobacco per unit land. In addition, growing tobacco gives way to the successful production of other crops along with animal rearing.

Even more, the tobacco industry is also a source of income for many street vendors in big cities. Most vendors serve tea, newspaper etc along with tobacco to ensure higher income. Also, there are bars and restaurants that serve different forms of tobacco for profit margins.

Moreover, tobacco industry also benefits the government from the foreign exchange when exporting it to other countries. For instance, Brazil earns around 2% from exporting tobacco to the world.

Overall, the tobacco industry has laid down its root in our systems giving the society certain monetarily benefits. However, a cumulative effort from within the society and government to channelize the economy in a way that dependence on tobacco industry can be minimised, both of individuals and society is the need of the hour.


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A friend had a new born baby, you have picked up a present for the baby and want to visit your friend to give it to him/her. Write a letter including the following points:

  • Congratulate your friend
  • Tell him why you picked up the mentioned present
  • Suggest arrangements for the visit

Write at least 150 words.

Sample Answer

Dear Megha,

I got the wonderful news of your baby girl’s birth. So, our lovely princess is finally with us. I saw her pictures on Instagram. She is really adorable.

I extend my heartiest congratulations to you, your husband and the entire family. I’m sure that her arrival will bring a lot of happiness and fortune in the family. I just can’t wait to see her. I have already bought a gift for her. I checked out several items and then finally selected a carrycot as I found it quite useful for the little one. You can carry the baby in it while going out or even at home to soothe her with the toys hanging in the cot.

Finally, I’m planning to visit you next Friday, the 5th of October, at around 4 pm. So, please let me know if it is convenient to you. In case, you have any other plan for Friday, I can come later as well.

Yours lovingly,



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IELTS Essay: Too much focus on academic subjects: reasons and effects

IELTS Essay: Too much on academic subjects: reasons and effects

Write about the following topic:
Schools these days focus too much on academic subjects rather than sports.
What are the reasons behind this trend and how it affects children?
Write at least 250 words.
You should spend 40 minutes on this task.

Sample Answer

Educational institutions today are putting a lot of emphasis on academic achievements of students. This essay will look at the reasons behind this growing inclination towards academics and its subsequent effects on school children.

One of the main reasons is the parental pressure. Parents believe that in the times of cut-throat competition, academic achievements alone can promise a secure future.   Nowadays, employers assess young applicants on the basis of their marks and skills. Students with a higher percentage are often given preference over weak performers. Parents therefore pressurise their kids to do well in studies.

Another reason is that outstanding results of students give a school an edge over others. Results have become a parameter which parents consider while getting their children enrolled in a particular institute. Moreover, majority of the schools these days lack sufficient open space for outdoor sports like badminton, cricket and football etc. If they focus primarily on educational outcomes, they can cover-up this shortcoming without compromising their monetary benefits. This scenario is particularly true in Asian countries.

The enormous pressure exerted by the unduly high expectations of schools and parents has a detrimental effect on the overall development of young children. It not only renders them physically unfit but also makes them mentally overworked. Many of them lose their interest in studies and a few may even drop out of school if they cannot handle it. What is more, in the long run, students still remain unprepared for the real world of employment. They lack presentation as well as communication skills which cannot be solely developed by bookish knowledge.

All in all, the focus of schools towards academics can be attributed to parental pressure, lack of space for sports and other activities and bright business prospects it offers to these institutes. However, it hampers the rounded development of pupils. I personally feel that instead of weighing all children on the same scale, individual differences should be respected and strengths be recognized in order to make them shine.

Writer: Paramdeep Kaur


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IELTS General Letter: Delaying college course

You have received the offer letter for a course you were interested in. But, You are unable to accept the offer now. Write a letter to the principal of the college. Include the following in your letter:

  • Which course you had applied for
  • Why you cannot accept the offer
  • Ask about the availability of future courses

Write at least 150 words.

Sample Answer

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am Parag Dutta. I had applied for the Master’s in Social Work (MSW) course in your college. Yesterday, I received a letter of acceptance for the same. I am writing to apologize for not being able to start this course immediately and to discuss its future availability.

I am very keen to pursue a Master’s program in Social Work. It would greatly boost my career growth. But, work commitments have interrupted my plan of studies. I have been working with a Non-governmental Organization for the past 3 years.  Recently, we have started an overseas project. I am a member of the team and I have to go to Sri Lanka for at least 6 months.

Since this course starts in July and I am supposed to leave for Sri Lanka in the first week of August, it is not feasible for me to start it right now. Anyway, please let me know if I could join it after February, 2018 as I will be back by then.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully
Parag Dutta


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