IELTS Cue Card # Famous Person

IELTS Cue Card # Famous Person

Describe a famous person you would like to meet.
You should say:

  • who is he/ she
  • why do you want to meet him/ her
  • why he is famous
  • and explain what would you do if you meet him/ her.

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There are more than seven billion people on this planet and not everyone is well known. Famous people are all over the world and we all like to follow them and know about them. Although there are quite a few personalities that I follow, one individual that I am a big fan of is Kailash Satyarthi. He is a social activist who has been working against atrocities committed in the society and has pledged his life towards the eradication of child labour.
He is a Nobel Peace Prize winner of the year 2014 and is the founder of the organisation called Bachpan bachao andolan (BBA) which translates to “Save Childhood movement”. He founded the organisation in late 1990’s and has been working as a socialite ever since. As we know committing crime is very easy in our country and due to poverty and lack of education millions of kids are forced to work when they should be at school and enjoying their childhood. A learned man, Satyarthi is a chemical engineer by profession. He left his lucrative career and he has liberated more than 80,000 child labours since he took the initiative.
In these modern times where the world is so selfish it is very difficult to come across a man who has done so much for the society without thinking about himself. It would be a great honour to meet a man of such stature and magnitude who has received so many accolades and awards for his relentless humanitarian work. His approach to life and selfless attitude is something that never fails to amaze me. He is a true hero and an inspiration for millions in my country.


There have been many personalities I have followed but the one that has truly made an impact on my life has to be Oprah Winfrey. I believe she is a true example of how following your dreams can let you live a meaningful life. Being raped as a child and told that it is her duty to do the household work, she did not let these negativities hold her back. The fact that she believed that she is meant to be successful is what amazes me the most. The reason I really want to meet her is because

She signifies to be as a person who does not think of the issues ahead, rather the great work that needs to be done. This makes it so much more intimidating to meet her. And what I have learned about her is that she has actually lived a balanced life. I wish to learn from her the way of balancing the life and making difference in other people’s life.

I think the day I meet her I would ask her five advice for my life because I do trust that they will be great ones!


If there ever is a famous person I would like to meet, it has to be Raghuram Rajan. He has been one of the most successful RBI governors our country had. Even more, he became the Economic Counselor and Director of Research of the International Monetary Fund, the youngest ever. What made all eyes turning to him is his prediction of the 2008 global crisis.

I am not an economist and neither do understand it well. But I really wish to understand what goes inside one of the most brilliant minds of our country. He has been one of those people who has actually allowed the economy of our country to boost. Over time, we all have seen that when his advice was given consideration, there were losses prevented. However, when they were avoided, we have paid the price.

I want to meet him and know his opinion on our country and what he thinks is the right thing for our country. There is something in me that tells that we as young people should definitely do for our country. I would like to interact with him and know how doing what I love can I do something for my country.



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IELTS Essay # Identity theft is increasing

IELTS Essay # Identity theft is increasing

In many countries, financial crime involving identity theft is increasing. What are the causes of this trend, and what effect does identity theft have on the victims involved? Give reasons for your answer, and provide ideas and examples from your own experience.
You should spend about 40 minutes on this question. You should write at least 250 words.

Sample Answer

There is no doubt that identity fraud is a great concern, especially in western countries where people are most at risk. I think there are two main causes, and a number of damaging effects.
Firstly, the major cause is probably the almost universal use of digital technology to store financial data and undertake financial transactions. It is surprisingly easy for criminals to obtain personal information about a possible victim and then to use this information to impersonate the target. Because bank accounts and loans can be applied for digitally, without the need for face-to-face contact, the criminals are able to apply for financial products remotely, often before the victim is even aware of the attack. The second key cause is, the increasing probability of ‘traditional’ crimes (such as armed robbery, mugging or burglary) being detected. When criminals see the widespread use of CCTV, DNA profiling and fingerprinting, they are less inclined to indulge in such old-fashioned crimes. Rather, they prefer the lower risk and more profitable use of data-based crimes.
The effects on the unfortunate victims can be quite devastating. Firstly, there is the loss of money from bank accounts or by being connected to a fraudulent loan. In some cases, this can take years for the victim to pay back or resolve with the banks and the authorities. Secondly, there is the damage to their credit rating, which means they may find it impossible to obtain legitimate credit in future. In extreme cases, people’s employment prospects can even be damaged as well, as they find themselves considered as a financial risk.
Overall, the presence of technology and the decline of ‘traditional’ crimes are the key causes behind this trend. The effects on the victims involve long-term financial hardship in many instances. (292 Words)


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Write a letter to one of your classmates and invite him to a class reunion. You should include the following in your letter
– when and where the party is
– give some details about what is going to happen at the party
– tell him/her what you have been doing recently
Write at least 150 words.

Sample Answer

Dear Gagan,

I believe you receive this letter in pink health and high spirit. I’m writing to invite you for a reunion party on next Sunday, 12th May, at Den’s Cafeteria in Defence Colony, Dehradun.
It’s been 6 years since we completed our graduation. Sadly, most of us haven’t met each-other for a long time. Everyone got busy with their careers and personal life after college, making it difficult to stay in touch with fellow students.
It’s quite understandable. Life is very demanding these days. Having a fine balance between work and personal life is almost impossible. I’ve been working as an assistant professor in Graphic Era University, Dehradun for the past 3 years. Final exams are just over and I thought of using this opportunity to organize a small reunion party for all our batchmates.
I have made all the arrangements which include a few games, followed by dance and dinner. We shall reach the venue by 6 pm and then enjoy together till late. I hope this time is convenient to you.
See you on the 12th of May!

Yours lovingly


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IELTS Cue Card Sample Answer # Important Decision

Describe an important decision that you made in your life :

You should say :

  •  what the decision was
  • when did you took it
  • what was the result of the decision and whether it was a good choice

explain why it is an important decision or choice for you?

Sample Answer of Cue Card:

We all make certain decision in life and those are the ones that shape our lives. I took that life changing decision when I was in class 10th. The city that I did my high school did not had many schools and I decided that I would do my further studies from a big city because that is where I wanted to be. So, I landed myself in Dehradun. I remember at that time I just wanted to go out, explore myself and do things. What followed after that were a series of wrong decisions made.

I chose the wrong school and made friends that did not do much benefit to me. It was that time that I became numb, feeling almost nothing and landed myself into many troubles. My parents had the most tough years of bringing me up and I remember thinking of myself as a complete failure. Two years later, when I landed myself into a college did things started changing and the final change took place when I got a job at a MNC.

 Important Decision

It is now that I realize that no matter how the decision rolled out to be, no matter how the tough time it led me to, I now can make better decisions now. I do understand the importance of opportunities and hard work and realize that it is important to have a balance in life to be able to succeed.

The reason I think the decision was important because it taught me a lot of things and what amazes me the most is that the things that it did taught are ones that many elder to me don’t know. It is in those moments that I feel I have become wiser, do make mistakes but it has helped me in becoming more confident in life, more able to take risks and live life in my own terms and conditions.

Related Questions for Speaking Section-3

How parents’ decisions affect their children’s life?

Parents decision do shape the child’s life to a certain extent and I believe that in some cases it is the parent’s decision that explain why the child chooses to live life like that. Even more it is not possible for a child to take his or her decision and it is the decisions of parents that the child follows. If the parent take decisions that make a child dull or boring, there is no fault of the child. However, there are parents who teach children to take decisions and I believe it is a great thing to do.

What important things do you consider while taking a big decision?

Funnily enough, the most important decisions of my life are the ones which I did not thought a bit about. These were the decisions I just felt like doing them, and did it. Initially, I was told that I am idiot taking decision in such a manner but now I have realized that taking decision in this manner means I do take them from heart and for some reasons it knows what exactly to do.

When taking a big decision, I try to figure out every right and wrong about it. It is lot of brainstorming, the people around me and myself. I like to talk to people who have been in the same position as me, the ones who have done that. Then, I go on and talk to my parents about it. But, finally it is more of what I feel is right because I think it is good to listen to head because it tells the most rational things to do but finally I am a believer of heart and do things that my heart thinks are right.


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