Fly to Canada on a Study Visa* during Pandemic – Support Letter

Fly to Canada on a Study Visa* during Pandemic – Support Letter

Airport officials and Immigration officers are asking for a Support Letter. This letter is issued by the relevant College/University authorities and includes all student information by which one will get permission to board their pre-booked flight.

The four main features of a Support Letter are as follows:

1. Student name, program enrollment and fee submission status.

2. Online enrollment status.

3. Reasons for necessary travel. Some relevant points are given as follows:

-Bad internet connectivity: having insufficient bandwidth available to properly attend online classes.

-Electricity Issues: unreliable power supply leading to frequent power cuts and outages.

-Time Zone Issues: inability to study online due to very large time zone differences.

4. 14 day Quarantine Period: mentioning that one will be self quarantining for 14 days along with details of where the planned stay will be, in a hotel or with relatives, is a crucial aspect of the Support Letter. 

Please remember to make a Departure File as well, this should include all the other relevant documents required by the airport officials when they ask for it.

In the current circumstances it is recommended to arrive 5-6 hours early so as to overcome long queues and smoothly complete all formalities such as check-ins or immigration.

Best wishes to everyone who is going study in Canada, have a safe journey. 



*Terms and Conditions apply: Study Visa should have been issued prior to 18th March 2020.

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