IETLS Essay # socialize online rather than face to face

IETLS Essay # socialize online rather than face to face

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Write at least 250 words.

Nowadays, more people are choosing to socialize online rather than face to face. Is this a positive or negative development?

Sample Answer:

Nowadays the trend of socialising online is increasing day by day. People do not like to meet others in person and prefer meeting online. I strongly believe that this is a negative development.

There are different problems that can arise from people socialising online. Firstly, it can lead to depression. In the name of communication, technology is creating a gap between humans. Meeting online lacks intimacy while meeting someone in person makes the relationship stronger and long-lasting. Physical proximity relieves stress as whenever one is feeling emotionally down, a warm hug can make them feel better which is not possible online. It is human tendency to have face to face interaction with others, which makes them feel better and cures depression.

The second negative is that it is risky in terms of security. People make fake identities on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and trap innocent people. This type of cybercrime is most popular in developing countries, where such criminals are mostly involved in human trafficking. Cyber bullying is also a major issue, as the person on the other side of the screen can misuse one’s chats and bully them. Apart from that hacking personal information also puts an individual’s security into danger.

Finally, there are some health-related drawbacks due to online socialisation. Spending too much time on mobile phones and computers for socialising can lead to an unhealthy lifestyle which causes obesity. Increased screen time is the also the reason behind poor eyesight specially among teenagers. Apart from that it also affects brain capacity to focus and learn new things.

In conclusion, I would like to stick to my point of view that online conversations have changed the idea of socialising in a negative manner. (291 words)


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Essay # Isolation and lack of exercise among elderly people.

IELTS Writing Task-2 Essay

Some people say that if old people spend time and get along with others and exercise everyday they will become fit. However, nowadays old people are usually alone and do not talk to others which make them unhappy and unfit. Causes and solutions?

Sample Answer

It is scientifically believed that social life play an important role in the overall health of elderly people. According to a research conducted by the UK, the majority of older people start living alone and cut off from their friends, neighbors and family. In this essay, we will discuss the causes and solutions to the isolated life of older people.
Elderly people are quiet vulnerable to loneliness and social solitude. There are multiple reasons because of which older people isolate themselves. Primarily, getting weak and dependent, aged people think of themselves as unproductive and a burden on their loved ones. Furthermore, death of a spouse would also have a deep impact as it might lead to depression. Retiring from work and suffering from disability and illness are other notable reasons that can lead to serious health degradation.
Leisure and recreational activities are essential for living an active lifestyle. Numerous studies conducted indicate that exercising can help prevent symptoms of depression and dullness. Socializing with their companions is also equally significant. For example, elderly people can engage in activities such as group picnics, brain games, shopping and other leisure pursuits in order to preoccupy themselves. Family and friends can also help to reduce loneliness among older people. For example, taking out time from one’s busy schedule for the senior citizens and making them feel special in some way or the other. Old age homes can also be qualitatively improved.
Coming to an outcome, for the wellbeing of elderly members of our society, they must realize the importance of socialization. Getting involved in local community activities, keeping in touch with friends and engaging in physical activities will benefit older people greatly.

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Writing task 2: Why are cities becoming overcrowded?

IELTS Writing task 2: Why are cities becoming overcrowded?

You should spend 40 minutes on this task.
Write about the following topic:

Cities are becoming overcrowded.
What are the causes of this situation, and what can be done to improve this situation?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant example from your own knowledge or experience.
Write at least 250 words.

Sample Answer

Urbanization has become a global phenomenon. Metropolises all over the world are witnessing a dramatic rise in their populations. In this essay, I will outline the reasons behind this situation and propose some solutions to tackle it.

The main cause is high levels of migration from the countryside to cities. In developed nations, rural industries, ranging from agriculture to food production and livestock breeding, have been automated. As a result, fewer people are required to manage farmland and farm animals. Many wealthy country dwellers often head towards vibrant cities for a change. In a sharp contrast, mass migration to urban conurbations in developing nations is fuelled by frequent crop failures, unemployment and poor rural infrastructure.

Furthermore, millions of countrymen lack access to basic facilities such as healthcare, education, entertainment and transport etc. They seek a secure livelihood and higher standard of living for themselves and their children. Undoubtedly, mega cities have a developed infrastructure and offer a wide range of educational and employment opportunities. All these features attract young aspirants and job seekers to cities.

The unfettered growth of urban population exerts an enormous pressure on the available resources in cities. It also causes problems like high property prices, poor sanitation, congestion and pollution etc. Therefore, effective measures must be taken to curb the influx of people. Firstly, governments should plan policies for the overall development of the countryside.  Secondly, the excessive dependence on farming should be reduced. For this, other employment opportunities must be generated in rural areas. This can be done by promoting traditional skills like pottery making, knitting, weaving and basketry etc. If people can make a decent living in the countryside, mass migration can be controlled.

To sum up, the causes of this trend are primarily to do with unemployment and underdeveloped facilities in the countryside. The best solution is to bridge the huge disparity between urban and rural areas.

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IELTS Essay # Children using video games

IELTS Writing problems solution type Essay # Children using video games

Many people today are worried about young children using video games. What problems might these games cause, for children and society as a whole? How could these problems be reduced?

Sample Answer

The almost universal availability of video games among children has presented us with a number of challenges and decisions, none of which are straightforward. I believe there are three main problems associated with these products, and also three remedies we can adopt.
Perhaps the major problem we need to deal with is the level of violence found in these games. Many of them feature aggressive or warlike characters, ranging from soldiers to criminals and killers. This inevitably leads children to believe that such behaviour is normal, or even desirable. A second issue is the obsessive way that some children use the games – for example, preferring their computers to real friendships, making these children isolated and socially naïve. Finally, there are physical effects from excessive gaming, including eye strain, insomnia and damage to posture. These can be difficult to reverse once they have taken hold.
Turning to possible solutions, one key step would be to legislate more strictly to control the content of these games. They could, for instance, be reviewed by censors in the same way that films are. This would prevent unsuitable material influencing young minds. To tackle the problem of obsessive use, we could make more counselling and advice available through schools. On the subject of physical side effects, advice on safe use could be included as part of the packaging or even the game itself, so that youngsters are constantly aware of the risks.
To sum up, this is a problem that has both social and physical effects, and the solution will require combined action by manufacturers, schools and authorities.


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