IELTS Essay Sample Answer # Globalization

IELTS Essay Sample Answer # Globalization

You should spend 40 minutes on this task.

Even though globalization affects the world economies, its down side must not be neglected.


Write at least 250 words.


The world has become a global village and the word globalization a common term of the 21st century. Globalization means that the world has become integrated economically, socially, politically and culturally through the advances of technology, transportation and communication. As a result, the economies of many countries have got a boom and opportunities have risen up. Although, globalization has offered great advantages, the negative impact cannot be overshadowed.

The major disadvantage of globalization is the impact it had on local markets. With the coming of international products, although the consumer is happier, but the local business men have suffered a lot. In some worst case scenarios, either the person had to close the business or work at lower prices.

The second issue has arrived in the more developed countries. With globalization, the companies in the European or American countries, tend to outsource cheaper work force from Asian countries, leading to high rates of unemployment in these countries. On the other side, the Asian people tend to work for such multi national companies because of the higher salaries as compared to the home companies. This has created a situation of brain drain.

Overall, globalization has surely opened up doors for many providing better jobs and improved economic standards,however the loops are inevitable. In my opinion, the governments and companies must take a more balanced approach in dealing with the issues raised because of globalization, to ensure a equivocal environment to live in.


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Best Courses In New Zealand

When studying abroad, it is not much about the country or the university. Well, too an extent it is, but not entirely. What matters the most is the course. How good or effective the course is!! For today, let us have a look at some of the best courses one can do in New Zealand.

  1. Graduation Diploma in Information Technology – You will be learning Project management, systems analysis and design, information technology management, database administration, E-business strategies. Along with this, students will also acquire a sound knowledge of information technology environment. Fee – $18,900 NZD / Rs 8, 58,000 to $26440 NZD/ Rs 12,00,000
    Intake – November / April / February / Jul. You are required to score an overall band 6 in IELTS and minimum 5.5 band in writing.
  2. Graduate Diploma in Information and Communications Technology – This course teaches you professional practice; special topics; software development endorsement including advanced programming, java mobile and web, advanced database, IT project management etc. Fee -for international students: $15,422 p.a/ Rs 7,00,000 to $22033/ Rs 10,00,000
    Intake – Feb/ July.
  3. Graduate Diploma in Animation – You will be taught Computer Practical, Video and Sound Design, 3-D modeling, Maya I, Illustration, Typography in Motion, Animation, Maya II. Along with this, a student gains an advanced level of knowledge and skills in creative animation techniques, advanced knowledge of the principles and processes involved in generating animation and will be able to employ technical understanding in the relevant industry utilized software. Fee –  $18,083 /Rs 8,21,000 to $24236/ Rs 11,00,000. Intake – July
  4. Post Graduate Diploma of Computer Graphic Design – This program involves self-directed research and assigned projects relating to each student’s selected area of specialization. One also grabs knowledge about graphic design and  develop applied skills and expertise in their chosen area of specialization. Fee– for international students: $18,083/ Rs 8,21,000 to $24236/ Rs 11,00,000
    Intake – Feb
  5. National Diploma in Science – This program is an excellent choice for Indian students who have completed their 12th in Science. Graduates of this course get to work with New Zealand’s leading scientists in the field of  biochemistry, microbiology, molecular biology, immunology etc. Fee – for international students NZD $16120 p.a/Rs 7,30,000 to $22033.46 NZD/ Rs 10,00,000
    Intake – Feb & July
  6. Diploma In Technology – It is a two year specialized science program which equips students with the knowledge and skills required by today’s science community.Students may gain employment as Laboratory Technicians in areas such as medical science, analytical services, the dairy industry and conservation.
    International student fee: $18,900 NZD / Rs 860,000 to $24236/ Rs 11,00,000
    Intake – Feb

So, go on and find out the course that suits you well and helps in climbing up your career ladder.


Why Study In New Zealand

If you are planning to study abroad and are confused on whether to choose New Zealand, break the confusion. New Zealand is fast becoming the preferred choice of study for international students and they have their reasons right.

Answer To Why Study In Abroad –
  1. Broad Opportunities – The eight institutions that make up the university system in New Zealand are located across North and South offering students a chance to pursue opportunities in study and culture. Although all the universities offer degrees in the arts, business, science, each college also has its own niche and distinct courses to offer.
  2. Great Learning Experience – The education system in New Zealand in research based, similar to British Education System. Since India also follows the British education system, Indian students feel more comfortable studying as it all seems quite familiar. The academic staff is expected to be researchers as well as teachers. This ensures a high quality learning experience.
  3.  Less Competition – Unlike some other countries, getting admission in a New Zealand university is comparatively easier. Students with moderate grades can get entry to most Bachelor degree programs easily. Hence the entry requirements are minimal compared to most of the top universities in the world.
  4. Fantastic Destination – International students are welcomed warmly by the country, for the cultural diversity they bring and their contribution to the economy. Even more people of New Zealand love to travel and meet new people, making it lot more easier to  gel with them.
  5. Affordable Cost- Most of the students drop the idea of studying abroad merely because the cost of studying abroad is higher as compared to their home country. Well, New Zealand solves this problem as New Zealand has comparatively low cost of living, food easily available at reasonable prices and a wide variety of student accommodation options. Even more, public transport is moderately priced offering easy access to all tourist places.


Practice For IELTS Reading # India Turns To Israel

The Quiz can be attempted if you have read the passage India Turns To Israel.
Given below is a table with two columns. Column A consist of the words given in the passage, while column B has the meaning of the words. You need to match the word with the correct meaning.

1. accelerated  (i)fighting between armed forces
2. drones  (ii)a deadlock between two equally matched opponents in a dispute or conflict
3. defence  (iii)the possibility or likelihood of some future event occurring
4. military  (iv)a refusal to work organized by a body of employees as a form of protest, typically in an attempt to gain a concession or concessions from their employer
5. strikes  (v)move (troops) into position for military action
6. overseas  (vi)close observation, especially of a suspected spy or criminal
7. personnel  (vii)(of ground or terrain) having a broken, rocky, and uneven surface
8. combat  (viii)increase in rate, amount, or extent
9. attacked  (ix)argue
10. militants  (x)an unmanned aircraft
11. raising  (xi)lift or move to a higher position or level
12. prospect  (xii)a person living next door to or very near to the speaker or person referred to
13. neighbors  (xiii)vigorously active, combative and aggressive, especially in support of a cause, as in ‘militant reformers
14. standoff  (xiv) to be of the opinion that; think
15. acquire  (xv)relating to or characteristic of soldiers or armed forces
16. conceived  (xvi) the group of people with the authority to govern a country or state; a particular ministry in office
17. government  (xvii)engagement in or the activities involved in war or conflict
18. delivery  (xviii)the power or ability to do something
19. warfare  (xix)not having or needing a crew or staff)
20. capabilities  (xx)the action of defending from or resisting attack
21. deployed  (xxi)the act of transferring to another
22. unmanned  (xxii)in or to a foreign country, especially one across the sea
23. rugged  (xxiii)take aggressive military action against (a place or enemy forces) with weapons or armed force
24. surveillance  (xxiv)a deadlock between two equally matched opponents in a dispute or conflict
25. disputed  (xxv)people employed in an organization or engaged in an organized undertaking such as military service


  1. viii
  2. x
  3. xx
  4. xv
  5. iv
  6. xxii
  7. xxv
  8. i
  9. xxiii
  10. xiii
  11. xi
  12. iii
  13. xii
  14. ii
  15. xxiv
  16. xiv
  17. xvi
  18. xxi
  19. xvii
  20. xviii
  21. v
  22. xix
  23. vii
  24. vi
  25. ix


1 2 3 8