IELTS Cue Card -Describe a conversation topic you were not interested in

IELTS Cue Card – Describe a conversation topic you were not
interested in

Describe a conversation topic you were not
interested in
Speak about:


  • Who you talked with
  • When you had the conversation
  • What the topic was
  • And explain why you were not interested
Sample Answer

Last month I had gone to my maternal uncle’s wedding. I met a lot of relatives and cousins there after a long time and had fun with them, but I clearly remember when I met two of my aunts there with whom I had a conversation that I was not interested in. My aunts were talking about what is the right age for girls to get married and trying to convince me and my cousin to get married soon. They were trying to give us all sorts of advice and also suggested few boys that would be suitable for us to marry. Our marriage was the centre of their discussion. They told us that girls should get married to successful men right after their graduation or even before if they get a perfect match. These aunts even told us that if we cross 25 years of age, there would be a question about our character and we would not find a perfect mate for ourselves. According to them we can be happy only after marriage.
I was definitely not interested in this conversation because the trend is changing now. In today’s world marriage is not the only milestone in an individual’s life, marriages can be delayed. Career is more prominent to survive in this world irrespective of genders. Even women have right to be educated and successful before they tie a nuptial knot. I was in fact disheartened by their concept about marriage even at this point of time when people have started scrutinising this old norm of getting married early. I believe there is no right age to get married until the person is physically and mentally ready to take the responsibilities hence I felt this conversation was monotonous.

Follow Up Questions:

Q. How do you know if others are not interested in the conversation?

Answer: When people are not interested in a conversation, it reflects on their facial expressions and body language. They seem to be bored and sleepy, sometimes they can be yawning. If they are not interested then they would not respond much and conversation would be less interactive and more of one sided.

Q. Do you think it is important to have a good sense of humour?

Answer: Yes, a good sense of humour is essential as it makes the conversation more interesting, it forms a good image and the person seems amiable. A sense of humour always helps in building good relationships with people irrespective of their variance.


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