Shot The Breeze # Idioms For IELTS

We talk often, but do you know what if I say, you just shot the breeze or maybe that You and I speak the same language. If you don’t read more and find out.

To shoot the breeze:
Sentence-: We are just sitting in the backyard and shooting the breeze, why don’t you join us?
Meaning-: To chat in a relaxed way about something. So, what are you doing? You are just sitting in the backyard and chatting about something trivial.
To speak the same language:
Sentence: Aman and Anupriya speak the same language.
Meaning: Speaking the same language doesn’t mean they literally speak the same language, it means they agree with each other or think alike.
To talk a mile a minute:
Sentence: She really talks a mile in a minute. It makes it so hard for me to understand what she is saying.
Meaning: It means she speaks really fast.
To spill the beans:
Sentence: I just spill the beans and trust me I feel so much relaxed now.
Meaning: It doesn’t mean that she has literally spilled some beans. All it means is to confess.
To talk someone into something:
Sentence: Anvesha easily talked her into gymnastics.
Meaning: She convinced or persuaded her to take gymnastics.
No Dice:
Sentence: They are left with no dice
Meaning: to show that there are no chances of success.
Speak of the devil:
Sentence: Speak of the devil and she is here.
Meaning: It means a person comes just after we mention their name.
Have swallowed a dictionary:
Sentence: Has she swallowed the dictionary?
Meaning: use long and difficult words when speaking
Die in your bed:
Sentence: Some people are lucky enough to die in their bed.
Meaning: To suffer a peaceful and natural death
Tuned in:
Sentence: Just tune her in, she can be a great asset.
Meaning: aware or able to understand something

Learn them. Use them. Express more and fly high.


Man Of The People # Idioms For IELTS

In many ways English is a sexist language. It reflects the society around. Today we will look idioms that were originally used to refer to men but with time they can now also be used for women.

Man of few words
Sentence-: Richie Benaud was a man of few words.
Meaning-: someone who does not speak too much.
A ladies man
Sentence- James Bond was a ladies’ man.
Meaning-: Someone who goes out with women, talk to them and hang out more than usual.
Man of his words
Sentence-: Mahatma Gandhi was a man of his words.
Meaning-: someone who keeps his promise.
Man of the people
Sentence-: Narendra Modi is a man of the people.
Meaning-: someone who understands and expresses the ideas of the ordinary people
Confirmed bachelor
Sentence-: When I asked Abhishek about his marriage plans, he said he was a confirmed bachelor for at least 4 years.
Meaning-: someone who is single and wants to stay that way.
Fiddle while Rome burns
Sentence-: You can easily fiddle while Rome burns, but then be ready to face the consequences.
Meaning-: to do trivial matters while ignoring the important issues
On the fiddle
Sentence-: She has been on the fiddle for a long time.
Meaning-: to be engaged in cheating
Get your just deserts
Sentence-: Yakub menon in some ways got his just deserts.
Meaning-: Get what you deserve
Up a stump
Sentence-: I am stuck in an up a stump.
Meaning-: a situation that is too difficult to manage
Nothing succeeds like success
Sentence-: May be its tough to be successful, but nothing succeeds like success
Meaning-: success brings better and greater opportunities

Out of all the above idioms apart from ,”a ladies’ man” and “confirmed bachelor” others can be used for women as well!
So, go on. Learn the above, grasp them and make them part of your expressions.


Feel free to call for suggestions and queries.

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Right Way OF Learning # Idioms For IELTS

There is a way of scoring high in IELTS. Cramming high vocabulary words or learning thousands of idioms or banging your head over those often confusing grammar rules is not going to help you in IELTS. What matters in IELTS or any other exam, is how well you can apply the knowledge that you have. For instance, how well you can use those vocabulary words, or those idioms in your speaking or writing.
For this week, let us focus on five idioms and make use of them in the various letters you write or the essays you practice or the speaking tests you work on. By the end of this week, I will update the various posts I have used the following idioms, hoping that you will share the work you have done. Let us begin.

SENTENCE – Taylor and Calvin are going to get married next month, but they haven’t yet broken the news to their friends.
MEANING – to make something known.
SENTENCE – The fee of the college costed me an arm and leg.
MEANING – to be very expensive
SENTENCE – Rihanna realised that the job as a cashier was a dead-end job.
MEANING – a job that won’t lead to anything else
SENTENCE – Let us face it, Hitler will soon send us to the chambers.
MEANING – accept a difficult situation.
SENTENCE – That movie on zombies gives me creeps.
MEANING – to create a feeling of disgust or horror


Don’t Be A Waste Of Space # Idioms For IELTS

If you have got the life, try hard to not be a waste of space. Go on, read more and learn some of the most interesting idioms.

SENTENCE-: sometimes the people we consider waste of space are the ones who are the most talented.
MEANING-: someone perceived as useless or incompetent.
SENTENCE-: watch the time while playing, you surely don’t want to be late, right?
MEANING-: ensure that you are aware of the time
SENTENCE-: stop watching the world go by and start doing something for yourself.
MEANING-: spend time observing other people going about their business
SENTENCE-: Watch your back, you are now the candidate of A party.
MEANING-: protect yourself against danger, usually from someone unexpected off.
SENTENCE-: The watches of night have become quite disastrous for me these days, because of the murder I saw that day.
MEANING-: the time of the night when you cannot sleep.
SENTENCE-: Indian people spend money in marriages like water.
MEANING-: in great quantities
SENTENCE-: Milkha Singh is of the first water.
MEANING-: extreme or unsurpassed kind
SENTENCE-: Stop focusing on the water under the bridge, there are other matters that need your attention.
MEANING-: used to refer to situations or events that happened in past and are no longer of any importance.
SENTENCE-: Narendra Modi has surely made waves in the past one year.
MEANING-: create a significant impression
SENTENCE-: The economic condition of our country has undergone many wax and wanes before settling to something this constant.
MEANING-: undergo alternate ups and downs

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