CUE CARD # Describe something you own which has important to you.

IELTS Speking Task # Cue Card

Describe something you own which has important to you.


You should say:

  • where you got it from
  • for how long you have it
  • what you use it for

and explain why it is important to you.


The Polaroid camera that belongs to me is immensely important for me. I’m not a materialistic person but since the time my mother gifted me this camera, I am totally obsessed with it. On my birthday this year, I got a Fujifilm Polaroid camera in a clunky pastel pink color as a present and it has been a crucial part of my life from that day. As a kid, instant photographs that were shown in the movies fascinated me and I always dreamt of owning a device that develops pictures within minutes.

It has been two months since I turned 23 and my parents presented me with this camera when I got my university results. It holds a special place in my heart as I was rewarded for performing exceptionally well in my exams. As I have always been fond of photography, I used it to click my friends and loved ones pictures and it is the best way to make memories with them. The photograph that develops gives a vintage effect and captures memories admirably.

The reasons why it is significant in my life is that primarily, it is gifted to me by my mother. In addition, it captures the present moment in a perfect way making it more memorable. I have also reserved a space in my room where I have a collection of all the unforgettable and momentous moments by sticking Polaroid pictures on the wall and this corner of my room has to be my personal favorite space.

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Essay # more people would rather purchase food than cook at home

IELTS Writing Task # Essay

Nowadays, more people would rather purchase food than cook at home. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this trend? 

Give ideas about which is better way according to you and why?

Sample Answer

Due to the busy lifestyle, people are consuming more of the processed food in spite of cooking food for themselves. There could be several merits and demerits of this uprising trend. In my opinion, homemade food is far more beneficial as compared to the readymade food.

To commence with the benefits, packaged products such as pasta, noodles, etcetera are easily available in the market. They are instant food products and just need boiling or reheating which in turn save our time. Also, people get so tired after their hectic routine that they lack the energy to prepare meals. Therefore, they find useful to buy readymade food products. In addition, this type of processed foods is easy to carry everywhere, even while travelling. In fact, due to additives and taste enhancers, individuals, especially children, love their taste and their salivary buds are stimulated by these sort of meals.

Despite these benefits, there are ample drawbacks. Firstly, these products are processed and lack their natural nutrition. What is more, many preservatives are added to increase their shelf life which has several health hazards to consumers. For example, sodium benzoate is one of the popular compound used for preservation of packed foods which occasionally can be life-threatening. Secondly, although they are vacuum packed, they can get contaminated by various microbes and cause an abdominal disturbance sometimes causing other lethal diseases like food poisoning, botulinum and many more. Additionally, these products can also be expensive for the consumers to afford.

To recapitulate, I believe that the use of readymade foods has a plethora of detrimental effects and home-cooked food can provide plenty of nutrients to stay healthy and develop immunity.

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IELTS Speaking Cue Card: Describe a time when you laughed a lot

IELTS Speaking Cue Card

Describe a time when you laughed a lot
You should say:
• when it was
• where you were
• who you were with
• and explain why laughing is important.

a time when you laughed a lot IELTS Dehradun

Sample Answer

Generally, I don’t laugh a lot. But, today, I’m going to talk about a time when I couldn’t control laughing.
Last Friday was my close friend Gurdeep’s 21th birthday. He is my childhood friend. We’ve been together for almost 10-12 years. As it was a special occasion, we wanted to celebrate it differently. But, none of us was interested in going to a sophisticated café or restaurant and partying there. Without making any great plans I invited Gurdeep and 2-3 common friends to my room to spend some quality time together.

At around 7 pm, everyone was there. While chatting one of us suggested to watch a newly released movie of Amir Khan, a famous Indian actor. There was no objection as such. So, we decided to go ahead with his suggestion.

The name of the movie was Three Idiots. The story revolved around 3 friends and their struggle to fulfil the dreams of their parents. The main objective of the film was to highlight a major problem of the Indian society i.e. parental pressure. Most parents don’t let their children choose a career. They just want them to become engineers or doctors. The trauma which young students in India experience after completion of their secondary school is beautifully picturised in this movie. There were a few serious scenes in the movie, but, in general, the whole film was full of comedy. We laughed a lot that day.

Coming to why laughing matters, there is an old adage: “Laughter is the best medicine.” And, now, health benefits of laughing are scientifically proven. Laughter reduces stress levels and boosts our immune system. It can bring a positive change in our life. In short, we should laugh and smile daily to lead a happy and healthy life.


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IELTS Writing Task Essay # government should spend money on providing faster transport, while others consider that there are other priorities for public transport.

IELTS Writing Task Essay

Some people think that government should spend money on providing faster transport, while others consider that there are other priorities for public transport (example- cost, environment). Discuss both the views and give you opinion?


There is an ongoing debate related to how the government should utilize the national income of the country on transportation. Some people believe that improvement in the infrastructure of streets and highways should be prioritized by the state while others believe that they should focus more on other sectors of the society. According to me, both conditions must be provided with proportionate attention from the state, as it is valuable for the whole nation. 

In this fast paced world, rapid and advanced mode of transportation is more preferred by the majority as it will help improve the overall life quality of the citizens. Improving and getting advanced public transportation will help improve the productivity of the citizens as public transit will get more convenient. Furthermore, faster transport infrastructure will add speed and efficiency to a nation’s progress.  

On the other hand, some individuals are of the opinion the government to primarily focus cost effective and eco-friendly public transport. They should prioritize issues related to vehicular pollution and cost efficiency of public transport rather than public transport advancement. In fact, the government of India came up with the idea of ‘Smart Cities’ with the program to build efficient ecofriendly public transportation and walkable spaces for the pedestrians as well. Therefore, by building more cost-effective transport for the public, the state can invest in other essential sectors of health and education. 

In a nutshell, I believe that the government should focus on improving the quality of public transit. But the authorities should not ignore other important sectors that demand their attention and national income of the nation.

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