IELTS writing task # What are the pros and cons of buying food rather than cooking food?

IELTS writing task

What are the pros and cons of buying food rather than cooking food? Give ideas about which is a better way according to you and why?


Modernization has influenced people’s way of maintaining a lifestyle. As modern working lives are getting busier, individuals tend to have less time to prepare a full cooked meal for themselves and their families. People buy food from outside as they do not get time from hectic schedules for cooking meals. However, purchasing food from the market has its own benefits and drawbacks.  

Readymade or processed food is gaining immense popularity mainly because of the convenience provided by it. Purchasing food from outside saves time. The market has healthier options these days to choose from. For example, many outlets like ‘Subway’ mention the calories of food item therefore, people can choose accordingly. In fact, eating readymade food helps one to manage time more efficiently.  

On the contrary, consuming food from the market has its own drawbacks. They can be expensive and heavy on the pocket as well. Food for the market is an unhealthy option as readymade food is oily and high in fat content. Furthermore, market food is low in nutritional ingredients and they are many cases in which processed food causes food poisoning. At times the ingredients are not fresh as the producers focus more on the appearance of the food rather than its freshness.

To conclude, though people today are occupied in their busy working schedules, they should take out time to prepare meals at home. In my opinion, eating readymade food can be regarded as a treat for the employed adults occasionally but the advantages of home-cooked food outweigh those of readymade and processed food.

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