IELTS Cue Card Sample Question # Long Walk

You should spend 1 minute writing the notes.

Describe a long walk you had. You should say –

  • When this happened
  • where you walked
  • who were you with

Also, explain how you felt after the long walk.

  • tough day at work
  • outside office
  • beautiful
  • with pant.
  • talked about the unnecessary details of life
  • had ice cream and other fast foods
  • amazing and relaxed. could go back and do the work
  • amble – walk or move at a slow, relaxed pace.

I’d like to talk about the one particular walk I had with my best friend a year ago. It had been a very tough day for me, working on weekends and to top it, the work was a bit bizarre. I was about to crash when Pant called me up for a walk. I remember running from my work desk and out to the office gate as if I had found my freedom. We initially thought of going for a 15-minute walk but I came back after around one hour.

We were ambling talking about the unnecessary things, discussing each other and having a beautiful time. It was late in the evening and the winds were blowing beautifully. We had burger first then tea followed by corn and then ice cream. There was not much distance that we covered, we were around 500 metres from the office area, but we took many rounds of the same place and it was amazing.

We chatted about his dreams and mine and then about the things going right and wrong in our lives. Then, we discussed our families and our old crushes, broken hearts and almost everything. It was a lovely walk, after a terrible day at work, when you are stuck to a computer screen for more than 10 hours, nothing can be better than having a walk with your best friend.



IELTS Cue Card Sample Questions # National Day

IELTS Cue Card Sample Questions # National Day

You should spend 20 minutes on this task.
Describe a national day in your country.
You should say:

  • what day it is
  • how is it celebrated?
  • what the historical significance of this day is

and explain how you feel to this day.


India is one of those countries that has fought a long battle against colonization. After around, 200 years of domination and a long struggle against British power and other social impacts, India gained its freedom on 15 August 1947. But, on the very same day, the partition of India and Pakistan also took place. On the day of our freedom, our first Prime Minister raised the Indian flag in Red Fort.

Since then we have been celebrating our Independence day on 15 August. On this day, customarily, the prime minister of our country, raises the Indian National Flag in Red Fort. Independence day is a gazetted holiday in our nation and all the schools, colleges, banks and other institutions celebrate it with pomp and show. The organizations have a flag hosting ceremony wherein, the highest ranking person hosts the flag.

As a country, the Prime Minister raises the flag and gives an address to the nation. On this day, parades and cultural events take place in Red Fort by students from different parts of the country. In the northern and the central part of our country, most people fly kites.

This day is quite special for me. It reminds me of the various freedom that I enjoy in my life. It brings a sense of pride in me and I feel amazing. On this day, when I notice the Indian flag being hosted almost everywhere, it just gets back to me the vigour with which the Indians must have fought to make sure that I enjoy my freedom. Independence day reminds me to fight for my freedom and independence. It tells me that focus and determination can set one free.

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You were supposed to receive a friend at the airport. But, for some reasons you are unable to do so. Write a letter to your friend. In your letter
– explain why you can’t come,
– guide them regarding other options to get to your home,
– describe the plans/visits you made to show them around when your friend arrives.

Sample Answer

Dear Sushmita,

I believe your preparations to come to India are in full swing. I am eagerly waiting to see you on Thursday evening. As discussed earlier, I had promised to collect you from the airport but unfortunately I would not be able to keep my words due to an unplanned official meeting.

Just yesterday my boss informed me about an urgent meeting of foreign delegates that will take place on the coming Thursday, the day of your arrival. I have been asked to give a presentation too. In this case, it won’t possible for me to reach the airport as we had planned earlier. Don’t worry. The airport has an excellent taxi service. My suggestion for you would be to take a cab from the airport to reach my home. You can book a cab online or hire one from outside the airport.

I just can’t wait to see you and I have planned many things for your stay. I have reserved seats for a get-together with our college friends in the ‘Memories Café on Friday evening. On Saturday, we would go shopping and enjoy the street food of Delhi. We will plan the rest of days as per your preferences.

I Look forward to seeing you soon! (207 Words)

Yours lovingly,

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IELTS Cue Card Sample Answer # Disappointment

Disappointment in life is a part of life and no one has ever been through life without having any disappointments. This time we are looking at a cue card where you need to talk about something that disappointed you.

Talk about something you were disappointed about.

You should say:

  • what it was about
  • when it happened
  • why it disappointed you

and explain how you felt about it.


We have shifted our roots to buying online rather than going offline with friends and buying things. For a long time I had been skeptical about buying things online, but after a few purchases, I once ordered a phone from Amazon. It was my first phone from my salary and I was very excited about it. The company did an amazing delivery and the phone reached to me before the expected time.

I had ordered a Motorola G4 and was expecting to be able to use it for better clicks and my writing. But, it seemed that the phone came with a bit flaw. It had heating issues and the phone used to hang up in every fifteen minutes. Frustrated and agitated I decided on returning the phone. I had bought the phone on 15 June 2015 and returned it on 18 June. My expectations were that the phone would be returned by 25 and then I will buy a new one for myself.

But, somehow it did not happen. I did return my phone but did not get any refund. Initially, I had asked for a cheque and it got delivered to my old address from wherein I could not pick it and the processing began again. It was only after 5th July that I could get my money and hence a phone.

It was truly a very irritating and more disappointing one because I had some plans with my phone and wanted to execute them, but because of phone and money problems, things got messed up.


Disappointments are a part of life and I have realized it by now. There have been many times when I have been disappointed because of various things. But, I think the biggest disappointment for me till date has been my failure of being not able to buy a Macintosh. I remember planning for a cheap laptop and maybe a DSLR to start off. But then my love for Macintosh pitched in and I started working for it.

I remember doing extra shifts for my laptop and working even on weekends and long weekends. It took me around 5 months of hard work after which I was able to save money for Macintosh. But, when the time arrived, it so happened that I could not get a major amount of money that I had saved for it and I lost hope. When that happened, I could no longer buy Macintosh for myself. I thought it is not a major thing, but with passing time I did realize that it was important for me.

The one thing that disappointed me the most was initially when searching for Macintosh in my city, I could not find them. However, after some time when the money was gone, there were a lot of places that displayed it. It was only after seven months after buying a DSLR that I was actually able to feel good.


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