IELTS Letter Sample Answer # False Advertisement

Advertisements have a very important role to play in our lives. Most of us buy the products based on the advertisements we see. This time we are looking at an IELTS Letter sample answer about a complaint about a false advertisement.

You should spend 20 minutes on this task.

You saw an advertisement recently and bought the advertised product. Upon receiving the product, you discovered that the information in the advertisement was incorrect. Write a letter to the person responsible for the advertisement and say :

  • what is the product
  • which information in the advertisement is incorrect?
  • what do you expect the person to do about it?

Write at least 150 words.


Dear Anish,

Last month, you visited our colony Adarsh Vihar, near Balliwala Chowk to sell the Ayurveda products. There were products for face, foot, and hair and you promised all of them to not have any side effects. On that note, I bought a foot cream: Heal the Foot for myself. It promised that I will no longer have any foot cracks.

However, on applying the cream, the cracks have increased for me. Not only that, sometimes the crack become so deep that it starts bleeding. Furthermore, a friend of mine bought a face wash for herself. She has noticed increased face marks on her face.

The product did not help us with our body and to make it worse also had side effects. I would request you to reimburse the money for the products bought. If required, we can return back the products.