IELTS Cue Card #Helped Someone

IELTS Cue Card about ‘when you helped someone’.

Describe a time when you helped someone.
You should say:

  • who you helped and why
  • how you helped this person
  • what the result was
  • and explain how you felt about helping this person.
Sample Answer:

I would like to talk about this one time from my childhood, when I helped someone, when I didn’t even know it was a form of help.
If I recon it correctly the year was 1993, I must have been in my 3rd or 4th year of school. One night we (me, my sister and our parents) were returning from some ones place, on the way, there was a religious procession going on and we kids were offered some edibles. I was still holding my goodies, when I saw an old man sitting by the road, a few houses away. I gave him those goodies to eat. While he was eating the food, I felt really good. From that night onwards I made it a point, while going to my school I would find him and give him my tiffin to eat. I did it for some time before my parents found it out and stopped me from doing it.
I loved to see his smiling face, while eating the food. I know it must not have been much for him. He would always bless me, like a lot. I guess I am what I am today because of people like him. (202 Words)

Writer: Akshay Tomar


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