Writing Task 1: A wrong product delivered online

Writing Task 1

You recently purchased a dress online. But you received a different product.

Write a letter to the company:

  • Explain what you ordered and what you received.
  • Explain the importance of the delivery.
  • What solution you are looking for?

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Sample Answer

Dear Sir,

I am writing to express my dissatisfaction with the services provided by your company. I recently placed an order for a black party dress on your shopping site on 30th December 2018.

Although the maximum time of delivery in your company is 7 days, I received it after 10 days. The moment I unwrapped the courier, I was shocked to find a casual dress instead of a party dress. Moreover, the colour and dress material were different. You can imagine how unpleasant it was to receive wrong delivery of your much awaited product.

Since, I have to wear this dress in my friend’s birthday party, I immediately contacted your company I spoke to the customer care executive and asked for the exchange. To my surprise, he refused to exchange the product. Given the fact that I am a regular customer of your company, it was a very disappointing experience.

I insist you to urgently look into this matter. You can either exchange the dress or return the money, otherwise, I will be forced to go to the consumer court.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours Faithfully


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Writing Task 1: Letter to the manager about attended a presentation

IELTS Writing Task 1

You have recently attended a presentation. Write a letter to the manager of your company. In your letter include the following:

  • Which presentation you attended?
  • Give the details of the presentation.
  • What you learned from the presentation?

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Sample Answer

Dear Sir,

I am writing to inform you about the presentation I have recently attended. The theme of the presentation was ‘A Review on Holistic Marketing’. It was held at Asoka Hotel in Delhi on 21st December 2018. Although it was a two day presentation, all marketing professionals attended  and enjoyed it. The Managing Director of our company chaired the event.

This marketing presentation focused on various strategies to be adopted to sell the product or services applying a holistic marketing approach. Furthermore,It really enhanced my knowledge about the importance of holistic marketing approach in customer satisfaction and growth of the business.

I am really thankful to you for providing me an opportunity to attend such an informative presentation. I truly appreciate the company to organise such insightful events for the development of the employees.

Thank you

Yours Faithfully

Aashish Bhatt


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IELTS Speaking Cue Card – A competition you like to participate in

IELTS Speaking Cue Card – A competition you like to participate in

Talk about a competition (cooking, sports…etc.) you would like to participate in

  • What type of competition would it be?
  • Where will it be held?
  • What all qualities a person should have to be a part of such competition?
  • Why do you want to participate in it?
Sample Answer

Competition is a natural instinct which makes a person beat the benchmarking and create a new record. I want to participate in a storytelling competition. Storytelling is something in which the storyteller tries to convey a message, knowledge or information about an incident using a sequence of activities leading to a particular outcome.

[PARA 1]

Coming to the qualities one needs to become an outstanding story-teller, a person should have an ability to imagine and be able to connect well with the audience. He should also have excellent communication and inter-personal skills. Sense of humour will certainly be an added value. We can make storytelling more effective by using props, background music and special effects. With the help of voice modulations and mimicry, one can make story-telling more appealing.

[PARA 2]

I have developed an interest in storytelling over a period of time. I believe, I am fully equipped with the qualities a storyteller needs to have. A storyteller makes sure that audience not merely listen to the story but should also relate with the content of the story. This leaves an everlasting effect on the audience and they remember the story and storyteller for the lifetime. Therefore, it is significant for a storyteller to make this activity entertaining rather than monotonous.

[PARA 3]

When I was a child, my grandmother used to tell beautiful stories. Her way of narrating was so impressive and convincing that I used to believe in the existence of all fictional characters of such stories. By far, I have realized that storytelling is an art to make the audience become overwhelmed with the experience of listening to a story. (268 words)

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Speaking (Part 3)
Q1. Should there be competition at workplace?

A1. Competition is pervasive i.e., found in all types of organisations. Competition at workplace can be healthy or unhealthy, depending on the attitude and intentions of a person who is competing. Healthy competition is considered to be constructive, whereas unhealthy competition could be quite destructive. Competition is a feeling which encourages people to contribute best of their efforts to achieve desired goals. Thus, in my opinion, as long as the competition is healthy, it is perfectly acceptable in the organisation.

Q2. What type of jobs have a high level of competition?

A2. Employees work on different levels in an organisation. Jobs which are highly paid generally have a high level of competition as these involve an increased level of responsibility and accountability. Jobs which involve more power and authority tend to have high competition level.

Q3. Who is more successful: a person born with competitive skills or, the one who has learnt these skills?

A3. In my opinion, successful people may or may not be born with competitive skills but they know how to best apply these skills in a productive way. They also keep enhancing their skills required to win the competition. Competitive people can utilize their aggression in a right and productive way. Competition is necessary to achieve something bigger but not at the cost of feelings and emotions of others.

Q4. Why do people compete?

A4. There are different people with different levels of needs. People who wants to be recognized and praised, do favor competition. Some people believe in competition because they think that it leads to favorable outcomes. It gives them an edge over others. Competition is important for the people who want to perform better by breaking the existing records so as to create new benchmarks to follow. People with positive discontent also compete, where they remain dissatisfied with their current status, yet keep aspiring for better with a positive attitude.

Q5. What are the factors responsible for preventing a person from being competitive?

A5. In my opinion, there are three major factors responsible for discouraging people to compete. The first in the list is fear of failure. People are afraid of being competitive as it can bring their self-esteem down if they lose anyways. The other factor is sense of gratification. Some people reach at a level where all their needs get satisfied, so nothing is left to compete for. The next one is past experiences: If someone have had a bad experience due to being a part of completion, they refrain themselves from it.

Written by Heena Rana

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Writing Task 1: Complaint Letter

Writing Task 1
You just shifted your furniture abroad through a shipping company and you have noticed that your furniture has been damaged.

Write a letter to the manager of the shipping company.

  • When and where you shifted?
  • Give details of the damage that has occurred to your furniture.
  • Explain what action you would like the company to take?

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Sample Answer

Dear Sir,

I am writing to express my dissatisfaction with the services provided by your company. My family has recently shifted to USA from India. I decided to shift my furniture overseas through your company as it was recommended by one of my colleagues. My furniture was shipped on 15/12/2018 from India and reached here after 10 days.

When I received my furniture and unpacked it , I noticed that my furniture was badly damaged. As far as the damage is concerned, almost all crockery was cracked and the carpet was ripped into two pieces. Moreover, one of my antique marble statue was also smashed. You can imagine how unpleasant it was to receive my brand-new and highly valuable furniture in defective condition.

I immediately contacted your company and spoke to the manager to compensate the loss. He refused to reimburse for my damaged furniture which occurred during shipment.

I insist that you compensate for my damaged furniture, otherwise, I will be forced to go to the consumer court.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours Faithfully


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