IELTS Letter: Interview result

IELTS Letter: Interview result
You appeared in an interview recently, and think that the interview went well. But the organisation has not yet informed you about the result.
Write a letter to the organisation:
  • Give details of the post you applied for
  • Tell why you feel the interview went well.
  • Why do you want a quick response?

Write at least 150 words.

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Sample Answer

Dear Sir,

I recently appeared in an interview conducted on 2nd November’18 for the position of Operation Manager. I am writing this letter to know the current status of my application.

It was a great experience interacting with such experienced and learned interviewers. They asked different questions to assess my eligibility for this post. I believe my answers were relevant and logical .The whole interview went smoothly and my overall performance was convincing. The interviewers showed a keen interest in hiring me.

At the end of the interview, they assured that the results would be announced within two days. It has been a week since then, but I have not received any reply from your side. I would appreciate your sincere efforts if you can inform me about the final decision at the earliest possible. As I have to relocate to London for this job, a quick reply will give me sufficient time to plan things accordingly.

Thank you for your kind co-operation.

I look forward to receiving a positive response.

Yours Faithfully


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