Electronic waste has become a serious problem # IELTS Essay

You should spend 40 minutes on this task.

Task: Electronic waste has become a serious problem.
Why is it a problem and how it can be solved?
Write at least 250 words.


E-Waste is the term used to describe old, end-of-life or discarded products. It consists of all waste from electronic and electrical appliances which have reached their end-of-life period or are no longer fit for their original intended use and are destined for recovery, recycling or disposal. Recent years have witnessed a drastic increase in the amount of e-waste. This has become a pressing problem for many countries. In this essay I will look at why e-waste is dangerous and propose some solutions to tackle this challenge.
E-Waste contains both valuable as well as hazardous materials which require special handling and recycling methods. It contains ferrous and non-ferrous metals, plastic, glass, wood and plywood, printed circuit boards, concrete, ceramics, rubber and another items. Iron and steel constitute about 50% of the waste, followed by plastic (21%), non-ferrous metal (13%) and other constituents.
Due to rapid advances in technology electronic appliances become obsolete quickly. This coupled with explosive sales in consumer electronics, means that more products are being disposed of, even if they still work. As an example, In the USA, about 400 million units per year of consumer electronics are scrapped, according to recycling industry experts. Recycling e-waste is not like recycling cardboard. These products are not easy to recycle and they are not designed for recycling.
The matter of the fact is that discarded electronics are managed badly and most e-waste still goes in the landfill in spite of hazardous, sometimes radioactive, materials like lead, plastic, chromium, mercury, beryllium, cadmium and acids. Moreover, all around the world, the quantity of electrical and electronic waste generated each year has assumed alarming proportions. Thus, e-waste has become a threat to the environment.
However, there are ways to deal with this rising issue. Effective e-waste management skills and techniques should be developed and implemented. Producers can contribute their share of work by taking the responsibility of e-waste management. They should reuse the parts as it would be more than appropriate since it is already their field and it would be a profitable business for them. Making consumers more aware of the ill-effects of improper handling and disposal would also be beneficial. In fact, some companies are already getting a head start by placing especially dedicated e-bins.
To sum up, e-waste management has become the need of the hour. I believe that governments and manufacturing companies should give a priority to this issue.

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Essay is bit longer and contain 390 words. IELTS require 250 words approx. So please just carry idea from above essay.

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IELTS Speaking Sample Answer # Change In Routine

What would you like to change in your day to day routine?

Answer A) Well, at present I am quite balanced with my activities in life, so most probably I won’t like to change anything major. But, I think I would prefer taking out some time for my relaxation and holidays in my routine. The work that I do, demands great dedication and attention from me. As a result I mostly don’t get time to catch up with my old friends or meet many people. I think one change that I would want would be that I get some time to interact with people.

Answer B) I really don’t have any specific daily routine, but I am trying to bring some sense to it. Starting from getting up early in the morning to, going for cycling or jogging and then reading newspaper is on my hit list. I would also like to make sure that I sleep well at night so that I am able to get up early. Even more, I would welcome more people in my life, who could act as my network, which I believe is very important in present times.

Answer C) There are certain things that are right about my daily routine, like my habit of getting up early and reading newspaper. But, I would like to add on to it. I would wish to be more active and bring the health consideration into my life. Often it so happens that I am unable to take proper breakfast or have to miss my dinner because of work, I’d like to focus on them more.


IELTS Essay Sample Answer # Violence

You should spend 40 minutes on this task.

World history suggests that violence and conflict were more evident under male leadership than under female leadership.

So, for peace to prevail, female leadership can be considered as a better option than male leadership.

Discuss both sides and give your opinion.

Write at least 250 words.


The wars and struggles are part of the world history for a very long period. However, with advancement in technology, it has all become much faster. Although, the ware has been evident, some people believe that the world is at more peace when a female is at power, rather than male. In my opinion, this can be because of the characterstics of women, however, it is about great leadership than gender of the leader.

The history has showed us some of the most ruthless rulers, and mostly they have been men. It was Hitler, a male, who contributed significantly for the world war 2. Even more, the first world war was mostly caused by the male ego, assassinations and conflicts of interests among men. Very few female leaders contributed taking decision to have war with other nations in their period of ruling a country.

However, on cannot forget, Queen Isabella of Spain, Queens Marry, a.k.a. Bloody Marry, Victoria, and Elizabeth of Britain, all of them have ruled over vast spectrum of power and  they often have done so ruthlessly, achieving goals with an iron hand.

But, there is other side of the coin as well. When the world saw Hitler, it also saw, Winston Churchill, Mahatma Gandhi and when it witnessed Queens Marry, we also noticed, Mother Teresa, Aung Suu Kyi.

Overall, in my opinion, it is the lust of power that causes wars, gender is just a biological existence.


IELTS Speaking Sample Answer # Career Choice

The following questions are likely to be asked in the first part of the Speaking section and you need to answer them in one or two sentences. They revolve around your career choice.

Why did you chose a career as traveler?

I love traveling and wanted to work for myself. Being a traveler, allows me both. Earlier I worked for fox, but now, I have set up my own travel blog, allowing me to visit different people, seeing new cultures and making great friends along way. To some extent, I think it was not me who chose travelling, but rather travelling that chose me.

Will you continue with this in future?

As a hobby, surely yes. But, after travelling to so many places, I have realized that some people don’t even have basic necessities of life met. I have children working and earning when they should be studying. So, I want to open a business that provides equal education rights for children, wherein people from all sorts of backgrounds, poor,  orphan or belonging to backward class could come and get the world class education that they do deserve.

What was your favorite activity when you were a child?

I remember enjoying reading a lot as a child. I used to read my English literature books, history books and civics books many a times to just get a taste of what happens and how the world operates.


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