Speaking Part 2( Cue Card): Activity to stay healthy

Speaking Part 2: Cue Card
Tell about an activity you do to stay healthy.
  • What is it?
  • When did you start it?
  • When you do it?
  • Why you do it?

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Sample Answer

Health is wealth is a famous proverb which says that health is more precious than money. It is always good to lead a healthy life and stay active. Any physical activity does not guarantee a long life but it definitely ensures a healthy life. . Few years back, I was having some health issues due to my unhealthy lifestyle. So, I picked up yoga to stay healthy and fit. In order to remain healthy and fit I do yoga every morning, for an hour.  Yoga is a perfect blend of pranayama and meditation. Therefore, it not only enhances my physical strength but also improves my mental health. It also keeps me positive and energetic throughout the day.

Although yoga was originated in ancient India, nowadays, the whole world is practicing it. The benefits of yoga are often misunderstood that its benefits are only limited to the physical level. However, yoga establishes a balance between our mind, body and soul. . Yoga poses strengthen our bones and muscles. Sun Salutation and Kapaal Bharti pranayama are highly useful techniques for weight loss. Therefore, yoga controls our mind and actions, thereby, offers an overall fitness.

Now, yoga has become an integral part of my life. It not only controls my weight but also helps me to relieve stress and anxiety.  Being a regular practitioner, I have highly benefitted by this physical exercise. It has improved my immunity and provided inner peace as well. I have not only become healthy but have also become calm and composed. Due to yoga and meditation I remain happy and peaceful. As a result, I am able to maintain healthy relations with everyone around me.

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Speaking Part 2( cue card): A special food you recently had.

Speaking Part 2:

A special food that you recently had in an event?

  • What the event was?
  • When and where the event took place?
  • What the food was?
  • Why it was special?

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Sample Answer

Food is one of our basic needs. Certainly, we need food to survive. Nevertheless, we need varieties of tasty cuisines to relish and feel satisfied. Food stimulates our brains and provides us satisfaction. Being raised in an Indian family, delicious food has always been my weakness. Food is the source of bringing family and friends together on different occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, holidays etc. Great and long lasting memories are created while having lunch or dinner together. Everyone is fond of some or the other type of food, depends on the taste and ethnicity.

My birthday has recently gone. My younger sister had organised a small surprise party for me at our home. She invited all my close friends. Though my sister does not know how to cook, she learned and cooked a special recipe for the party. She cooked litti chokha for the guests.It is popular in the states of Bihar and Jharkhand.

Litti looks like a small ball made up of whole wheat flour whereas chokha is prepared by mashed brinjal, potatoes and tomatoes together. Traditionally, littis were roasted over coal or cow-dung cakes but now the same can be roasted in a microwave. The richness of the dish is increased when a dollop of ghee is poured over the litti balls .It is a main course recipe. It has an authentic flavour of ginger, garlic and Indian spices. It is generally served with spicy pickels and green chutney.

We all liked the dish and appreciated my sister for the efforts she put in to learn and cook a traditional recipe. This dish is special to me as it was prepared by my sister for the first time just to surprise me . I was really touched by her sweet gesture of love and care.

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Speaking Part 1: Favorite Actor/Actress

Speaking Part 1
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Topic :Actor/ Actress

Q 1. Your favourite actor?

Ans 1. My favourite actor is Keanu Reeves. He is very handsome and charming. He is not only a good actor in reel life but also a great person in real life. Instead of having a difficult life, his rise to stardom is appreciable. Although he is a famous Hollywood celebrity, he throws no starry tantrums. He often hangs out with homeless people and treats everyone as equals. He does a lot of charity and gives donations.

Ques 2. Have you ever seen actors in real life?

Ans 2. A) No, I have never seen actors in real life but I would love to meet my favourite actor at least once in my lifetime.

B) Yes, I have seen actors in real life too. Last year I went to Mumbai on official trip. I saw many Bollywood celebrities at Mumbai Airport. I also got the chance to click photographs with two of them. Meeting a celebrity is always a memorable moment.

Ques 3.Do you want to become an actor?

Ans 3. A) No, I don’t want to become an actor. I’ve always focused on my studies and   never thought of becoming an actor. I wish to become a doctor because they provide treatment for different types of diseases. They also save lives.

B) Yes, I want to become an actor because that’s my dream since my childhood. Moreover, I am pursuing a bachelor’s degree in arts, drama, acting and performing. I think I am a born actor and have excellent acting skills. So, I am more interested in doing what I am best at.

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Speaking Part 1: Area you live in.

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Speaking Part 1

Topic : Area

Q1. Talk about the area you live in?

Ans 1. I live in Dehradun. It is a beautiful city and also the capital of Uttarakhand.

Q2. What are the changes you have noticed?

Ans 2. In the last few years, many changes have taken place in this city. Ever since, it has become the capital of Uttarakhand, the property rates have inflated dramatically. The population of Dehradun has also increased as many people have migrated from other cities and got settled here. As a result, the number of vehicles has also increased. The city has become crowded and congested. Many shopping malls have been constructed in the city. The existing market area has also been expanded and renovated.

Q3.What are the changes you want there?

Ans 3. In my opinion, traffic is the major problem in this city. In order to solve this problem, the government should build more flyovers to accommodate the traffic volume. The interior part of the city should also be made more systematic and organised.

Q4.Do you like crowded place? Why?

Ans 4. I really avoid going to a crowded place. I am an introvert and I really feel uncomfortable at a busy place. Moreover, the level of uneasiness increases if I am alone in the crowd.

Q5. When was the last time you were in a crowded place?

Ans 5. I have attended my cousin’s marriage few days ago. It was a grand wedding ceremony and about 2000 people were invited. The venue was fully occupied by the people. I think, that was the last time when I faced a crowd.

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