IELTS CUE CARD: Describe a foreign country you have never been to.


Describe a foreign country you have never been to :

  • You should say?
  • Where the county is?
  • When you will go there?
  • Why you would like to go there and explain why this is a good country to visit?

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Sample Answer

My whole family is a travel freak. Every year during summer vacation we make a plan to explore a new destination across the globe. While choosing a destination we always keep in mind preference of each family member. We’ve visited many countries of the Middle East, like Egypt, Bahrain, Kuwait, Jordan, and a few countries from the Eastern region like Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand etc.  Now, we are keen to visit whole Europe, There are many countries in the Europe and covering all the countries in one go cannot be possible. We always prefer to visit each destination thoroughly that is why we have decided to take one destination at a time. This year we all have decided to go to Italy. The main reason behind choosing Italy as our first travel destination in Europe is that my father was a history teacher before retirement. He used to recite many stories about Roman history, his stories have inculcated interest in us to visit Italy one day. Italy is called the golden boot of Europe as it has a boot shape picture in European map.

There are various other reasons as well behind selecting Italy as a first country to get into Europe. Not to speak of only rich cultural heritage of Italy, this country is full of monuments, sculptures and many others breathtaking views. Rome is famous for one of the seven wonders of world, the leaning tower of Pisa. Venice and Florence cities are famous for its natural beauties. Because of its picturesque views many Hollywood and Bollywood movies have also been picturized there.

Italian cuisines are world famous. Who doesn’t know about mouthwatering Italian pizzas? They are the talk of the world.

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IELTS CUE CARD: Describe a memorable job you once had.


Describe a memorable job you once had

  • Where this job was?
  • When you did this job?
  • What you did in this job?

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Sample Answer

I’ve been working for a long time. I started my career ten years ago, in the year 2008. I was pursuing my post-graduation diploma in Travel and Tourism, Many companies used to visit our institute to hire fresher. I had been lucky enough to get my first job opportunity during campus placement. I got selected with one of the reputed companies in Travel industry, Abercrombie and Kent destination management. They run many offices across the globe and their head office is in New York .Anyone from Travel industry, somewhere deep in heart they keep a feeling to work with this reputed organisation. It is a USA based inbound travel company, provide all travel facilities to their clients. I got an opportunity to work with them in their Delhi Office, located near Delhi Haat.

Although I was working there as a trainee, my work always got recognised and appreciated by higher authorities. I was responsible for all the travel arrangements for their foreign delegates who used to come to attend seminars and conferences from different parts of the world. This job gave me a chance to meet people from different cultural background. That not only boosted my confidence of public speaking but also got me acquainted with many different languages.

No other job could have given me such an exposure at the beginning of my career. It was the milestone of my career that helped me to choose a right path. I thoroughly enjoyed my work.

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IELTS CUE CARD: A time when someone gave you money as a gift.


A time when someone gave you money as a gift.

  • When it was?
  • Who gave you money as gift?
  • What did you do with that amount?
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Sample Answer

Giving money as a gift has been a part of our culture since long back. We present money as a gift on various occasions to our relatives, loved ones and friends.

One such incident when I received money as a gift was on my birthday. My birthday falls in the month of March. So, just a month back only I got money in the form of a gift. On my birthday, early in the morning, my parents came into my room, flooded me with their precious blessings also gave me an envelope which had Rs 20,000/- in it.

My parents always ask my need and desire for my birthday present. However, surprisingly this year on my birthday instead of asking me about anything. My parents gave me money. It was very kind gesture. It gave me a sense of responsibility to utilise that amount in such a way that I can make them feel proud of their decision of giving me money as a present. They must have thought that their daughter is mature to take care of money wisely.

Initially I was confused how to spend that money as I was not in need of any particular thing. After thinking a lot, I decided to save that money for my future requirements. I always wanted to have a bank account and that amount was sufficient to open a personal bank account. I used that money to open a bank account. When my parents got to know about my decision they were overwhelmed and appreciated me a lot.

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IELTS CUE CARD: A party you went to

    A Party you went to

  • When it was ?
  • Where it was ?
  • Why did you enjoy?
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Sample Answer

I am a party lover. I am very popular among my friends and family to make every party a huge success.

I have been to many parties where I enjoyed a lot. One of the parties which I can never forget was a reception party of my best friend.

Last year my best friend got hitched to love of his life. Our whole friend circle was very happy and excited for his wedding as we all witnessed his struggle to get married with that girl. It was a thrilled journey with lots of ups and downs and finally, they both managed everything and tied a knot.

My friend threw his reception party in Goa, a place known for its most happening parties around the world. Goa was on top in all of ours bucket list. We always wanted to visit Goa along with friends. However, unusually, college days had been very hectic for us and after that all of us got busy in our professional lives. We could not get an opportunity to plan a visit to Goa together. To keep in mind all of ours dream to visit Goa, my friend decided to throw that party in Goa. On a sunny day, at one of the most famous beaches of Goa, all the preparations were made to celebrate this auspicious occasion. We were all gathered there to be a part of his new journey.

His wedding reception became a great reason for all one of us to meet with each other after a long time. We spent a quality time there. That party had all the arrangements to cater the need of every age group of people.We enjoyed his reception party thoroughly as well as relived our college life moments.

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