IELTS Speaking Sample Questions # Communication

IELTS SPEAKING SAMPLE QUESTIONS # COMMUNICATION , IELTSBAND7 DEHRADUNCommunication is the way of interacting with people and this interaction is often two ways! You express your opinions and talk your way out. Opinions need to be shared and there are different ways of doing it. You can do it either using spoken words or using written words. This time we are looking at Part III of the speaking section which talks about the ways of communication and the different ways of communicating.

What are the main differences between spoken and written communication?

Spoken and written communications, I believe are two different aspects of communication and come with their own varied differences. Written communication is stronger as compared to the spoken words because it is only when the words are written down so they get the meaning and confirmation to be true.

To what extent do you think the media influences how people communicate with each other?

Media has a major impact on the way people communicate with each other, it is the media that provides the people with the content. Even more, hearing too much of negative news often brings out the worst in individuals as they are surrounded by negativity all the time.

Do you think there are differences in the way men and women communicate?

Men and women are two different species and so do have different ways of communicating. Their thought process is different and their way of communicating henceforth is unique. Although I am not in a favor of grouping the two, most men are likely to be a bit louder, use more humor and while communicating tend to use more flamboyant words. On the other hand, women are slightly gentler when talking. They tend to be more respectful of the other person and use gestures while interacting.

Do you think that people become better communicators as they get older?

Communication is something I believe comes with time. Some people tend to become better as they grow old, but I think it is more of a matter of experience rather than just age. For instance, someone who has always lived a bit aloof with most people might not be good at communicating with people when compared with someone who has been very indulgent with people around.

Do you agree that education has a strong and positive effect on people’s ability to communicate effectively?

Education does not teach much about communication when only going to school or colleges is considered. This is something that most of the generation gets to do. What matters is how the students have utilized the education system. Some of the students get bullied in schools and colleges and this does impact the way of their communication in later life.

What impact has the growth of technology had on the way people communicate and how do you think this will develop in the future?

Technology has seriously impacted the way people communicate more than anything else. Gone are the days when people communicated using letters, we are now communicating in a click using smartphones and the internet. With technologies advancing, things are definitely going to get better or for that matter different. There is a possibility of being able to interact with people in virtual environments as well.

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IELTS Speaking Sample Questions # Languages

Languages are meant for communication and with billions of people living around in the world, there are many languages through which people communicate. There are bilingual people, multilingual people and then there are many who cannot speak. This time we are looking at an IELTS speaking test that talks about the languages.

  • Which languages do you speak?

I am fluent in two languages, Hindi and English. Hindi being my mother tongue is what I use when I need to communicate with my family members or for that matter in personal life. I use English for all of my professional interactions. Also, I am learning to speak some of the vernacular languages like Oriya and Tamil.

  • Do you think it’s important for children to learn a foreign language?

Learning multiple languages always gives children and added advantage because when children can speak a foreign language it increases their aptitude. Even more, when a person gets into the habit of learning new languages, they can learn even more and often mixing different languages gives a good variant to people when interacting with different kinds of people.

  • When did you start learning a foreign language?

It has been a year since I have started learning French and I have become quite adept in the language. However, there are some intricacies that I still need to work upon!

  • Do you enjoy learning languages?

Yes, I definitely do. Learning languages is always fun and my goal is to someday learn all the vernacular languages of India.

  • What activity do you find most useful for learning English?

Learning English has been the best experience for me. I have been into an English medium school but learning English for the future opportunities for exhilarating for me. But, the fun exercises that we did were pretty amazing. One of them was a couple vocab. So, a person would say a vocabulary word and the other person has to speak off its meaning!! It really helped me to understand the words and remember them .

  • What do you find most difficult about learning English?

The grammer and the different usages of it . It really does frustrates me at times because of the different variants that the language offers to the readers. For example , there is advice and then advise both pronounced similar but there are still differences.

  • Are there any other languages you would like to learn in the future?
  1. I would love to learn French some day. It would be nice to lean a langaula that teaches so much about pronunciation and how it can really impact the words that are coming our of our mouth.

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IELTS Speaking Sample Questions # Music

Music has changed over a period of decade in the world but the truth still remains that it is one of the most important aspects of life. Many successful people have agreed on to the fact that it is music that has often brought them from the toughest times of their lives. This time, we are looking at the iELTS Speaking cue cards section and give you the sample questions for a cue card recently asked.

Talk about a place where people like to listen to music –

You should say –

– where it is located

– how you heard about the place

– what kind of music you can hear

and say what kind of people usually go there.

It has been two years since Iam living in Bhubaneswar and they have been the most beautiful of the two years of my life. The city has different options to explore and recently I came across a unique place named Musically! It has recently opened up, probably after the name of the app musically and is located at the biggest mall of the city.

The place has all sort of music ranging from the hits of the 90s to the remixed version of them currently hitting the market. Even more, there are songs of around 24 languages from across the world and available for listening online. People come over to the place and have two options. They can either choose to buy songs available or can listen to them from around 100 earphones available in the store.

One can find all categories of people.There are young people listening to the raps and then the older generation listening to the lata mangeshkar songs. What Ilike about the place is that all the music enthusiast come over to the place and enjoy their love for music, often exchanging the kind of songs they like and then talking all about it.

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IELTS Speaking sample question – Robots

IELTS Speaking sample question – Robots

In today’s times we are surrounded by machines, robots and humans have been in more than one way or another been replaced by machines in numerous fields. Machines that are able to perform tasks just like humans and in a more effective manner are called robots however, Scientists nowadays are adding more human like programs to these electrical machines so that they are able to understand us better.
Q1.Can Robots replace humans?
ANS.In these ever demanding times where human need is growing every second we need every helping hand possible. Robots have been around for some time but its only now that their demands has sky rocketed and they are being replaced by humans in many a fields but it’s us humans who made them in the first place so even if they are more productive than humans in certain tasks they will never be able to replicate human like emotions or understanding as these kinds of programs cannot be designed. Every human is different and there are 7 billion people on this planet so even if they do design programs based on emotions and ideas it will be catering to the entire idea of generalisation rather than just focusing on an individual.
Q2.Have you ever seen any robots, Where?
ANS.Well recently I went to this event which was held at Pragiti maidan in Delhi. It was for the promotion of an upcoming Hollywood film titled Transformers. The movie is set in an alternate universe where humans and robots fight side by side against enemies from another planet which are also Robots. There were a lot of robots on display but the one that got everybody’s attention was a robot called “Bumble bee”. It was a huge mechanical person which was bright yellow in colour and was loaded with guns and all kinds of ammunition. The most striking feature about that robot was that it could transform itself into a car which left everybody in attendance stunned. I was surely astonished at this marvellous feat as something which was only possible in magazines and movies now exists in real life too.
Q3.Give an example of a common robot in use
ANS.As mentioned earlier there are many kinds of robots in use but the most common one that is used in every modern household are irobot vacuum cleaners. These are smart circular devices that help in cleaning your house. They are programmed in such a manner that once switched on they go around the entire house and vacuum the floor. The in-built program helps them map the area so no area gets cleaned twice and also they are able to hover around the house without damaging any furniture as the in-built sensors, motion detectors are able to detect any object or movement in their path. These machines cost a lot but they are worth every penny as they have been thoroughly tried and tested in different corners of the earth and the results are overwhelming.


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