Speaking Part 1


Q 1. Describe yourself?

A 1. I am a life-long learner as I believe in a continuous and self-motivated pursuit of knowledge. Furthermore, I accept both success and failure with a positive attitude, without blaming others. I am a responsible and an accountable person as I take complete responsibility of my actions.

Q 2.  Do people in your country prefer to live in cities or countryside?

A 2. People in country prefer to live in cities because they can get better education there. In addition ,they also get all types of facilities in cities, like hospitals, transport etc. Life becomes easier in cities.

Q 3. Do you think time is important?

A 3. Time is more valuable than money as it cannot be earned, saved and invested for future use. I believe a time gone never comes back, it is lost forever. Therefore, we shouldn’t be careless with our time.

Q 4. How often do you wear watch?

A 4. I try to make the best use of my time, so I always prefer wearing watch. Since I have developed this habit of wearing a wrist watch, I have become more attentive to how I spend my day in a productive manner.

Q 5. Are you punctual?

A 5.  I am very punctual as I value my time as well as the time of others. Punctuality helps you establish yourself as a dependable and reliable person.

Q 6. Where did you get your watch?

A 6. My father gifted me this watch on my last birthday, therefore, it is very close to my heart.

Q 7. What do you use your watch for?

A 7. I have a smart watch. It can be used for many purposes. I can get directions using GPS over this watch. It works as a good fitness tracker as it can count steps, distance, calorie, heart rate, pulse rate, and sleep etc. Moreover, we can receive calls or reply to SMS through this watch.

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Speaking Part 2: Cue Card: Something important you lost

Speaking Part 2

Something important you lost.

  1. What it was?
  2. When and where you lost it?
  3. How you felt after losing it?
Sample Answer

I still remember, me and my colleagues were going to have coffee at a café next to our office building. I was carrying a wallet in my hand so that I could make payment afterwards. We all enjoyed the coffee and I decided to pay. When I was going towards the counter, I got an important business call. Somehow, I managed to pay the amount while being busy on the phone. We enjoyed our coffee and went back to work. An hour later, my friend asked me, if I could borrow him thousand bucks. In order to give him the money, I started searching for my wallet and all my efforts went in vain. Soon, I realized that probably I had lost my wallet somewhere in the café only.

That day, I could clearly understand the emotional cost of losing something you love.  That wallet was too close to my heart as it was a birthday gift from by my father. Therefore, I considered that wallet as my lucky charm .Losing something you love is a difficult situation to cope with. Loss is a loss whether it is big or small. It makes you feel that something you possessed is no longer with you.

Moreover, I was also carrying some important documents like ID card, driving license, and credit cards etc. in my wallet. I straight away went to police station to report the matter and get a copy of the official police report. Further, I had to borrow money from my friend to reach home. Overall that incident disturbed me and my life for some time.

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IELTS Speaking Cue Card: Describe your Favourite Song

IELTS Speaking Part 2

Describe your favourite song.

  • Which song is it?
  • Why you like it?
  • When you first heard it?
  • Why you feel attached to it?
Sample Answer

My favourite song is “Skyfall”. It is the theme song of the James Bond film named “Skyfall. It is an orchestral pop song performed by English singer Adele. She had also co-written the Skyfall theme with Paul Epworth. They both have won Grammy for this song in the category of ‘Best Song Written for Visual Media’. The song is based on the plot, about two people being together to face all the obstacles of life courageously.

This song has always been close to my heart since I first heard it. My friend made me hear this song while driving back to home from our office. We both like watching series of James Bond movies and this song sounds exactly like a typical Bond song. I loved it straight away and played it again and again. I think, this song is simple yet has a profound meaning .It truly motivates us if we correctly interprets its hidden meaning. The lyrics of this song are in sync with the plot of the film. It tells about the cycle of “death and rebirth”, and how we spend the journey of life. Even in the most dreadful moment of life, we can conquer anything if we have the support of our loved ones.

The sky and the earth paradoxically coming together portrays a point where one life ends and other starts and the soul becomes free. In the beginning of this song, the music is very slow, light and soothing, makes me feel serene and composed. Gradually, it becomes bold, strong and exhilarating. Whenever I listen to this song, it empowers me and gives me a combined sense of excitement and tranquility. This song may refer to a spiritual journey of life, or the connection between two souls but it certainly gives you goose bumps. Moreover, Adele’s soul-stirring voice definitely compliments it well.

Overall, I feel that orchestral music is so versatile, which gives you a mixed kind of emotions while listening to it. Due to such kind of music, this song has become deep, beautiful and uplifting.

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IELTS Speaking Cue Card: Spending money on furnishing our homes

Speaking (Part 2)

Describe how people spend time and money on furnishing their homes.

  • How décor is important in a home?
  • In what way furnishings reflect the homeowner’s personality?
  • In what ways people spend money on home furnishings?
  • How does fashion affect interior design?
Sample Answer

A house is indeed its owner’s pride and identity. Everyone has a dream to own a beautiful and comfortable house. Decorating a house is important not only for the owner but for the visitors too as it exhibits our personality and lifestyle. It also enhances the aesthetic beauty and utility of a house.

Choice of a house and its décor largely depends on an individual’s personality, income, need and lifestyle. People having higher income are likely to spend more on beautification. They will buy luxurious things to decorate their homes like chandeliers, branded furniture and paintings etc. On the other hand, people with limited income will opt for a basic décor. We can have a better quality of life inside our homes by choosing the right type of furniture, lighting, colours and accessories. However, on an average, people spend around ten percent of their total budget on furnishing irrespective of their age and income.

Everything usually starts with fashion. Clothes we wear and the place we inhabit represent our choices and preferences. When it comes to fashion, everyone has a personal aesthetic that we like to show to others. The same applies to our homes as well. Apart from this, due to pattern recognition and colour psychology, some trends never fade away. Every now and then we introduce new and exciting changes in the interior to keep our home fresh and trendy. By following various trends, we can develop our own style sensibility and find the best decor to incorporate in our living space.

To conclude, we can say that being an important part of our house, decoration cannot be overlooked. Home, not only has a direct impact on our well-being but also decides our status in the society. Hence, it has become more than a shelter now.

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