IELTS Speaking Cue Card: A special cake you had

Describe a special cake you had

  • what kind of cake it was
  • when you ate the cake
  • who you ate the cake with
  • and explain why you think this cake was special.
Sample answer

I do tend to have a bit of a sweet tooth and it just so happens that cakes are my all-time favourite treats. Today, I’ll talk about an absolutely delicious cake that I had some time back.

Last week I went to Mussorie with my family. Naturally the journey from Delhi to Mussorie was quite long and it left us exhausted. So, we decided to go to a café for refreshments. After strolling about and absorbing the general atmosphere, we came across a café named Lovely Loaves. It seemed to be quite an old café. We went inside. It was a quiet place with a certain antique charm. Their menu offered a wide range of coffees, sandwiches and other sweet assortments. I ordered a cappuccino with a slice of mixed fruit cake to the side. My parents chose to order sandwiches.

At first glance, the cake was lovingly decorated with almonds, cashews and hazelnuts, it had some sort of brown sugar powder sprinkled on the frosting. Form the side you could see the crème filling and the little fruit pieces. Every savoury little bite was infused with the rich warm flavour of fresh fruits, filled with fluffy vanilla sponging. The treat was sinfully divine, in fact I adored it so much I asked for another piece. My parents too each took a forkful from the gourmet treat. They loved it as well and were inclined to order one of their own too.

I felt that that cake was special and that it had a certain warmth to it, a quality which is not found in many things nowadays. The love which it was made with, made sure that the quantity and quality of each ingredient was just-right. From the crumbly flakiness of the sponge to the blissful sweetness in the drizzled frosting, the cake was and will be one of the best things I have ever eaten. When I go back to visit Mussorie, I will without a doubt revisit Lovely Loaves.


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IELTS Speaking cue card: Describe something you taught to your friend/relative

Describe something you taught to your friend/relative
You should say:

  • what you taught him/her
  • when it was
  • how long it was for
  • and explain how you felt about it
Sample answer

I enjoy teaching and imparting my knowledge with others. Today, I’m going to talk about a time when I taught mathematics to one of my friends.

It’s been quite long, around 10 years. I was pursuing my Bachelor’s from Kurukshetra University. The course comprised three majors: mathematics, science and computer science. Mathematics was a challenging subject. Despite that I obtained excellent grades in mathematics. Sadly, my close friend, Rohit, didn’t get good grades in his first semester exams.  He was unable to understand the fundamentals of calculus and trigonometry. He asked me if I could help him. I willingly agreed.

I started teaching him in the evening. Initially, nothing seemed to move forward as Rohit didn’t have a strong foundation in maths. But, his willingness to learn kept us going. We kept on trying and after a lot of hard work for months, I could see a change in his level.

Overall, I loved sharing my knowledge with Rohit. This help wasn’t out of obligation but out of true friendship to boost his confidence and help him develop his mathematical skills. Being a student, teaching him was a tough task for me as well. At times I had to come up with a new idea to make him understand the question. He always gave his 100% and we managed to successfully clear all mathematics exams together. It was an achievement for both of us, and I will never regret helping a friend in need.


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IELTS Speaking Sample Questions # Photograph

Describe a time when someone took a nice photograph of you. You should say :

  • when was it taken?
  • who took it?
  • what was happening?

also, explain, why did you like it?


Photographs are an important part of my life and I believe they do capture moments that help us cherish the memories in so much better ways. Although, I do not like clicking single photos, I remember one particular photo of mine.

We had went to Visakhapatnam on an office trip and were relaxing on the beach. It was during that period I had recently bought a DSLR camera for myself and was busy clicking photographs of everyone. After few places, we landed up in Yarada beach. It is one of the most beautiful rock beaches in Vishakapatnam.

We were chilling on the rocks sitting together when my eyes struck the ocean and I got lost in its beauty. It was a far fetching port and one could clearly see the rocks on one side and the blue sea on the other. At one point a ship was crossing the sea and I clicked a photograph. Later, I came to know that a colleague of mine clicked a photograph of me capturing the ship.

The photograph captures me in between the rocks and the sea looking at the far fetched sea. To me, it reflects the person I am. Carefree, lovable and far sighted. It shows my love for camera and ocean, making it one of my favorite pictures.


IELTS Speaking cue card: A recent change in your life

Describe a recent change in your life
You should say:
• what the change was
• when it happened
• how you felt about it
• and explain if it was a positive or negative change for you

Sample Answer

Changes are an integral part of our life. Today, I’m going to talk about a recent change that I brought about in my life.
I am pursuing a 4-year diploma in hotel management. It’s is a full-time course which includes a lot of lectures and practical work. Spending long hours in college, part-time work, and project work in the library, not to mention other responsibilities – all of them started taking their toll on me. I became stressed, sleep deprived and cranky. I was generally frustrated, short-tempered and unhappy.

My friends posed an intervention and told me they were worried for me, this statement really awakened me. I thought I could handle the stress but seeing them suffer the side effects of my workaholism, I decided to do something about it.

I joined yoga classes in the morning. Initially, I felt that this might be a waste of time but I was proven wrong when my classmates said I looked happier and refreshed. I myself noticed a change in my aura and productivity.

This change redefined my outlook on things, I noticed that little things do in fact matter. In today’s fast-paced world, we have forgotten the true essence of life. We should keep on making small experimental changes in our life. They give it a splash of colour. All in all, this change had a positive impact on me and my loved ones. I will definitely continue to do yoga no matter where I go.


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