Practice Vocabulary -101

Do you want to achieve great band in IELTS. Well, in that case go on practice vocabulary and find the right word.

Practice Vocabulary

    1. New research reveal that as threatening as they may feel, _____________ relationships can often enhance social and emotional development more than they can impede.
      1. illicit
      2. harmonious
      3. cosmic
      4. Cross-cultural
    2. Google’s __________ for collecting vast amounts of data about its users and their online habits has prompted increasing fears that Google could become a threat to consumer privacy.
      1. Counter-hegemonic
      2. histrionics
      3. appetite
      4. ingenuity
    3. Working women who double as care givers still carry a disproportionate load of household ________, even as men have begun shouldering responsibilities.
      1. groceries
      2. ceremonies
      3. frugalities
      4. chores
Practice Vocabulary-101

Vocabulary Words

    1. Some wealthy investors are still ___________ away from the stock market, but others consider the recent yo-yo streak a blip and are thinking more seriously about equities.
      1. whiling
      2. screening
      3. shying
      4. blistering
  1. Although adolescent maturation and developmental states occur in an orderly sequence, their timing ______ with regard to onset and duration.
    1. lasts
    2. varies
    3. falters
    4. accelerates

1- 4
2- 3
3- 4
4- 3
5- 2

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Be In The Race

Don’t worry about whether you will get a band 8 or 7 or 9 in IELTS, as long as you were in the race, you haven’t lost. read more and find out what does it means to be in a race.

The three Rs
Sentence-: you need to be efficient with the three Rs to succeed in life.
Meaning-: reading,w(r)iting, and a(r)ithmetic, regarded as the fundamentals of elementary education
Pull a rabbit out of the hat
Sentence-: the people often at the lower level of government tend to pull the rabbit out of the hat.
Meaning-: used to describe an action that is fortuitous, and may involve sleight of hand or deception
Work the rabbit’s foot on
Sentence-: If you work the rabbit’s foot on don’t expect to have honest people coming your way.
Meaning-: cheat or trick
Be in the race
Sentence-: winning or losing is one aspect, but what is more important is, were you in the race.
Meaning-: have a chance of success

A race against time
Sentence-: often people who race against time are the ones who succeed, more than the ones who just know how to blame time.
Meaning-: a situation in which someone attempts to do or complete something before a particular time or before something else happens

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Thick As Plank

When educated people don’t understand their responsibility, people who are thick as plank often get the responsibility. Read more to find out who gets the responsibility.

The thick of something
Sentence-: chandni chowk is the thick of delhi.
Meaning-: the busiest or most crowded part of something
Thick and fast
Sentence-: I need the results thick and fast.
Meaning-: rapidly and in great numbers
Thick as thieves
Sentence-: by the age of 20 you have someone with whom you are thick as thieves.
Meaning-: very closely or friendly; sharing secrets
Thick as two planks
Sentence-: people who are thick as two planks often tend to behave as if they are the most intelligent.
Meaning-: very stupid
Have a thin time
Sentence-: I left the job because of the thin time it had.
Meaning-: have a wretched or uncomfortable time
Mark something with a white stone
Sentence-: My admissions in Harvard School are marked with the white stone.
Meaning-: regard something to be very good or auspicious
Show The White Feather
Sentence-:This is the battle time, you cannot show the white feather.
Meaning-: behave cowardly
A white elephant
Sentence-: This phone for me not a white elephant.
Meaning-: a possession that is expensive to keep and dispose often useless
Whiter than white
Sentence-: That saint you see on television, unlike others is whiter than white
Meaning-: morally beyond reproach
A widow’s mite
Sentence-:I was saved just because of a widow’s mite.
Meaning-: a monetary contribution from someone who is poor


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