Practice Vocabulary -101

Do you want to achieve great band in IELTS. Well, in that case go on practice vocabulary and find the right word.

Practice Vocabulary

    1. New research reveal that as threatening as they may feel, _____________ relationships can often enhance social and emotional development more than they can impede.
      1. illicit
      2. harmonious
      3. cosmic
      4. Cross-cultural
    2. Google’s __________ for collecting vast amounts of data about its users and their online habits has prompted increasing fears that Google could become a threat to consumer privacy.
      1. Counter-hegemonic
      2. histrionics
      3. appetite
      4. ingenuity
    3. Working women who double as care givers still carry a disproportionate load of household ________, even as men have begun shouldering responsibilities.
      1. groceries
      2. ceremonies
      3. frugalities
      4. chores
Practice Vocabulary-101

Vocabulary Words

    1. Some wealthy investors are still ___________ away from the stock market, but others consider the recent yo-yo streak a blip and are thinking more seriously about equities.
      1. whiling
      2. screening
      3. shying
      4. blistering
  1. Although adolescent maturation and developmental states occur in an orderly sequence, their timing ______ with regard to onset and duration.
    1. lasts
    2. varies
    3. falters
    4. accelerates

1- 4
2- 3
3- 4
4- 3
5- 2