cause and solution essay

It is difficult for people living in cities today to get enough exercise. Why is this the case? What can be done to solve this problem?

The amount of exercise that city dwellers get nowadays has reduced substantially in the past few years.  This essay will discuss some possible reasons, as to why people living in cities do not perform physical activities regularly and suggest solutions to this problem.

The first reason is that, there is a shortage of designated areas for exercising in cities. Due to mass migration of people from rural to urban areas, cities have become overcrowded. Therefore, towns do not have enough space to accommodate the ever increasing population and public places are used by government for constructing houses. As a result, people struggle to find places where they can exercise. Another reason is that, people in cities are now busier than in the past. They work for long hours to make a living for themselves and their families. Hence, they have limited time after work to go to the gym or perform physical exercises.

Certainly, there are several ways to tackle this issue. Firstly, the government should provide more facilities to public for workout, such as opening public parks, sports and yoga centres. Moreover, these amenities can be made free of cost and maintained properly in order to attract people. If more gymnasiums, public parks or yoga centres are provided to the public, people will definitely use them. Secondly, companies can construct a small area in their premises for performing exercise, where employees can work out after their working hours are finished. In addition to this, people should also prioritise their health over work and money and make small changes in their lifestyle. For instance, people can walk the stairs instead of using escalators or elevators.

To sum up, the lack of space and time are the main constraints that discourage urban dwellers from getting enough exercise. However, building exercising facilities and people’s own initiative can solve this problem.

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Fly to Canada on a Study Visa* during Pandemic – Support Letter

Fly to Canada on a Study Visa* during Pandemic – Support Letter

Airport officials and Immigration officers are asking for a Support Letter. This letter is issued by the relevant College/University authorities and includes all student information by which one will get permission to board their pre-booked flight.

The four main features of a Support Letter are as follows:

1. Student name, program enrollment and fee submission status.

2. Online enrollment status.

3. Reasons for necessary travel. Some relevant points are given as follows:

-Bad internet connectivity: having insufficient bandwidth available to properly attend online classes.

-Electricity Issues: unreliable power supply leading to frequent power cuts and outages.

-Time Zone Issues: inability to study online due to very large time zone differences.

4. 14 day Quarantine Period: mentioning that one will be self quarantining for 14 days along with details of where the planned stay will be, in a hotel or with relatives, is a crucial aspect of the Support Letter. 

Please remember to make a Departure File as well, this should include all the other relevant documents required by the airport officials when they ask for it.

In the current circumstances it is recommended to arrive 5-6 hours early so as to overcome long queues and smoothly complete all formalities such as check-ins or immigration.

Best wishes to everyone who is going study in Canada, have a safe journey. 



*Terms and Conditions apply: Study Visa should have been issued prior to 18th March 2020.

writing essay task 2 about mobile phones and social interaction

IELTS writing essay task 2 about mobile phones and social interaction
Some people say that technology such as mobile phones (cell phones) is destroying social interaction.  
Do you agree or disagree?  

writing essay task 2 about mobile phones and social interaction

Sample Answer: 

Mobile communication has become ingrained in our modern society as not only a necessity but also as a force of habit. When required to establish communication with a person, most of us would prefer to do it online. For good reasons too, we get to plan our responses better, as well as be in a comfortable environment and have a sense of control on the length of the interaction. Essentially, we remain in our comfort zones.   
Whether or not this is destroying social interaction as a whole is open for debate.  Where some say it helps in dealing with anxiety others question the outright aversion phenomenon it has given rise to. My personal opinion on the same stands somewhere in the middle.   
While I feel that we are indeed losing the touch of the art of social interplay, it is within reason to assume this was inevitable as seen by the rise in far more casual exchanges with our superiors and elders. This is, however, no excuse for the careless use of devices to actively be rudely preoccupied in actual dialogue or utilizing devices to avoid them altogether. While face to face interactions might seem to be a far more daunting task, they are oftentimes equally rewarding. It is far easier to persuade people in person than it is through a screen, hence why sales employees are still present and thriving in a world threatened by automation. 
Whatever one might say but one has to admit that physical association is simply inescapable. One will have to get out and interact with peers eventually. Hence why I would conclude in saying that both means of communication have their own perks and thus neither is a threat to the other. Mobiles will continue to act as personal messengers and humans will continue to interact socially, be it through the medium of a screen or otherwise. As long as etiquette is maintained in mobile usage there is no threat to public communication. (329 Words)
Useful words and their meanings
Ingrained  (of beliefs) so firmly held that they are not likely to change
Outright  complete
(a person or thing that causes) a feeling of strong dislike or of not wishing to do something 
Inevitable certain to happen
Persuade to make someone do or believe something by giving them a good reason to do it or by talking to that person and making them believe it

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Cue Card – Talk about someone who travels often by plane

IELTS Cue Card Talk about someone who travels often by plane

Talk about someone who travels often by plane

You should say

  • Who this person is?
  • Where do they travel to?
  • Why do they travel frequently?
  • And describe how you feel about them traveling so frequently.

IELTS Cue Card Talk about someone who travels often by plane

Sample Answer

Air travel is a modern moral conundrum, but for some people it is unavoidable due to their job description. I will talk about my friend, Maximillian who is a pilot. He used to travel by air in nine-hour shifts for international flights, though currently, the airlines have suspended all travel due to Covid-19.

He is what one would call a true globetrotter, he loves to travel, and even takes his family abroad for his vacations. Whenever I call him I expect a new answer to the question, “Where are you?”. Due to this we have even stopped playing Atlas on our monthly game nights; it’s so unfair, he always wins.

But I’m glad to have a friend like him, he tells great stories and really puts into perspective how the world works. Although sometimes I do wonder how much air pollution the industry causes, I can hardly fault him for doing his job.

Max has traveled to both exceedingly wealthy countries and pitifully impoverished nations. He likes to tell us about his stays at various locations. I would say, due to his traveling he is the most worldly of us. He is a telling example of how travelling can broaden our horizons and influence our personality positively. His undeniable humility can attest to the same. I am proud that he does what he loves, that his job not only teaches him, but by extension also us, his friend group.

Useful words and their meanings

Conundrum – a problem that is difficult to deal with

Globetrotter – someone who often travels to a lot of different countries

Impoverished – very poor

Humility – the quality of not being proud because you are aware of your bad qualities

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