Talk about a tv series you remember

  • -what series is it
  • -who are the characters
  • -what do you like/dislike about it


Sample Answer

In this day and age, there are hundreds of TV channels broadcasting news, soap operas, reality shows, sports events etc. There is something for the people of varied interests and choices. Here I would like to talk about an American fantasy drama series called “game of thrones”. I began watching it few years back when one of our family friends recommended it to us. It’s an adaptation of A song of ice and fire, George R. R. Martin’s series of fantasy novels, the first of which is A game of thrones. It has an ensemble cast estimated to be the largest on television. The series premiered on HBO in 2011 and its seventh season ended in 2017. The concluding season 8 would be broadcasted next year. The story revolves around the iron throne of the seven kingdoms and follows a web of alliances and conflicts among the noble families fighting for the throne. Game of thrones has attracted record viewership including active broad international fan base.
The series is filmed in one the most magnificent and breathtakingly beautiful locations in the UK, Canada, Iceland, morocco, Spain and the US. The costumes and sets take the viewers back in time and captivate them throughout the serial. The series exhibit the most extraordinary cinematography skills, animation and graphics including the giants and dragons which seem absolutely real. Even a few video games have come up inspired by the game of thrones. The only thing which I dislike is excessive violence in some of the serials. (255 Words)

Q1. Do you think most people watch TV for education or for entertainment?
ANS. I personally feel that majority of viewers actually watch TV in their leisure time for entertaining themselves. Most of the channels on TV broadcast soaps, reality shows and sport events rather than education based shows. However, there are some channels exclusively telecasting lectures and tutorials which can be accessed by paying some extra subscription amount.

Q2. Should TV play a role in educating children? How?
ANS. Yes, TV can definitely be used as a medium to educate children. Mass media like television can have a profound impact on the young minds. If I talk about certain channels like Discovery science and National geographic, they have a whole range of knowledgeable shows not only for adults but for children also. When the young minds actually see what they have studied theoretically , they understand and remember the ideas in a much better way. Also, programmes on animals and environment make them sensitive about their conservation which is a must in today’s circumstances.

Q3. Do you think TV viewing habits change as people get older?
ANS. It’s undeniably true that as people age , their day to day routine and interests also change. The same is true as far as choice of contents of programmes and the time when they want to watch TV is concerned. While toddlers watch cartoons , teenagers have a keen interest in music and sports. Then, in adulthood, the focus is towards news and politics. Similarly, the elderlies like watching religion based channels.

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Resume Tips

Most of the people are busy making careers in their country, but if you are the one, who has decided that abroad is the place for you and you need to do a job in some country abroad, the first step towards getting a job is having an excellent resume.

There are several things to watch out for when writing an international resume. Undoubtedly, it requires highlighting several things in detail, such as skills, language, traveling descriptions, etc. Let us have a look at some of the resume tips that can help you write attractive resumes –

  1. Career Objective – This is the section where you need to convey the recruiter about your area of interest and about what you are looking for in a job. What you write in your resume is simply a follow up of your career objective.
  2. Education- Mentioning your education helps the recruiter to gauge through your knowledge and skill. However, when applying abroad, you are not applying just because there is a vacancy, you are applying because you need a job. In this case,it is advisable to address your knowledge and skills with relevant examples such as projects, internship, study abroad (if any), and the knowledge of a foreign language.
    3. Work Experience – Employers look for people who are self-starters, independent and have managerial skills.You can always emphasize on your work experience and transferable skills. No matter, the experience was small, it always acts as brownie points for you. It could be as small as getting a job at a coffee shop or opening your own company.

4. Professional And Personality Traits – A person when giving you a job abroad              will always look for traits such as ability to adjust to the cultural difference and new              challenges. So, mention such traits, show them that you are like able and potential              employee for the company.

5. Resume Length- Usually, the length of a resume for a recent graduate remains             one page, whereas, a candidate with several years of work experience,                                  achievements and number of employers have more information to share, hence                 the ideal length becomes a two-page resume. In case of an international resume,                  the candidate requires to mention all the above points in detail. Hence, the length                can go up to 3 or 4 pages. However, you need to make sure that  whatever you                   write in it is relevant.

So, go on, write that master piece and get the desired job.


The NOTA Choice # Group Discussion

In recent times, many democratic countries have come up with the NOTA choice for the voters. NOTA mean none of the above. You need to speak on , ” Should voters be given NOTA choice?”.
Some of the possible view points could be –

  • I am in favor of NOTA. NOTA brings democracy in true sense. Because with NOTA if a person is not interested in choosing any of the individuals, he/she can rather reject them all, instead of being forced to choose one.
  • NOTA also brings a feeling of trust among people towards the country. They are now more likely to go out and vote or maybe be more interested in the politics of the country.
  • May be NOTA does gives choices to individuals, it also brings a feeling of laid back among people. Those who never were interested in choosing the right candidate can now without pondering much, could end up choosing NOTA.
  • I think the concept of NOTA is good but the fact is that it needs to get more mature. For instance, if the number of NOTA votes exceed a particular limit, re election must be done. This can prevent an unlikely candidate to win the elections.
  • In my opinion, NOTA will not change anything. Politics is a vast ocean and it is rightly said, that a clean person can never be a politician. So, according to me, instead of giving the voters the choice of NOTA, awareness must be created in their minds regarding the candidates standing up for elections.


Albert Einstein # Day 1

Albert Einstein, hailed (to describe somebody or something as being very good or special, especially in newspapers etc.) as the greatest (extremely good and therefore admired by people) physicist (a scientist* who studies physics) of the 20th century, found the relation between energy, mass and the speed of light. That marked (made a noticeable or distinct impact) a milestone (a very important stage or event in the development of something) in human progress. He defined the special theory of relativity in 1905 and, ten years later, the General Theory of Relativity. He thus enlarged (to make something bigger) Sir Isaac Newton’s understanding of the universe. Stephen hawking, a British physicist, chose the growing field for the further study. He came up with a theory about the origin of the universe. He said that the universe began with a big bang. He predicted (to say that something will happen in the future) that the universe would end up as a huge black hole.
What is a black hole? A black hole is far out in space. It is dark because it does not reflect light, but sucks light in. You can look upon a black hole as a light guzzler (a car that needs lot of petrol). But it is not called by that name. Names often end up as misnomers (a name or a word that is not appropriate or accurate). Think of a sun Ayana with a squint (a condition of the eye muscle which causes eye to look in a different direction) or a Manohar who is as ugly (unpleasant to look at) as a toad (an unpleasant person). No black hole has a hole. In reality, it is tightly packed with matter and hence very dense (difficult to see through).
* Scientist is someone who studies one or more of natural science
Use the words given below to answer the following questions-
Hailed, greatest, physicist, mark, milestone, enlarged, predicted, guzzler, misnomers, squint, ugly, dense

The form of the words can be changed

  1. Once there was women, all naked, lying on the road, with ants wrapped all over her body. She was crying for help, but no one else did, except a lady, later came to known as mother Teresa. Which word will you use for Mother Teresa?
  2. Steve jobs is often regarded as the father of the digital revolution. He had a huge impact on youngsters and changed the way people chose their profession. What did he left behind?
  3. I am going to hide behind the wall, because no one can see me through it. From the given words which word can be used to describe the wall?
  4. When she won the Nobel Prize for peace, the entire newspapers were filled with information about her. Who she was, what she liked and how she became what she became. What did newspapers did?
  5. Alice loves science and particularly physics. She often says she wants to know everything about physics. What do you think Alice is most likely to become in future?
  6. Tanesha had many failures in his life. She got poor grades in the beginning and was even sexually exploited but falling in love changed her life forever. What did love meant to Tanesha?
  7. She never learns answers, all she does is understand the main concepts and expands them into full answers. What does she does?
  8. Alex was so sure that she will get 98% in boards that she went on to tell it confidently to others. What was Alex doing?
  9. I lose a lot of money because of my old car. The engine is so old that now it needs more petrol than others. What will you call my car?
  10. No matter what my name has ever been, people have mostly called me as either mad or mental or psycho. What are these different words people have called me by?
  11. That black and white dress irritates me because of its loud colour. So, how is the dress for me?
  12. She mostly speaks abusive language and it becomes quite irritating to be with her. What kind of a person is she?
  13. She cannot play archery as well, because of the fact that she looks in different direction. What problem is she facing?


  1. Greatest
  2. Mark
  3. Dense
  4. Hailed
  5. Physicists
  6. Milestone
  7. Enlarge
  8. Predicting
  9. Guzzler
  10. Misnomer
  11. Ugly
  12. Toad
  13. Squint


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