IELTS Cue Card Sample Answer # Skill

We are living in a world where it is all about learning. New technologies come up and come down in minutes and seconds and with so many things erupting in our lives, the only way to move forward is to learn new skills. With so many skills that are around here, there are some that take more time than others. So, this time we are looking at a cue card that talks about a skill that takes a long time to learn.

Talk about a skill that takes long time to learn. You should say –

  • what is the skill
  • have you tried learning the skill
  • why do you think it takes more time

also, explain, the challenges you faced while learning the skill.


Sample Answer One

There are many skills that require a lot of patience and interest. I am keenly interested in learning new languages as it helps us break barriers and experience different cultures and customs. It’s not easy to learn a new language as it can be something that is very different from your mother tongue and pronouncing words rightly can take years of practice.
I am very fond of Spanish culture and customs. Their excessive use of “S” sounds has always intrigued me. I went to Spain about a year ago and that’s when, I decided to learn this beautiful language. As I have recently completed my graduation and I have plenty of free time in my hand, I will be trying my hand at learning Spanish. Even though I live in a small city there are many language schools here and I’ll be taking regular classes at of those institutes.
It will be pretty difficult as my mother tongue is Hindi and we have no co-relation between the two languages. The demo classes, I took gave me an idea that it will be a daunting task but one that I’ll face with a smile on my face. I do speak English fluently but then again it has got nothing in common with the Latin languages so I’ll be spoon fed for the initial days before becoming any good at it.
Firstly, it does take a lot of time to learn a new language as adapting to new sounds and grammar is not an easy task. Various studies have shown that there is a critical period during which effective language learning takes place but at the same time for an adult like me it is a challenge. Therefore, kids are able to grasp new languages more quickly as compared to a fully grown adult. Secondly, the fact that when you learn a new language after being fluent in one or two already, your brain is not able to process it quickly as it should. It starts overriding words hence making learning even more difficult. As your lexical resource for that particular language is next to none you are not able to grasp anything quickly making the learning process a long ordeal. It is a long process and quite a difficult challenge but one that I am looking forward to the most.

Sample Answre Two

Skills are what makes or breaks a person. The more skilled an individual is the better are their chances of succeeding in life. This is what I learnt from my previous mentors. So, I have been trying out new skills for a long time. I learnt coding and then writing and also analysis. But, the one skill that I found particularly hard is writing. Writing has more flavors to it than one can think of!!

When I started to learn writing I had to work on my vocabulary and then structuring. Once both of them were done, it was then towards making sure the content is good. Moreover, there are different formats of writing, academic, blogging, general and bookish. It was only when I practiced them all for around 5 years that I did got a hold of the different forms of writing.

What is particularly difficult about writing is that you never know what will click! There never is any idea in the mind of writer. You can write the best of the blog and still not find viewers and then sometimes, something that does not satisfies you, clicks the users. Also, everyone has a unique way of writing and there is no  copy paste that an individual can do.

Sample Answer Three

Skills define an individual, the more skilled an individual is the better it is for them. Out of the different skills that I have tried to acquire, public speaking has been one of the most difficult skills to acquire for me. It has so many branches to it. So, many formats, so many customs to follow that it really seems to me as one of the most difficult skills to acquire.

There is voice modulation, stage coverage, body postures and then the content of the speech! When learning the skill of public speaking, I had to learn to interact with different individuals, because even when a person is on stage they have to make sure that the entire audience is able to interact with him or her.

I think the one thing that makes public speaking so difficult to learn is the fact that not many individuals understand that although public speaking seems like talking with many individuals, it is actually interacting with single person. Also, what is different about public speaking is the fact that it is not so much about how the person is speaking, but what he or she is sharing.

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IELTS Speaking Sample Answers #Internet


IELTS Speaking Sample Answers #Internet

Internet is one of the greatest discoveries mankind has ever made. We live in a globalised world where it has become so easy to pass information from one end of the globe to the other. Internet has changed the way we communicate and generate new ideas. It has given rise to numerous new organisations and billion dollar companies. Internet has become such an integral part of modern day society that most of our day to day activities depend upon the internet.
Q1.Do you use much during the day?
Ans.Yes, a lot of my day to day activities revolve around the use of internet. I majorly use internet for social media and to read news online. As internet has made banking services so convenient and its available 24*7, I use it to check my balance and keep a record of my transactions. For work related purposes I tend to use a lot of email and I have recently started writing content as a freelancer for a social media site. Writing content involves huge amount of research and access to loads of material which is only available on the net hence, I can say my life revolves around the internet nowadays.
Q2.What are some of the advantages of the internet?
Ans.The internet offers goods of advantages to the end user. There is an endless list that I can discuss here but my main focus will be on online shopping. Internet has changed the way we buy products. Global brands competing against each other selling millions of products over the internet has made it very convenient and beneficial for the consumer. With the click of a button goods are delivered to your doorstep and before buying the product one can read the reviews on the product left by various shoppers. Return policy is also very easy and it has also uplifted the postal services in the country as millions of products are shipped throughout the country using different courier and postal services.
Q3.Do people in your country use the internet a lot?
Ans.India is one of the largest users of internet in the world. With a massive population of 1.3 billion people and huge connectivity it has certainly changed the way we behave as a country. Smart phones are very cheap and internet tariffs cost second to none due to the ever growing competition in the telecommunication sector. Social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, twitter etc are very popular among the young generation in the country. India has the largest number of active Facebook users in the world and global internet giants are looking at it as the next big destination to expand their business. Whatsapp (an end to end encrypted messaging application) is also very popular as it does not cost anything to send messages or to make calls through this app. This app uses data rather than using talk time or message allowance provided by your network provider.
Q4.Do you do any shopping on the internet?
Ans.Yes certainly, I shop for most of my stuff online. Busy schedule and massive work load has made it very difficult for me to step out and buy products that I need for my daily needs. Toiletries, clothes, electrical devices and groceries are products that I generally buy from the internet on regular basis. Recently I came across a website that sells fresh organic fruits and vegetables and offers next day delivery so I will be trying their services in the near future as I believe in sustained farming and organic farming promotes a healthy lifestyle.
Q5.What type of internet services do you use at your office?
Ans.Most of the work at my office is related to writing mails and marketing. We have various clients across the world and we have to communicate with them in their own language. Google translate and other translation websites are used very often to make contact with these clients and develop a professional business relationship. Financial transactions and card payments are also processed through internet as the client base is international. We have to process a wide range of electronic payments and use the banking facilities on a daily basis.

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IELTS Speaking sample question – Robots

IELTS Speaking sample question – Robots

In today’s times we are surrounded by machines and humans have been in more than one way or another been replaced by machines in numerous fields. Machines that are able to perform tasks just like humans and in a more effective manner are called robots however, Scientists nowadays are adding more human like programs to these electrical machines so that they are able to understand us better.
Q1.Can Robots replace humans?
ANS.In these ever demanding times where human need is growing every second we need every helping hand possible. Robots have been around for some time but its only now that their demands has sky rocketed and they are being replaced by humans in many a fields but it’s us humans who made them in the first place so even if they are more productive than humans in certain tasks they will never be able to replicate human like emotions or understanding as these kinds of programs cannot be designed. Every human is different and there are 7 billion people on this planet so even if they do design programs based on emotions and ideas it will be catering to the entire idea of generalisation rather than just focusing on an individual.
Q2.Have you ever seen any robots, Where?
ANS.Well recently I went to this event which was held at Pragiti maidan in Delhi. It was for the promotion of an upcoming Hollywood film titled Transformers. The movie is set in an alternate universe where humans and robots fight side by side against enemies from another planet which are also Robots. There were a lot of robots on display but the one that got everybody’s attention was a robot called “Bumble bee”. It was a huge mechanical person which was bright yellow in colour and was loaded with guns and all kinds of ammunition. The most striking feature about that robot was that it could transform itself into a car which left everybody in attendance stunned. I was surely astonished at this marvellous feat as something which was only possible in magazines and movies now exists in real life too.
Q3.Give an example of a common robot in use
ANS.As mentioned earlier there are many kinds of robots in use but the most common one that is used in every modern household are irobot vacuum cleaners. These are smart circular devices that help in cleaning your house. They are programmed in such a manner that once switched on they go around the entire house and vacuum the floor. The in-built program helps them map the area so no area gets cleaned twice and also they are able to hover around the house without damaging any furniture as the in-built sensors, motion detectors are able to detect any object or movement in their path. These machines cost a lot but they are worth every penny as they have been thoroughly tried and tested in different corners of the earth and the results are overwhelming.


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IELTS Cue Card # Famous Person

IELTS Cue Card # Famous Person

Describe a famous person you would like to meet.
You should say:

  • who is he/ she
  • why do you want to meet him/ her
  • why he is famous
  • and explain what would you do if you meet him/ her.

famous-person, September 4, 2018 Chief Editor Leave a comment Edit Post IELTS BAND7 Cue Card DEHRADUN


There are more than seven billion people on this planet and not everyone is well known. Famous people are all over the world and we all like to follow them and know about them. Although there are quite a few personalities that I follow, one individual that I am a big fan of is Kailash Satyarthi. He is a social activist who has been working against atrocities committed in the society and has pledged his life towards the eradication of child labour.
He is a Nobel Peace Prize winner of the year 2014 and is the founder of the organisation called Bachpan bachao andolan (BBA) which translates to “Save Childhood movement”. He founded the organisation in late 1990’s and has been working as a socialite ever since. As we know committing crime is very easy in our country and due to poverty and lack of education millions of kids are forced to work when they should be at school and enjoying their childhood. A learned man, Satyarthi is a chemical engineer by profession. He left his lucrative career and he has liberated more than 80,000 child labours since he took the initiative.
In these modern times where the world is so selfish it is very difficult to come across a man who has done so much for the society without thinking about himself. It would be a great honour to meet a man of such stature and magnitude who has received so many accolades and awards for his relentless humanitarian work. His approach to life and selfless attitude is something that never fails to amaze me. He is a true hero and an inspiration for millions in my country.


There have been many personalities I have followed but the one that has truly made an impact on my life has to be Oprah Winfrey. I believe she is a true example of how following your dreams can let you live a meaningful life. Being raped as a child and told that it is her duty to do the household work, she did not let these negativities hold her back. The fact that she believed that she is meant to be successful is what amazes me the most. The reason I really want to meet her is because

She signifies to be as a person who does not think of the issues ahead, rather the great work that needs to be done. This makes it so much more intimidating to meet her. And what I have learned about her is that she has actually lived a balanced life. I wish to learn from her the way of balancing the life and making difference in other people’s life.

I think the day I meet her I would ask her five advice for my life because I do trust that they will be great ones!


If there ever is a famous person I would like to meet, it has to be Raghuram Rajan. He has been one of the most successful RBI governors our country had. Even more, he became the Economic Counselor and Director of Research of the International Monetary Fund, the youngest ever. What made all eyes turning to him is his prediction of the 2008 global crisis.

I am not an economist and neither do understand it well. But I really wish to understand what goes inside one of the most brilliant minds of our country. He has been one of those people who has actually allowed the economy of our country to boost. Over time, we all have seen that when his advice was given consideration, there were losses prevented. However, when they were avoided, we have paid the price.

I want to meet him and know his opinion on our country and what he thinks is the right thing for our country. There is something in me that tells that we as young people should definitely do for our country. I would like to interact with him and know how doing what I love can I do something for my country.

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