Speaking Task 2: Tell about a dish you want to cook.

Speaking Task 2

Tell about a dish you want to cook.

  • What it is?
  • Why you want to cook?
  • How will you cook?
 Sample Answer

I am a great food lover and love to cook for myself as well as for others. In order to learn cooking, I am not only watching YouTube videos, but also attending some short term cooking classes as well. I am a very creative person and cooking activities are a great way to express the creativity. Moreover, for me it is the best way to relieve stress. Therefore, I try to cook different types of cuisines at home.

Since, it’s my mother’s birthday tomorrow, so I have planned to cook Shahi paneer for the occasion. I really want to surprise her by making her favourite dish and that too on her birthday. It is a North Indian dish and a perfect recipe for any occasion. The recipe of making Shahi paneer is very simple. In a large saucepan, I will first fry the small paneer cubes and will soak it in a bowl of water. This will not only make the paneer cubes softer, but will also remove the excess oil from it.

Next, I will put the pan on medium flame with 2 large tablespoons of ghee in it. After that I will add the chopped onions, ginger, green chillies along with ginger garlic paste. 5 minutes later , I will also add some chopped tomatoes and green cardamoms to it and will cover the pan with a lid. After cooking it for about 10 minutes, I will add the beaten curd and cook for another 5 minutes, and pour a cup of water into the pan and cook for another 2 minutes. When the gravy will be cooked and cooled at room temperature, I will blend it till smooth and keep aside.

Then, I will heat some ghee in another pan and add the gravy in it along with red chilli powder, garam masala powder, tomato ketchup and salt. I will boil it till the gravy thickens. Next, I will add the paneer cubes and milk in it and will cook for another 5 minutes. Then, I will garnish the recipe with chopped coriander leaves and grated paneer. I hope with this small gesture of mine, I will be able to bring a smile on my mother’s face.

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Speaking Part 2: An important decision you made with the help of another person.

Speaking Part 2

Tell about an important decision you made with the help of another person.

  • What the decision was?
  • Who helped you?
  • What the result of the decision was?
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Sample Answer

A lot of conflict takes place inside our brains while making a decision. When we start suffering from the choice overload, we tend to avoid the efforts of making a correct decision. Hence, we start seeking suggestions from others.

Recently, I found myself standing on the crossroads and was unable to decide where to go. In that situation, I decided not to bear the burden of the crossroad questions alone. Therefore, in order to reduce that cognitive dissonance, I approached my father for his help.

I was working in a renowned Multinational Company as a manager. Although, I was drawing a handsome salary there, I was not feeling happy and contented as I always wanted to be a businessman. At that point in my career, leaving a stable job just to fulfill my dream seemed quite risky. I discussed my plan with my father and asked for his advice. I told him that I wanted to come back to my hometown for doing business. He motivated me and said that we get only one life to live our dreams. Moreover, he not only shown his belief in my entrepreneurial skills but also supported me financially to establish my own enterprise.

By the grace of God and my father’s blessings, I am running my business successfully. What is more, I am able to provide employment to hundreds of people. That one decision has changed my life completely and the credit goes to my father. It not only helped me to fulfill my individual responsibilities but social responsibilities as well.

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Writing Task 1: Letter to a friend apologising for not attending his farewell party.

Writing Task 1

A colleague at work is organising a goodbye party which you are not able to attend. Write a letter to him/her.

In the letter, you should:

  • Explain the reasons, why you cannot attend.
  • Good memories you have spent.
  • How you will stay in touch.

Write at least 150 words.

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Sample Answer

Dear Puneet,

I am writing to apologise for not being able to attend your farewell party. I felt very emotional after hearing the news of your transfer owing to the fact that we will no longer be sharing the same cabin.

The reason I will not be a part of the goodbye party is that my wife is hospitalised due to some minor illness. At this crucial time, she needs my support and attention completely. It will take around a week for her to recover.

Anyways, I wish you a great life ahead. I will never forget the time we have spent together. I have also learned a lot of things from you to become successful in life, like punctuality, perseverance and dedication. You have always been a great support and inspiration to me. We will keep in regular touch through phone and emails. Kindly share your new contact details as soon as possible.

Once again, please accept my sincere apologies.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours Sincerely,


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Speaking Task 2: Describe a time when you received money as a gift.

Speaking Task 2

Describe a time when you received money as a gift.

  • When did you receive it?
  • What did you do with it?
  • How did you feel about it?
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Sample Answer

A gift always brings a smile on our face, whenever we receive it. Moreover, it shows our importance in other’s life. Different types of gifts are given on different occasions, as a token of blessings and love. I have also received many gifts so far on various occasions. On my last birthday, I received money as a gift from my elder brother.

Since he was confused about my preference for a gift, he decided to give me some money as a gift so that I could buy anything as per my choice. He made my birthday special when he had given me an envelope containing some cash. There was an exact amount of cash inside which I required to purchase an Apple Watch. I felt so overwhelmed that tears started rolling down my eyes. Next day, I and my brother went to the market and bought a white Apple Watch for me. Out of the excitement, I clicked a picture of that watch and posted on my social site to share my happiness with my friends and relatives.

I was really grateful to my brother for the gesture of love and care he had shown me. I really love him for his unconditional love and support. He understands my needs even if I do not tell him. That gift was indeed special for me but the person who gave me that gift is the most special one.

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