Cue Card: someone gave you something you really wanted.

IELTS Speaking Task 2 Cue Card: someone gave you something you really wanted.

Tell about a time someone gave you something you really wanted.

  • When it was?
  • What it was?
  • How did you feel?

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Sample Answer

A lot of things happen to us on a daily basis. Some of the incidents we forget and the others become memories for a lifetime. A few days ago, due to a meeting, I had to stay back in the office after office hours. While going back to home, I noticed that my car was in a reserve mode owning to insufficient petrol. Since, I had gotten late, I did not stop at the petrol pump to get the fuel filled in my car. Moreover, I had withdrawn myself from the possible consequences of that negligence.

After reaching a few kilometres away from my office, the car suddenly stopped in the middle of the road. As it was already 10 at night, the roads were empty and desolate. Hence, no assistance was available nearby. On the top of that, I forgot my mobile in the office.  I was unable to ask my family and friends for any help. I was perplexed and totally blank in that awful situation. However, I was still waiting for a miracle to happen. I was standing on the road and looking left and right with a hope in my heart. Fortunately, I saw a biker coming towards me, whom I stopped and inquired about a fuel station close by. I came to know that it was a few kilometres ahead from there.

As I could not leave my car there, I decided to push the car until I find it. After an ordeal for almost an hour, I finally reached there and found it closed. I felt so disappointed and frustrated. While I was standing there, completely tired and hopeless, a person emerged out of the air. When he asked about my problem, I briefed him the whole incident. Without giving a second thought he called up his friend and asked him to bring some petrol for me.After a while his friend brought the petrol in a plastic bottle.Moreover, he denied for any payment in return. We exchanged our numbers and that angel has later become my best friend.

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Writing Task 1: Letter to the landlord.

Writing Task 1

You should spend about 20 minutes on this task.

You have been living in a rental apartment for the past year. Recently a new neighbour moved in and has been making a lot of noise, which disturbs you.

Write a letter to the landlord. In your letter:

  • explain the situation
  • describe why it bothers you
  • suggest a solution

Write at least 150 words.

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Sample Answer

Dear Mr. Singh

I hope this letter finds you in pink of your health. I am writing to inform you that my studies are really getting affected due to the new tenant, who has recently moved in upstairs. His name is Shantanu and his behaviour is quite weird.

Since, I am also a student and preparing for civil services, I need peace and silence to concentrate on my studies. Shantanu is a also a college going boy. However, he never studies. He is also a spoiled brat. His friends keep visiting him. they all drink and party till late night. Moreover, they also play music at a very high volume which not only disturbs us but others as well.

I have spoken to him about the disturbance and requested him to maintain some silence but, he did not cooperate at all. I would appreciate it if you could speak to Shantanu and ask him to exhibit the behaviour of a good citizen.

Thanking you in advance.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,


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Writing Task 1: Letter to the manager applying for the advertised position.

Writing Task 1

You work a part-time job in a company and the company posted an advert seeking a person for a full-time position. Write a letter to your manager requesting to apply for the advertised position.
In the letter, you should:

  • Why you want to apply
  • What your future goals are
  • Why it would be beneficial for the company.

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Sample Answer

Dear Sir,

I am writing to apply for the position of Soft skill trainer, published in the Hindustan Times on 22/10/2019. I have been working with your company since last two years as a part-time content writer.

Before joining this company, I was working as a soft skill trainer with XYZ Company. Since I am currently working on a part-time basis, I would like to continue as a full-time employee in your organisation.

Recruiting internally is always less time-consuming and cost-effective for any company. I not only know the company and its culture well, but I am also familiar with the staff and the management. Therefore, I will not require any induction training. Moreover, I also have a proven performance record. I believe, having a combined experience of training and content writing, I feel that I would be the best fit for this position.

I appreciate your time and consideration.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours Faithfully


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Cue card: Tell about a day when you fell ill.

IELTS Speaking Part 2 cue card: Tell about a day when you fell ill.

Tell about a day when you fell ill.

  • What illness were you suffering from?
  • What was your experience?
  • How did it affect your routine?

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Sample Answer

A healthy lifestyle is an important factor in keeping a body healthy. It is highly necessary to maintain a proper routine in order to keep your body healthy. There are different ailments one can suffer from due to various reasons, such as cold, flu, nausea, and many more. I also fell ill at the start of this winter season, during last December.

I have recently shifted to Dehradun and this was my first winter season spent here. As I had shifted from another city and did not take heed of the weather change. Moreover, I ate a lot of cold foods and beverages and roamed around the city in the cold winds without wearing warm clothes. Due to these negligent practices, I caught cold and a high fever with severe body ache.

I was very tired that day due to lack of sleep. I was coughing, sneezing, and had a running nose. It was a very bad experience and it taught me a lot. With a lot of difficulty, I got ready and went to a doctor. The doctor advised me medicines and gave me strict instructions to follow regarding my routine and things to take care of during extremely cold weather. During my bed-rest, I had to take leaves from office, resulting in a disrupted routine, and loss of pay. My work and social life suffered equally, and I learned a lesson to maintain a proper routine and to take care of my health in order to prevent any future illnesses.

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