IELTS Cue Card # Design of a building you visited and liked

IELTS Cue Card, Design of a building you visited and liked

Describe a design of a building you visited and liked

  • -where is the building
  • -when you visited
  • -why you liked

Explain why you found the building very interesting

Sample Answer

I have had the opportunity to visit various regions and states in my country, thanks to my father’s transferable job. It’s been two years since we came to Dehradun and we have exploited every chance to go around the places located in and around this picturesque landscape. Just last month I accompanied my dad on his tour to Nainital, one of the famous hill stations of India. Before embarking on my journey, I made my bucket list of the places to visit in Nainital. Amongst them was a tour of the Governor’s house-known for its magnificent looks and age-old charming gothic style architecture. Rajbhavan was built by the British during pre-independence era. It is spread over more than 200 acres of land having around 70 rooms. The golf course of Raj Bhavan is one of the vintage golf courses in India. A splendid garden, a swimming pool and lush green vast area of deodar and oak trees increase the attractiveness of this building.
I was spellbound to witness the royal Burma teakwood staircase and brilliantly carved , elaborate window panels. Also, rich sprawling gardens and golf course are a treat for the eyes. The beauty of this monument will always remain fresh in my mind. (205 Words.)

Follow Up Questions about Building

Q1 . Do you think the governments should maintain the historical buildings?
ANS I personally believe that the historical monuments are our pride and heritage. They are of paramount importance not only due to their educational value but tourism potential also. Therefore, the governments should take it in their endeavour to preserve and restore these monuments.

Q2 . Why do people like to visit historical buildings?
ANS There are number of reasons why people visit old age monuments like forts, palaces, temples etc. The primary reason is that international tourists like to witness the beauty and splendor of these building apart from gaining an insight into the culture and traditions of the country they have travelled into. Secondly, the natives find it satisfying to reminisce about their rich past and making younger generations connect with it.

Q3 . What kinds of buildings are popular in India?
ANS India is a developing country and modernization is evident from the various multistorey edifices that have come up all over India. For instance, shopping malls, airports, office complexes etc. However, my country has had a rich past, traces of which can be seen in archaeological monuments in different regions of India. These historical buildings, temples, forts and palaces have influences of Mughal and British style architecture. These buildings are in fact the major tourist attractions.

Q4 . Should governments try to make buildings more beautiful?
ANS In my personal opinion, buildings impart a distinct identity to a particular place. A town or a megacity is remembered through its monuments or skyscrapers. A good example here would be the city of Jaipur, in Rajasthan which is known as pink city due to efforts of the government and people to give it a unique character. Also, clean, well painted and attractive buildings are aesthetically appealing.

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WRITING TASK 1 #Global and regional adult literacy rates

WRITING TASK 1 #Global and regional adult literacy rates

You should spend about 20 minutes on this task.
The table shows the estimated global and regional adult literacy rates in 2016.
Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.
Write at least 150 words.

  Total Male Female
World 86 90 83
Europe and North America 99 99 99
Eastern and South-Eastern Asia 96 97 94
Latin America and the Caribbean 94 94 93
North Africa and Western Asia 81 86 74
Southern Asia 72 80 63
Sub-Sahara Africa 65 72 57

Data source: Unesco Institute for Statistics


Sample Answer

The table compares literacy rates for men and women in Europe and different regions of America, Asia and Africa in the year 2106. The world’s average literacy figures for both the genders are also included.

Overall, what stands out from the table is that there were clear regional differences in the number of literate people. Europe and North America observed the highest literacy rates while the figures were considerably lower in both Southern Asia and Sub-Sahara Africa.

Looking at the details, 86% of the world’s population was able to read and write in 2016, but males outnumbered females (90% versus 83%). Regionally, Europe and North America topped the list with 99% literacy for both men and women. Eastern and South-Eastern Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean were at the second and third positions respectively. Their literacy rates were 96% and 94%. Notably, the figures for both men and women were almost the same in these regions.

In the other listed regions, there were significant differences in literacy rates for both the genders. In Sub-Sahara Africa only 57% females were able to read and write, whereas the figure for Western Asian women was 17% higher. Gender disparity was prevalent in Southern Asia as well. (203 Words.)

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IELTS Cue Card #Describe a course that you wish to study

IELTS Cue Card #Describe a course that you wish to study

Describe a course that you wish to study in the future.

You should say
– what the course is
– when and where you would like to take this course
– what skills and qualifications are required for this course
– and explain why you want to study it

Sample Answer

I would love to partake in an animation and gaming course. Even though it’s true that I never imagine myself going for a Bachelor’s in Arts, this seems like something I would enjoy.

I would like to do this course somewhere in Germany – probably next year in my summer holidays. The reason being that I spent my childhood in Germany. The love and affection which I have for this place is hard to describe in words. I can’t forget the time which I spent there. It’s my dream to go back to Germany and relive those moments.

Coming to the skills and qualifications required for this course, a good command on English and effective computing skills are the two main criteria for this course. Sometimes, applicants have to submit a portfolio of their drawings.

Talking about the reasons why I want to take this course, as a child I was very fond of cartoons, I used to draw my impressions of the characters in my school notebook, often getting scolded for doodling. And whenever I went to visit my cousin-brother’s house, we used to play video games all the time. My mother and aunt never understood what we found so fascinating about these immersive games.

But, I guess the biggest appeal is that there is prominent and existing growth in this field. It’s a very new and fresh, growing concept, especially at a time like this when research and development have come to a standstill, this field has just begun. It offers new challenges and certainly new opportunities. I wish to be a part of this progression.


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cue card#made you happy

Describe something that made you happy recently. You should say:
– what was the incident
-when was the incident
-why did make you happy

Sample Answer:

About a week back I had been feeling really stressed out and overworked due to my extra shifts at work. I was having very little sleep and was quite unable to take care of myself.

Over the weekend, my brother came to visit me to see how was getting along. He immediately noticed my put out state and began to worry.The next thing I knew, he was dragging me into town. He took me to all of my favourite city landmarks especially the ones next to the river.

Then we went to this fantastic restaurant and he treated me to the biggest ice cream sundae they had. We had a blast at the arcade followed by a trip to the movies. By the time we go home, I had all but forgotten my worries in my exhausted happiness.

Next morning on waking up I realized what a great time I had had, furthermore I felt more relaxed than I had in a long time. My brother showed me that sometimes all it takes to unwind is going out somewhere and enjoying the moment. This is an incident that will surely become a fond memory someday.



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