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Earlier we talked about some of countries that one can choose for studying abroad. What we talked? . Let us have a look at some more countries to consider while planning to study abroad.

WHY CONSIDER IT ?? New Zealand is fast becoming a destination of choice for the Indian students. For the period of January-July 2014 the number of new applicants applying for visa from India increased to 123% as compared to the previous year.
WHAT COURSES SHOULD I TAKE?– Agriculture & the Environment, Architecture and Building, Arts, Humanities & Social Science, Business & Management (non-MBA) and Computing & IT are some of the exciting courses offered in New Zealand Universities.
Over 100 institutions across New Zealand accept IELTS.
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WHY GO THERE? United Kingdom has strong cultural, educational and commercial ties with India. Every year approximately 20000 Indians are invited by United Kingdom to study.
THE BEST COURSES – Business and management studies, law, sociology and social studies, art and design and computer science/IT are some of the fields in which United Kingdom provides excellent education.
Over 800 students across United Kingdom accept IELTS.
United States of America is one of the most sought after countries, while studying abroad, and well, there are reasons for it. Go check out our category on UNITED STATES OF AMERICA on why you must choose this country?
Over 3,200 institutions in in the USA accept IELTS.

When you plan to study abroad make sure that you are well equipped, with a good score in IELTS, a good university chosen and a perfect course chosen. Remember, it is a life time experience, make sure it changes your life for the good.

Passport To Abroad # IELTS

Life always gives a person with some choices, often the choices are easy, but sometimes, your life depends on the choice you make. One such choice is between studying in your own country or go abroad. Well, you must be wondering what is the fuss about studying abroad? Well, I say, it is all about the choice. The choice between the comfort of the house or the adventure outside, the choice between the delicious food of your mother or the mouth watering experience of trying something new, the choice between the friends you have and the friends you will make. But then it also boils down to this one question, Which country should I choose to study abroad? I agree this question is tough, so let us have a look at some of the possible answers.

WHY Australia –The best part about studying in Australia is that they offer multi-cultural environment required for an international experience. More than 500,000 students from across the world flock here annually. Last year India accounted for 7.2% (37,939) of the total enrolments by students in higher education, which is the second highest student enrolment after China.
COURSES AVAILABLE – Hotel management, earth/ environmental sciences, sustainable development, agronomy and healthcare are some of the most sought after courses in Australia. The best part more than 800 higher educational institutions in Australia accept IELTS as proof of English Language proficiency.
WHO GOES to Canada ? Well, if you are thinking of going to Canada, take it from me, you are not alone, India ranks second among the top five countries sending international students to Canada. In 2013, 21,482 students went to Canada to study and last year the number rose by 11%.
BEST COURSES AVAILABLE – Information Technology, Management, Finance/Accounting, Engineering and Aviation are the fields Canada is regarded as the epitome of best education. Apart from these, a Canadian degree, diploma or certificate is well-regarded in business, government and academic circles around the globe.
Over 300 institutes in Canada accept IELTS.
Who goes to GERMANY ? In the year 2013-14, 9,619 Indian students enrolled in German universities, an increase of over 2,000 from the previous year.
Why go to GERMANY ? The best part about German universities is they do not charge tuition fees and are universally recognized.
BEST COURSES AVAILABLE – STEM i.e. Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics related subject fields are the most popular courses amongst Indian students who go for higher education in Germany.
Near about 200 institutions accept IELTS in Germany.

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Festivals 2 # Vocabulary For IELTS

We talked about festivals lately, but then in IELTS, the more you know the better it will be for you. Before you move forward, go have a look at what we talked about festivals.

NEW YEARSentence-: I am going to New Zealand on this New Year.
Meaning-: the period immediately before and after 31 December.NEW YEAR’S EVESentence-: When most people were enjoying on the new year’s eve, she was still working hard to fulfill her dreams.
Meaning-: the last day of the year; in the modern Western calendar, 31 December.PANCAKE DAYSentence-: I will be visiting Melbourne on pancake day.
Meaning-: Shrove Tuesday (known in some countries as Pancake Day) is a day in February or March, preceding Ash Wednesday (the first day of Lent), which is celebrated in some countries by consuming pancakes.PARADESentence-: One direction carried out a parade to support gay marriages.
Meaning-: a public procession, especially one celebrating a special day or event.RAMADANSentence-: I visited my friend eram during Ramadan.
Meaning-: the ninth month of the Muslim year, during which strict fasting is observed from dawn to sunset.SHROVE TUESDAYSentence-:
Meaning-: the day before Ash Wednesday. Though named for its former religious significance, it is chiefly marked by feasting and celebration, which traditionally preceded the observance of the Lenten fast.THANKSGIVINGMeaning-: (in North America) an annual national holiday marked by religious observances and a traditional meal. The holiday commemorates a harvest festival celebrated by the Pilgrim Fathers in 1621, and is held in the US on the fourth Thursday in November. A similar holiday is held in Canada, usually on the second Monday in October.WEDDINGSentence-: We are invited to the wedding party of Paul and Priyanka.
Meaning-: a marriage ceremony, especially considered as including the associated celebrations.WREATHSentence-: The stage was decorated with wreath, for the bride and the groom.
Meaning-:an arrangement of flowers, leaves, or stems fastened in a ring and used for decoration or for laying on a grave.


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Festivals # Vocabulary For IELTS

IELTS BAND 7 wishes everyone a Happy Rakshabandhan.
And for today let us have a look at the vocabulary related to celebrations and life events.

Sentence-: I recently celebrated by parents 25th marriage anniversary.
Meaning-: the yearly recurrence of the date of past event.
Sentence-: By next Ash Wednesday, I will have learned how to fast without getting sick.
Meaning-: the seventh Wednesday before Easter/ the day of fasting, the first day of lent in western Christianity. It occurs 46 days before easter.
Sentence-: To John, the baptism is sacred and willingly blind to religion.
Meaning-: It is the Christian sacrament of admission and adoption, almost invariably with the use of water into the Christian church generally also a particular church.
Meaning-: the initiation ceremony of a Jewish boy who has reached the age of 13 and is regarded as ready to observe religious precepts and eligible to take part in public worship.
Sentence-: The inventions are born out of the need to do something.
Meaning-: to start to exist
Sentence-: I celebrate my birthday with my friends and family.
Meaning-: the day on which something comes to existence
Sentence-: I am going to the carnival, will you like to join?
Meaning-: an annual festival, typically during the week before lent in roman catholic countries, involving procession, music, dancing and the use of masquerade,
Sentence-: We are going to the celebration of birth of Christ.
Meaning-: the act of celebrating an important day or event
Sentence-: At the christening of prince George, the duchess of Cambridge looked radiant in an ivory-colored Alexander McQueen ruffled suit.
Meaning-: the Christian sacrament of baptizing and naming an infant
Sentence-: The father of our nation knew how to throw a Christmas party.
Meaning-: the annual festival of the Christian church commemorating the birth of Jesus: celebrated on December 25 and now generally observed as a legal holiday and an occasion for exchanging gifts.

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