Conjunctions # Grammar For IELTS

While writing sentences in IELTS you surely get extra marks if you use complex sentences. These are the sentences that talk about two or three things and are joined together by conjunctions. But what are conjunctions?
Let’s take a look at few examples-:

  • You can either take a pen or a pencil?
  • You must trust in god and do the right things.
  • Do you know that tomorrow is a holiday?
  • She will pass if she works hard.
  • He is more intelligent than you are.

In the above sentences the words that have been italicized are conjunctions.
Conjunctions are the words that are used to join two or more sentences.
They are of two types-:

These conjunctions add two or more clauses of the same rank i.e the clauses independent of each other. They are of four kinds-:

  1. Cumulative conjunctions-: Using these statements a fact is simply added to another. Examples are -: and, both…. And, as well as, not less than.
    He submitted the work both late and incomplete.
    She as well as her sister is talented.
    He is no less than his brother in fighting.
  2. Alternative conjunctions-: using these conjunctions a choice is given. Examples are-: either… or, neither … nor, or, else.
    You can either listen to your hear or live in the guilt of doing what others thought was right for you.
    In this way you will neither win nor loose.
  3. Adversative conjunctions-: These conjunctions are used to show contrast between two facts. Example-: but, still, nevertheless, only.
    He is fast but lazy.
    He is successful still down to earth.
    You can win only if you work hard.
  4. Illative conjunctions-: These conjunctions are used when we need to prove a fact from another. Example are-: therefore, hence, so, consequently.
    He was found guilty and therefore arrested.
    This goes with this and that with that, hence proved.
    He did not worked hard, so he failed.


Study Abroad # Essay For IELTS

Nowadays, most parents are sending their kids abroad to acquire good education. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this trend. Give your opinion.
Write at least 250 words.

With the coming of globalization, the world has become a global village. With more and more people learning about the opportunities around the world, there is a growing drift of sending kids abroad. Most people believe that sending their children abroad, will allow their kids access to better education and will help them in future. Although this trend has brought in great advantages for children, it does not guarantees a bright future as some negative impacts have also been seen. This essay presents the benefits and the drawbacks of sending children to abroad.

There has been a huge positive impact of abroad study on students. Firstly, an abroad education not only teaches students their subjects in an exciting way, it also teaches the art of adjustment. Students studying in different country learn practically that everyone is different and you need to respect the differences. Secondly, an individual becomes more independent because they very well know that if there is a problem then, it is only they who can solve it. Thirdly, kids build contacts which will stay throughout their lives. These contacts not only help in personal but also professional life. Even more, an individual learns about new cultures and people who are different from what he/she is used to.

On the negative side, abroad study could be a nightmare for those who take it without any prior planning. For example-: if a student chooses a college or a course randomly, chances are high that they may find it extremely difficult. This not only increases pressure but sometimes leads them to the wrong paths. Secondly, there are cases when racial issues have been filed. To combat these a student must be aware of the laws of the country. Thirdly, a course in abroad is often expensive.

Overall, I believe that the focus must always be good education. There have been people who were successful without any abroad education, while there have been some who did study abroad, and owe their success to the education they got from there rather than running blindly towards abroad, a plan must be charted out or else you may even fail.

Study abroad dehradun

Study abroad dehradun



Year Gap # Essay For IELTS

In some countries, individuals are allowed to do a job for an year, between their high school and university educations.
Discuss the advantages and disadvantages for young people who decide to leave a year and do job.

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.
Write at least 250 words.

Do what you love, love what you do. This quote by Steve Jobs, has in many ways shaped the way young minds take decisions in 21st century. Keeping this in mind, many individuals drop a year after completing their high schools and indulge themselves into work force, before taking admissions in university. This essay presents the benefits and drawbacks of taking break from your studies.

Looking at the positive side of the coin, an year break brings with it many benefits. Firstly, it gives a person time for introspection. There are many people who realize their innermost passions very early in life, and some live without knowing what they could have been. An year break serves as a perfect boon to dig yourself deeper and find out the real you. Secondly, it helps individuals to chart out their own definite and unique plan. Once they are aware of their own strength and weaknesses, they can better decide on what courses they must take. Thirdly, a year break can help in, to learn new skills. For example-:a person can take up dancing or singing or any other activity. These activities help in enhancing the individuals’ personality.

On the darker side of the coin, an year gap can be quite disastrous for those who have no plan about the year. Firstly, there are high chances that they get into the wrong path and indulge themselves into alcohol or drugs. Secondly, the importance of university education can get lost in the fight of survival. Often, people forget that the year is a time to find themselves and not earn more.

Overall, I believe that giving an individual time to figure out about themselves, is great initiative and must be taken by other governments as well. however, it must be made certain that in that vulnerable year, youth becomes what they are meant to be and not
a mirror of their circumstances.


Talent Or Hard Work # Essay For IELTS

It is often believed that some people are born with talents, for example in sport or music. However, it is sometimes claimed that anyone could be taught to become a good sportsman or musician.
Discuss both views and give your opinions.

Hard work wins if talent does not works hard. The importance of talent and hard work has been put into debate several times before. Although some people believe that anyone can be taught anything with continued practice, there are even opposing views, which believe that it is very important to have some innate capabilities before you can nurture on them. I believe that although anyone can acquire a skill, but if the natural talent of an individual is worked on, they reach a higher level of success.

A child is like a clay, the way you mould it ,the shape it takes. If the child from the beginning is taught a particular sport, for example, basketball, chances are high that the time, he/she reaches youth, he/she will be excellent in the game. The best example of such a practice is our education system, wherein all students are taught sports, music, academics etc.

However, as is often seen, in a class of ten who are taught a particular sport or music, there is someone who does it extremely well, although he or she practices the same. They need not to learn the basic rules to apply them, somehow they know it before hand. For example, in my bharatnatyam class, there were many who did the steps technically correct, but there were even some, who need not to learn all the techniques to do them correctly. If such an individual learns all the techniques, he/she will do it far better. Even more, you can teach how to sing, but you rarely can change the voice.

Overall, I am of the view that anyone can be taught anything but to reach the highest level of excellence in fields like sport or music, it is important to have some innate talent. However, if an individual does not works on their talents, the person working hard on it will surely succeed.


talent or hard work essay for ielts

talent or hard work essay for ielts

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