Work Related Questions # Speaking Section

Part I of the speaking section consist of questions that are quite general. These are the questions related to you and often deal with your interest or hobbies or your like and dislikes; more importantly about you. So, lets have a look at some of the work related  questions that could possibly be asked in Part I of the speaking section.

1. Do you work or are you a student?

At present I am working as a freelance writer. Apart from it I have also enrolled myself in a course on English Literature and I am hoping to succeed in this field.

2. Why did you choose this job?

I love English and writing is something I believe I can do. I was interested in learning more about the complexities and the beauty of English language and therefore I joined the course. But I had some shortage of money and had to start working. Since I did not knew anything except writing, I took up as a freelance writer.

3. What is the most difficult thing about your study or job?

I really find juggling between the two quite tough. For example, it sometimes so happens that I am reading literature but I have to write fiction in my job. Switching one mode and getting into other often becomes confusing. But I would say that I love my work, and so in the end it really does not feels so difficult.

4. What type of study do most people prefer these days?

I think the entire perspective of taking up a course has changed in a decade. At present people went for the courses that paid them the most. However, people these days prefer courses that widens their horizons and helps them to take a career related to something that they love. Even more since the professional world, now demands vocational studies, more people are getting into it and opening their arenas of the professional world.


Government Funding Art # Essay For IELTS

There are many artist who earn very low wages for their art and barely are able to survive on it. They demand that government must fund them and their art. Do you agree or disagree with it?

Write atleast 250 words.


Art, for a long time, has been seen as the easier thing to do. For some reasons, it has dawn upon people that love for literature, imagination, creativity or understanding of philosophy is very easy. Drawing a painting or singing seems quite trivial task that can be done by anyone. This has led to paying low wages to artist as it is thought that they are easily replaceable. It is in recent times, that artists have demanded the government to fund them and their art. I believe that is fair on their part to do so.

In the era, when most attention is being taken by technology, if government funds arts, there will be several benefits. Firstly, it will give people a choice to do what they love. It has been observed in recent times that people often go for engineering or medicines as they are  high paying jobs. If security could be provided to artist more people would take it up as a career. Secondly, art does form an integral part of our lives. Funding by government would help increase awareness among people about the importance of arts. Even more, it will help artists to lead a happier life. Often artists lose their creativity in the struggle of protecting their art and living life. The support from government will surely be of great help.

Overall, I believe we do need engineers and scientist but artists surely make life better. Neglecting them could make our lives monotonous.. Therefore, steps must be taken on behalf of the government to ensure that the artists fell proud of their art and are able to make a living out of the work they love.

Should Art Be Neglected # Essay For IELTS

Few people are of the opinion that money spent on arts is just a waste and the government must focus on areas other than it, like engineering or science. List out what would be the results if government stopped paying attention to arts.

Write at least 250 words.


Art is a subject o human and social skills. In the past it was considered as one of the most important subject for the all round development of an individual. However, with time and with coming of technology and science in recent times, art has taken a back seat. There are people of the belief that it is time that government stops spending money on arts and rather focus on projects under science and engineering.

Although it might sound economical to many, I believe there could be quite upheaval if arts gets neglected. Firstly, an individual might not be able to understand the importance of social skills. This could be quite problematic in a scenario when we are talking about multi-cultural interaction. Secondly, it becomes quite difficult to understand oneself and the complex nature of humans because there is an unawareness about the past. A better future can be made if we know the mistakes of the past. Thirdly, it could be quite disadvantageous for those who are interested in arts. It could give them a sense of rejection.

However, spending money on science and technology can help in making better technologies or doing new inventions. This could surely prove to be a boost for the economy. But, this will surely be at a very costly price. Even more, working more on technology or science might help in solving issues such as poverty or education. For instance, if the infrastructure of internet is improved, more students could be taught using this medium.

Overall, I believe that every subject has its own importance and are important in their own ways, neglecting anyone might not be healthy for a society. Although science and technology help in improving the economy, arts provides the required balance.


Common Errors # Speaking Section

Often students think that more they will be sweet with the examiner, higher are there chances of getting a high score. However, students forget that IELTS is an international test and you will be tested purely on the answers you give. It might be even possible that your marks are reduced because of the attempts that you are making to be over sweet.

Let’s have a look at some of the most common mistakes students make in their speaking test.

  1. TRYING TO BE OVER POLITE-: It is good to be polite but then you need not to be a sycophant. Often foreign examiners gets irritated when you try to be over polite. For Example-: if you are constantly saying sir/ma’am, waiting for them to ask you to be seated. It is better that you say a Hi.
  2. DON’T TRY TO WELCOME THE EXAMINER-: Often students believe that the examiner is new to their country and they greet them saying, welcome to my country! This is not acceptable. Remember, you are their to give your test and not to show the examiner places in your country.
  3. TRYING TO BE A PART OF GROUP-: Although it is good that you are part of a country and there are habits in you that are because of the environment of your country. But it is mostly preferred that you answer questions such as if you are an individual. Saying answers such as, ” Since I am from here ,… i love this or that”; won’t put you in good light.
  4. USING STEREOTYPES-: You are about to live in a different country and the last thing that is expected out of you is that you have strongly held stereotypes. For example-; saying, ” Oh! the people of my country are the most hospitable in the world, might just not be the correct thing to do”.
  5. BEFRIENDING THE EXAMINER-: Remember, you are giving a test. Asking an examiner who are they or what is their name or where are they from, is not going to help you. It can only lead to they cutting your marks. Just try to be polite and smile.
  6. INAPPROPRIATE DRESS-: Now this is something that you must avoid. Wear formal clothes. The simple way out is wear the dress you would wear in a job interview.

REMEMBER, it is your test, do the things you would have done at a job interview. Give respect where necessary but don’t over do it. You must come out as being natural.