Linking Words

Linking plays a very important role in your essay. 25% of your marks in essay depend on the linking and the cohesion of your essay. It is not only important for you to get the linking correct but you are required to give a range of linking words with perfect accuracy and flexibility. Linking words can be useful for you while listing, adding information, giving examples, showing results or consequences, highlighting, stressing or giving reasons.
Given below are the linking words that can be used in each of the cases.

Linking words for listing are used to either put paragraphs in order or even to list your supporting points in paragraph.

  1. Firstly, secondly, thirdly ….
  2. Lastly, last but not the least , finally
Adding Information
Sometimes you need to support your main idea in essay, given below are the linkers that are used to inform that extra information will be provided.

  1. In addition
  2. Additionally
  3. Furthermore
  4. Moreover
  5. Also
  6. As well as
  7. And
Giving Example
Often you are required to give examples in your writing task. Always writing the same word could make you lose marks. Try to use the given linking words,

  1. For example
  2. In other words
  3. For instance
  4. Namely
  5. Such as
  6. To illustrate

Presenting Opinion
In essays wherein you are required to give your own opinion, following linking words will prove to be helpful to you.

  1. In my opinon
  2. I think
  3. I disagree/ I cannot accept
  4. I admit
  5. In my view
  6. I believe
  7. I concur/ agree
Results and Consequences
These linking words are very useful in when you are required to give solutions in your essay or state the consequences of something.

  1. As a result
  2. Consequently
  3. Thus
  4. Hence
  5. Therefore
  6. So
  7. For this reason
Often while writing essay, you are required to give opinion. Doing this sometimes you have to give your opinion of the opposing form. Given below are some of the linking words that could be helpful for you in such situations.

  1. However
  2. Nevertheless
  3. Even though
  4. Although
  5. But
  6. Despite
  7. Still
  8. On the other hand
  9. By contrast
  10. In comparison
  11. Alternatively
  12. Other option could be
Concluding Linkers
These linkers are useful to start your conclusion paragraph.

  1. In conclusion
  2. To sum up
  3. To conclude


Advantages / Disadvantages Outweigh # Tips

Advantages and disadvantages are the most common questions that are asked in IELTS. And often instead of simply asking to state the benefits and drawbacks you are asked whether the Advantages / Disadvantages Outweigh the other.
But then how must you answer such questions? Well, given below are some tips that could be helpful in writing essays of this kind.

    1. Find out ideas supporting both the sides. The question is asking for your opinion.
    2. Find out which one do you support more? Advantages or disadvantage? The answer to this question must form the thesis statement.
Advantages / Disadvantages Outweigh

Advantages / Disadvantages Outweigh

  1. While writing thesis statement you can do in either of the following ways-:
    1. Use the word outweigh
    2. Explain that there are more advantages than disadvantages
    3. Avoid using some phrases for your thesis statement
  2. In the first body paragraph, state the details of the side that you are against off. Explain using examples.
  3. In the second body paragraph, state the details of the side you support. Support the point with reasons.
  4. Restate your opinion in the conclusion in a different language. Make sure that your point of view is clearly explained


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Blast From The Past # Idioms For IELTS

Have you ever had any blast from the past?? Go on and read more to find out the blast I am talking about.

SENTENCE-: If you do something wrong, you need to take your lumps.
MEANING-: to suffer punishment
SENTENCE-: In a fight if you can smell the blood, you can win it as well.
MEANING-: to recognize your opponent’s weakness
SENTENCE-: Let’s see who is going to win the straight fight of 24/4/2033.
MEANING-: a contest between two opponents, especially in elections
SENTENCE-: You cannot save him from death, he has been found all wet.
MEANING-: something that is completely wrong
SENTENCE-: Money doesn’t grow on trees.
MEANING-: be in large amounts and can be easily obtained
SENTENCE-: We must strive to nip terrorism in the bud.
MEANING-: destroy something in the early stages
SENTENCE-: He is quick on the draw, so think before you speak to him.
MEANING-: very fast in reacting
SENTENCE-: Don’t behave badly towards older generation, they are often in their second childhood.
MEANING-: a childish behavior that is often seen in the old people.
SENTENCE-: If you really want to win the battle, be twice the man than your opponent is.
MEANING-: be stronger than someone else
SENTENCE-: Meeting him after 5 years was like a blast from the past.
MEANING-: something very strongly nostalgic