Related To Books # Discussion Topics

If the cue card question is related to books or the reading capabilities or your favorite books, it is very obvious that the discussion topic will be related to books.
Here are some of the questions that could be asked related to books.

What is the importance of books in your life?
Books are like oxygen to me. I love reading books on different topic, they help me grow intellectually. Even more often there are problems in life, which I believe could be easily solved by reading good books.
Do you think with the coming of computers, people don’t read enough?
If we are taking about reading books, obviously yes. With the coming of internet getting information has become very easy. This has led to a loss of interest in reading and searching books. Even more smart phones have arrived and nowadays people usually prefer reading e-books. However, those who are fond of reading books do read books.
Do you think there is a way out of making children read more?
I believe children these days are more creative and have a different approach towards learning. If we want our children to read more, we need to add graphics and animations in the text books. Rather than putting simple text, we need to add text such that it is combined with certain experiments.
How do book preference have changed as compared to the past?
I believe that a book is always an individual choice. However, on a general level, earlier people loved reading religious book or the books related to philosophy. However, at present people often read either fiction books or autobiographies.
In your opinion, will paper books disappear completely in future?
I believe that the revolution has already started. Most of the schools these days have smart classes and the black board pedagogy has been replaced by online education. It is quite possible that paper books will be replaced at a large extent in future. However, I believe that people will still be interested in reading books because the experience that reading a paper books gives is nowhere to be found.