Globalization # Essay For IELTS

As mass communication and transport continue to grow, societies are becoming more and more alike leading to a phenomenon known as globalization. Some people fear that globalization will inevitably lead to the loss of cultural identity. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
Write at least 250 words.

With coming of globalization the world is surely becoming a global village. With the growth of mass communication and the increased interest of individuals in travelling, people are experiencing different cultures first hand. With this, the borders are getting blurred and individuals are becoming more alike. Although many cherish this phenomenon, there are even fears that people will forget their own identities. However, I believe that it is upon individual to cherish their own identities and no external factor can take it away without your own consent.

With more and more people going abroad for education or jobs, there is no denying that the societies are merging into one. But it must not be forgotten that travel has always led to formation of new societies and this is not a new concept. Even in ancient times, people traveled and settled, taking their own culture with them and forming new cultures. Even more such movement, makes it possible for an individual to become a global citizen, wherein they consider the issues of the world and try to solve them.

However, people rarely do forget their cultural identities. For example-: even though many Indians have settled in Britain after Freedom, they are still recognized as British but whose ancestors are from India. In some cases people they even celebrate their own festivals.

Although people fear globalization, I believe it is positive. With more and more people travelling or settling in different countries, chances are that we all will become united, living as a one whole planet, rather than separated by borders. Even more this cross-cultural interaction can even create new cultures or identities as has happened in the past.

Overall, one never forgets his/her own identity but with globalization people become more tolerant of other people cultures and learn to respect the differences.


What Matters In Food # Essay For IELTS

Most people are not interested how their food has been produced. They only care about how much it costs. How true is this statement? What influences people to buy food?
Write at least 250 words.

Food is the next most important thing a person requires to be alive, after water. The better you eat, the better your body will be and the more effectively you will live. Although the importance of food cannot be denied it has been seen that there are many people who are more interested in the cost of the food rather than how the food is prepared. Although everyone wants to lead a happy life and eat healthy, it sometimes so happens that the circumstances, moulds the way they take decision.

Financial condition is the most important factor for the choice taken. The people who are poor often don’t even get food, let alone of high quality, so when they do get it, they often are only bothered about the money it will cost. Even more the middle class men, although eat healthy and regular food, but they still can’t fudge over the quality of food as it has so happened in recent times that the better the quality the costlier it will be. This trend of cost vs quality has recently taken importance with the population of the world increasing in the past decade.

Therefore while choosing food, there are many factors that come into picture. Firstly, the cost. For example-: a person can easily
give 500 bucks for weekly vegetables but spending 500 bucks on a single meal is not what everyone can afford. Secondly, quality matters. Most of the people do look for good quality food. It is usually the middle of cost and quality that people go for. Thirdly, taste is often considered as it is the only way they can fulfill the palate. Most people have their favorite flavors and spices and prefer eating them.

Overall, quality of food is the one area that often gets neglected in the fight between money and standard of living. Although this trend is changing with the rise of middle class, it continues to be same in the poorer section.


Attention Given To Celebrities # Essay For IELTS

The media pays too much attention to the lives and relationships of celebrities such as actors, singers or footballers. They should spend more time reporting the lives of ordinary people instead. To what extend to you agree or disagree?

Celebrities have been a important part of so many people for time immemorial. There are many of them who admire celebrities, want to know how they live, rather want to become like them. With the times after media gaining power, the lives of celebrities have often been scrutinized in the name of building a bridge between their fans and them. There have even some celebrities who themselves came forward to share their lives. Although few people enjoy knowing about their stars lives, there are many who prefer knowing about lives of common man.

Media surely helps in bridging the gap between a star and a common man. The stories of their stars can prove to be inspiring for the common person. For example-: Recently Deepika Padukone came out and told the world about how she fought back depression. This became a source of inspiration for many who found themselves in similar position. Showing lives of their stars also proves to be motivating for many people. There have been cases when people truly worked hard to become like their favorite celebrities. Even more it breaks the illusion that celebrities were just lucky enough to be successful.

The real problem begins when media tries to over show the lives of celebrities. For example-: talking about their relationships or the places they go doesn’t makes any sense. Even more it irritates the celebrities at personal level. Also, it so happens that sometimes media forgets about the common man! For example-: if a common person achieves something and the media still talks about the lives of celebrities instead of showing the common man’s struggle, it come as quite disheartening to them.

Overall, I believe it is good to show the lives of celebrities but only to an extent where it could be motivating for the common man. Also the common man must be given the undue importance in times of great achievements or great misery.


Keep Your Nose To The Grindstone # Idioms For IELTS

If you really want to achieve a band 9 in IELTS, you need to keep your nose to the grindstone. Read more to find out what it means and keep going with your idioms preparation for IELTS.

SENTENCE-: Don’t take a dim view of her, you don’t know what all she can achieve.
MEANING-: to regard someone or something with disapproving attitude
SENTENCE-: I am going to work for my dreams till doomsday.
MEANING-: something forever
SENTENCE-: Gandhiji believed in the philosophy of practice what you preach.
MEANING-: do what you advice others to do
SENTENCE-: They were working on the new code and I had a bite at the cherry.
MEANING-: an attempt or chance to do something
SENTENCE-: Get started boys, the party’s over.
MEANING-: the good times are over


SENTENCE-: All system’s go, I guess it’s time to move to the next level.
MEANING-: we are ready to proceed or something is working properly

SENTENCE-: I am going to succeed and this is a gospel truth.
MEANING-: the absolute truth
SENTENCE-: People who achieve success are the ones who know how to keep their nose to the grindstone
MEANING-: to work hard continuously
SENTENCE-: She has been along with me for A to B of the journey.
MEANING-: from the starting point to the destination
SENTENCE-: You can trust him, he knows what he is about.
MEANING-: to know the consequences of your actions and how to solve them.
SENTENCE-: Hitler might not have thought that he would play the devil for the future of Germany.
MEANING-: to affect something badly