Subject And Predicate

While studying grammar the two most heard words are, “subject” and “predicate”. But what is a subject and a predicate?
A sentence consist of two parts-:

  1. The person or the thing we are talking about.
  2. What we are speaking about the person or the thing.

For example-:
Bad habits grow unconsciously.
What are we talking about? Bad habits.
What are we saying about bad habits? They grow unconsciously.
So, a sentence usually has a subject to speak about and it usually says or predicate something about the subject.



In terms of definition-:

The part which names the person or the thing we are talking about in the sentence.
What we say about the subject is called the predicate.

NOTE: The best way to identify subject and predicate is to question.
What are we talking about? The answer is subject.
What are we talking about the subject? The answer is predicate.


In each of the questions a part has been highlighted. Find out if it is the subject or the predicate.

  1. The girl climbed the mountains.
  2. The girl climbed the mountains.
  3. Sometimes the predicate comes before the subject.
  4. I need help with the vocabulary.
  5. My favorite month is July.
  6. July is my favorite month.
  7. Cricket is the most watched sport in our country.
  8. Anvesha climbed.
  9. My new pen has stopped working.
  10. The last person to finish the race was Amarjeet.
  11. You have a mock test tomorrow.
  12. Nature is the best physician.
  13. The earth revolves around the sun.
  14. Out of all the days, Tuesday is my favorite.
  15. Steve Jobs is the founder of apple.
  16. The hour to prepare lessons has arrived.
  17. The burnt child died on the way to hospital.
  18. They expect to see the prime minister.
  19. Your hands are certainly dirty.
  20. One man meat is another man’s poison.


  1. Subject
  2. Predicate
  3. Subject
  4. Subject
  5. Subject
  6. Predicate
  7. Subject
  8. Predicate
  9. Predicate
  10. Predicate
  11. Subject
  12. Subject
  13. Subject
  14. Subject
  15. Subject
  16. Subject
  17. Predicate
  18. Subject
  19. Predicate
  20. Subject


Materialistic Interests # Discussion Topics

The discussion section of speaking section consist of a varied range of questions. Given below are some of the questions that could be asked if the cue card is related to gifts. These questions asked are related to materialistic interests.

Do you think people have become more or less materialistic in 25 years?
I feel that people’s attitude towards materialistic things is not a state depending on time, it is more of an individual thing. For example: earlier kings and queens used to live lavishly and it was the common man who lived a simple life. The difference is that at present people have access to more luxuries and comforts which were not available in the past. The main reason being the economic progress that we have made. Apart from it, the attitude towards materialistic remains the same.
What are the things that give a sense of an honor to people these days?
Honor is very personal thing and different people feel honored by different things. Some of them get a great deal of prestige in material possessions. For example-: having a luxurious car or a bungalow. There are even some who desire for power. Giving them political power is a feeling of honor for them. There are even some who take pride in their education. Certain professions like engineers, doctors and teachers are more respected in the society.
What do you think were the things that were a status symbol in the past?
I am not sure whether material possessions were status symbol but having a lot of land surely was considered honorable in the society. Even more, political power and educated people were considered status symbol. I believe status symbol mostly remains the same throughout the ages.
Do you think that these days’ people buy a lot of things for prestige rather than genuine need?
Certainly yes. At present times people have money and often they go for luxurious items, mostly because they want others to look upon them. For example. It might be possible that a person needs a car, but when buying they will chose the one considered elite in the society.
What things, according to you, might give prestige to people in future?
I believe, even in future wealth will be a major factor. Apart from it education and advancement in technology might be something that gives honor to people. Also, I think communication abilities might give a sense of pride in future.

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Personality Types # Continued

We already have talked about some personality types.
But do you think they are the only ones? Well, surely no. there are many individuals and then there are many different kinds of personalities.

Sometimes, I behave as an introvert, the other times like an extrovert. Rather, it all depends on the situation. Who are you? You are like most of the people. You are an AMBIVERT.
You dislike most of the things, embitter them and are suspicious of them. Rather, you hate everyone. You believe humans can never be perfect and most of them are stupid. If you are like this, you are a MISANTHROPE.
May be you have been hurt in the past by a woman. Or you have grown up amongst people with this attitude. No matter you just hate women. Who are you? You are a MISOGYNIST.
You have no issues with relationships, but marriage as an institution, you hate it. You believe that commitment must come from heart and not because of any pressure. You are a MISOGAMIST.
The simplest food can keep you happy. You are far away from earthly pleasure and look towards spiritual perfection. You are an ASCETIC