Model Of School # Essay For IELTS

Some people think that it is better to educate boys and girls in separate schools. However , others believe that boys and girls benefit more by attending mixed schools.
Discuss both sides and give your opinion.
Write at least 250 words.

In most countries, single sex and mixed schools exist and it is up to the parents or the children to decide which model is better for them. There are opinions that it is effective to teach boys and girls in separate schools while some others believe that teaching the pupils together is a better way. However, I believe that both the models have their own benefits and drawbacks and it is up to the individual whether they are able to change the drawbacks into benefits.

Single sex schools offer great benefits. Firstly, there are no gender biases in the schools. For instance, a boy need not to feel awkward while choosing a cookery class and a girl might not feel weird to be part of the boxing club. This helps the individuals to grow and learn things that they love irrespective of other people’s opinion. Secondly, during the growing years a child experiences hormonal changes. Studying in a single sex school allows them to concentrate more on their studies.

On the other hand, many educationalist believe that mixed schools prepare children for their future lives. They help in growing a child emotionally and saves them from the awkwardness they might face in later years when have to work with the other gender. Even more, children learn a lot from each other in mixed schools and develop skills that could be beneficial for them in later years.
Personally, I have been to a mixed school and it has helped me in interacting in a better way with the opposite sex. However when I hear the stories of my friends who had been to single sex school, I even realize they had fun in a completely different way.

Overall, in my opinion, both the schools offer great learning and in the end it completely depends on the individual on how well they are able to grasp from the environment.


Interrogative Sentence

Interrogative sentences are the ones which ask a question. These are sentences that often are used while making conversation. Although it seems that they merely ask a question, an interrogative sentence is of four types-:

These are the questions that can be answered with either a yes or a no.
For example-:
Have you done your homework?
Are you ready?
These are the questions that provide you with two alternative answers.
For example-:
Should I call you or email you?
Do you want tea or coffee?
These are the questions that begin with a “wh” word. Answers to these questions cannot be given with a yes or a no. Neither can you give an alternative answer. The answer may be either a simple sentence or a complex explanation.
For Example-:
Where do you live?
What are your hobbies?
Tag questions are the ones that change a declarative sentence to an interrogative. They are called tag sentences because they are tagged at the end. For Example-:
You like basketball, don’t you?
You are coming to the party, aren’t you?
    1. Often it so happens that a question mark is put at the end of declarative sentence. This actually makes the sentence an interrogative sentence. For example-:
      India won the world cup?
      It’s raining?
      In such cases the last word of the sentence is said with a rising intonation.
    2. Often finding the subject of interrogative sentences is quite difficult. The best way to do it is write the answer of the question and you will find out its subject?
      For example-:
      Where is he going?
      He is going to the market.
      The answer talks about him (he) and hence he is the subject.


Teaching Foreign Language # Essay For IELTS

Some people believe that it is better for individuals to learn a foreign language in their primary schools rather than secondary schools.
Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?
Give your answer and include any relevant example from your own experience.
Write at least 250 words.

In recent times, more schools have started teaching foreign language in secondary schools but some people argue that it must be taught in primary schools. Teaching a foreign language in primary schools brings with it both positive and negative impacts. In this essay, I will discuss both the advantages and disadvantages of it.

On the brighter side of the coin, beginning a foreign language in the primary schools has great benefits. Firstly, it is very easy for a child to pick up a language. Therefore, learning a language in early years is very easy for them and also very effective. Secondly, kids have short period of classes included with games. Learning a new language in such a play centric environment will be natural for them. Thirdly, it allows the children the exposure of a new culture right from the beginning. It also helps them to learn a new language in later years of life.

However, there are some disadvantages as well. Firstly , the teachers of primary schools are generalist. It might be possible that they themselves don’t have a good command over the language. Secondly, bringing in specialist might harm the flexibility that is very important for a child. Thirdly, every individual learns at its own pace and own level. So there are chances that when a student enters the secondary level, some have great knowledge of the language while others don’t. This could make it tough for the teachers of secondary school.

Overall, I believe that anything that supports learning a new language must be cherished. Although there are some disadvantages, they can be overcome. Even more learning a new language proves to be beneficial for the society culturally and economically, and therefore attempts to make learning better must be made.


Children As Member Of Society # Essay For IELTS

Some people believe that parents must teach how to be a better member of the society while others believe that it is the responsibility of the school.
Discuss both views and give your opinion.
Write at least 250 words.

Children As Member Of Society Essay For IELTS Dehradun

Children As Member Of Society # Essay For IELTS Dehradun

A child education is not about learning few basic skills, it is about understanding the things around and learning the art of living harmoniously in a society. There are believers who assume that it is the responsibility of parents to teach children the etiquettes to live in a society. However, there are even individuals who think that teaching a child is the work that must be done in the school. I, although stand by the fact that responsibility of making the next generation better members of society has to be shared by both parents and teachers.
Parents are the first teachers of a child and it is in the growing years of a child that he/she forms his/her personality. It is not only what you say to the kid during those years, but also what he or she observes, defines the person he/she will be. It is therefore the responsibility of the parents to make sure that the child lives in a healthy environment and sees the good things about the world. Even more we live in a society where what seems right to one might not be to others. For instance, coming late at home is acceptable for some while may not be for others. Hence, it is the task of the parents to teach their kids how to be respectable to others and yet maintain their individuality.
However, there come a stage when the child moves out of the comfort zone and enters the school. This is the time when he/she becomes part of a wider community and his/her peers and teachers have the same influence. It then comes upon the teacher to make sure that the child is getting the right value education. It is there that a child must be taught how to co-operate with each other and contribute to the society.
Overall, in my opinion, learning goes on for the entire life and the task of teaching cannot be shed to a single person. It is the shared responsibility of every member of the society.


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