Speaking Part 2 (Cue Card): Tell about a building you want to build

Speaking Part 2 (Cue Card): Tell about a building you want to build

Tell about a building you want to build.
• What kind of building it will be?
• When and where it will be?
• What features it must have?
• Why you want to build it?

Speaking Part 2 (Cue Card): Tell about a building you want to build Best IELTS Band 7 coaching in Dehradun

Sample Answer

Though, I am not aware of the fundamentals of construction, but I would love to build my dream house. I will be head over heels if I ever get the opportunity to build my own house. It is a place of fervour, amenity, and tenderness that supports us and provides us shelter.

I love peace and solitude. Therefore, I will build my house in the outskirts of the city. I have a dream to own a big and luxurious house with a green lush lawn in the front .The lawn will be decorated by beautiful flowers and trees. A big statue of Buddha will be placed on the main entrance of the house. Consequently it will symbolise serenity and spiritualism prevalent in the house. In addition to that, Interior design of the house will be a mix of both contemporary and modern styles. The drawing room will be spacious to accommodate multiple visitors at a time.

Thereafter, a big modular kitchen will be made on the ground floor whose back door will open in the backyard. Next to the kitchen, I will make a small bar decorated by colourful furniture and  lights. Moreover, I will arrange a separate mini theatre where my friends and family members can enjoy their favourite movies. Bedrooms and library will be upstairs with side glass walls to enjoy the greenery around.To further beautify my house, I will opt for an open green roof with an open dining space.

I want to build and present this house to my parents on their 25th anniversary. My parents brought me into this world and nurtured me in the best possible way. Hence, this dream house will be a small token of love and sentiments,  to pay my debt of gratitude to them.

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Speaking Part 2 (Cue card): when you wanted to help someone.

Speaking Part 2: Cue Card
Talk about a situation when you wanted to help someone but you had limited time.
    • When it was?
    • Where it was?
    • What the situation was?
    • How you felt about this lack of time?

Speaking Part 2 (Cue card): when you wanted to help someone Best IELTS Band 7 Coaching in Dehradun

Sample Answer

As a philanthropist, I am generous and have concern for humanity. I utilise my time, energy and other resources to help others. The nature serves and supports the mankind without expecting anything in return. Likewise, we should also serve others unconditionally as often as we can. It takes around an hour to reach office from my home. So, I usually leave at 7:45 am every day to reach office in time. Few days ago, by chance, I got late for the office as my alarm clock did not ring in the morning. Moreover, that day I had to give a presentation to the board.

While on the way to office, I stopped my car at traffic signal. Suddenly, I saw an old man sitting across the road and had bare minimum clothes over his body. He was chilled to the bone due to extreme cold weather. He was probably starving and looking for some food. I really wanted to help him by giving him my blazer and some money so that he could buy some food and clothes. The moment I decided to get off the car to help him, the traffic started moving due to green signal. I was unable to stop my car in the moving traffic. Moreover, I was getting late for the presentation as well. Therefore, I did not wait anymore and continued moving towards my office.

I felt as helpless as I had to choose between the duty and desire to serve. That incident shook me to the core and I kept thinking about that old man throughout the day. Although I was appreciated and applauded for the presentation by the board members, I was still feeling deficient and desolate.

(285 words)

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Speaking Part 2: (Cue Card) Tell about a talkative person you know.

Speaking Part 2:

Tell about a talkative person you know.

  • Who that person is?
  • Where you met this person?
  • What that person talks about?
  • How you felt after talking to that person?

Speaking Part 2: (Cue Card) Tell about a talkative person you know. Best IELTS Coaching BAND 7 Dehradun

Sample Answer

A prerequisite condition to start a relationship is to first initiate a dialogue. A healthy communication involves both listening and speaking. Some people are reserved and talk less ,whereas others are big mouthed. In order to maintain a healthy mind, we must share our thoughts and feeling with others. It also improves your bond with others, and encourages them to listen to you.

As a teenager, I was very shy and unable to express myself. Suddenly, I met the most talkative person of my life who completely changed me. She was my colleague and became my best friend in no time. I had heard that opposite attracts but I started believing in this after meeting her. We are still best friends.

Though, she looks very arrogant and pretentious, but actually she is outspoken and helpful. My friend is always ready to start a conversation with anyone about anything. She believes that whatever she knows is important and must be shared with others. We never have any  misunderstanding between us because she tries her best to explain every small detail.She finds talking is the best medicine to beat stress and anxiety. Due to her habit of talking, she is notable to many and has a large group of friends. Being with her, I have learnt the importance of talking to feel happy and confident.

To conclude, since, we know excess of everything is bad .Therefore, over communication sometimes makes a person deviate from the main topic of discussion. People ignore loquacious people as they do not listen and only talk. I believe, we must not impose our thoughts on others but should also listen to others.

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IELTS Cue Card Sample Answer # Skill

We are living in a world where it is all about learning. New technologies come up and come down in minutes and seconds and with so many things erupting in our lives, the only way to move forward is to learn new skills. With so many skills that are around here, there are some that take more time than others. So, this time we are looking at a cue card that talks about a skill that takes a long time to learn.

Talk about a skill that takes long time to learn. You should say –

  • what is the skill
  • have you tried learning the skill
  • why do you think it takes more time

also, explain, the challenges you faced while learning the skill.


Sample Answer One

There are many skills that require a lot of patience and interest. I am keenly interested in learning new languages as it helps us break barriers and experience different cultures and customs. It’s not easy to learn a new language as it can be something that is very different from your mother tongue and pronouncing words rightly can take years of practice.
I am very fond of Spanish culture and customs. Their excessive use of “S” sounds has always intrigued me. I went to Spain about a year ago and that’s when, I decided to learn this beautiful language. As I have recently completed my graduation and I have plenty of free time in my hand, I will be trying my hand at learning Spanish. Even though I live in a small city there are many language schools here and I’ll be taking regular classes at of those institutes.
It will be pretty difficult as my mother tongue is Hindi and we have no co-relation between the two languages. The demo classes, I took gave me an idea that it will be a daunting task but one that I’ll face with a smile on my face. I do speak English fluently but then again it has got nothing in common with the Latin languages so I’ll be spoon fed for the initial days before becoming any good at it.
Firstly, it does take a lot of time to learn a new language as adapting to new sounds and grammar is not an easy task. Various studies have shown that there is a critical period during which effective language learning takes place but at the same time for an adult like me it is a challenge. Therefore, kids are able to grasp new languages more quickly as compared to a fully grown adult. Secondly, the fact that when you learn a new language after being fluent in one or two already, your brain is not able to process it quickly as it should. It starts overriding words hence making learning even more difficult. As your lexical resource for that particular language is next to none you are not able to grasp anything quickly making the learning process a long ordeal. It is a long process and quite a difficult challenge but one that I am looking forward to the most.

Sample Answre Two

Skills are what makes or breaks a person. The more skilled an individual is the better are their chances of succeeding in life. This is what I learnt from my previous mentors. So, I have been trying out new skills for a long time. I learnt coding and then writing and also analysis. But, the one skill that I found particularly hard is writing. Writing has more flavors to it than one can think of!!

When I started to learn writing I had to work on my vocabulary and then structuring. Once both of them were done, it was then towards making sure the content is good. Moreover, there are different formats of writing, academic, blogging, general and bookish. It was only when I practiced them all for around 5 years that I did got a hold of the different forms of writing.

What is particularly difficult about writing is that you never know what will click! There never is any idea in the mind of writer. You can write the best of the blog and still not find viewers and then sometimes, something that does not satisfies you, clicks the users. Also, everyone has a unique way of writing and there is no  copy paste that an individual can do.

Sample Answer Three

Skills define an individual, the more skilled an individual is the better it is for them. Out of the different skills that I have tried to acquire, public speaking has been one of the most difficult skills to acquire for me. It has so many branches to it. So, many formats, so many customs to follow that it really seems to me as one of the most difficult skills to acquire.

There is voice modulation, stage coverage, body postures and then the content of the speech! When learning the skill of public speaking, I had to learn to interact with different individuals, because even when a person is on stage they have to make sure that the entire audience is able to interact with him or her.

I think the one thing that makes public speaking so difficult to learn is the fact that not many individuals understand that although public speaking seems like talking with many individuals, it is actually interacting with single person. Also, what is different about public speaking is the fact that it is not so much about how the person is speaking, but what he or she is sharing.

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